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DenNIM by VampireMeerkat DenNIM :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 928 593 Rape is NOT ''kawaii'' by ChikitaWolf Rape is NOT ''kawaii'' :iconchikitawolf:ChikitaWolf 3,033 3,871 Sexual Offenderman pose #3 by arcanineryu Sexual Offenderman pose #3 :iconarcanineryu:arcanineryu 916 920
~Dark!Hetalia X Reader~ [Russia]
-Alright! I'm just going to start an entire Dark Hetalia Series for the people with 2 votes or higher xD So the people I will be writing about will be Romano, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, the Italian brothers, and the German brothers. Dark!Russia has the highest votes so far, so I'll write about him first. Then Dark!German brothers. After that I will write according to how I feel. XD But yeah, Russia is pretty dark in this. And I do not support rape or con-non or anything like that, it's just a fanfiction >.> but my brain supports fanfic con-non
WARNING: Sexual references (but I know you guys like it xD)
I do not own Hetalia, the Characters, or You*
"Oh, Latvia~ Could come here a moment, please?~"
The small, shivering nation froze at the voice of his superior. He felt like a cloud of frigid aura washed over him, engulfing his body and freezing it in place. But he couldn't just stand there with his tail between his legs, or else his overseer would find h
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~Request~Masky x Reader x Hoodie -LEMON:PT.1-
A/N~ Wow, I hate so much... =_= at least I can still use t to write the stories and then copy and paste 'em. Anyways, this was a request from :iconminergirl13: before April Vacation ended for me. Here we go, another lemon... :grump: Once this gets sexual, this is what I'll be like XD ----> :headsmash: Also, i'm making this in two parts only because I've got a fuck ton of homework..... Sorry, I'll shut the fuck up and write... X.X
What a week! Hunting, killing, so much tense. You were sore and your body was covered in various areas with bruises and scars. You needed something to relax you, and clear out your mind. And you knew exactly what would do the trick.
A warm, relaxing, and calming bubble bath. No matter how immature it seemed for your league, you could go for one. Walking into the bathroom, you shut the door behind you and stripped from your blood dressed clothes. You set the apparel onto the sink counter and filled the tub with warm steaming water
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Homophobia is Gay - Stamp by padfootsmyhero Homophobia is Gay - Stamp :iconpadfootsmyhero:padfootsmyhero 10,641 3,189 Pride :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Pride :Stamp: :iconlaunachtyr:LauNachtyr 2,373 756
Superhero Character Profile Template v.2
Superhero Character Profile
Legal Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Color:
Hair Type:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Distinguishing Features:
Powers and Abilities
Power Limitations:
Physical Weaknesses:
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses:
Personality and Relationships
Primary Traits:
Romantic Interests:
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Rape -Stamp- by Child-Of-Hades Rape -Stamp- :iconchild-of-hades:Child-Of-Hades 194 522 Predator by P-cate Predator :iconp-cate:P-cate 615 22 Appearance and sexuality stereotypes? by RoliStamps Appearance and sexuality stereotypes? :iconrolistamps:RoliStamps 892 195 Sexual-offenderman (Slenderman variation) by arcanineryu Sexual-offenderman (Slenderman variation) :iconarcanineryu:arcanineryu 2,230 2,935
~Manga Madness~ Shizuo Heiwajima X Reader
Warning: Contains mild language, and an implied sexual situation
Ikebukuro. A city plagued by gangs, violence, and flying vending machines. Here, almost anything was possible. You learned that the hard way when you first moved to this city.
You were young when your parents divorced. Because of conflicting job offers and custody issues, your father and older brother moved to Japan while you stayed in America with your mother. When you got older, your brother suggested that you move to Japan and into his new apartment with him.
It didn't take much to convince you before you were off to the city of Ikebukuro.
Of course, you weren't expecting your new arrival to be welcomed by a nearly fatal encounter with an uprooted stop sign flying through the air in your direction. To make matters worse, a young man with black hair tried using you as a human shield while a blonde haired man wearing a bartender outfit charged after him while yelling, "IZAYAAAA!!"
After that little fiasco, your
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Undertale Comic - Internet Fandom by DZkribblerLuiz Undertale Comic - Internet Fandom :icondzkribblerluiz:DZkribblerLuiz 241 99 If Kakashi Taught Sex Ed... by MSkyDragons If Kakashi Taught Sex Ed... :iconmskydragons:MSkyDragons 6,472 1,051
Item #5, [A Rose (Sexual Offenderman)]
Warning: ... there's no sex, so don't get excited... and read the description. It can enhance your experience, so to speak. ;) But it also may cause fangirling....
With a sense of dread, your fingers ghosted over various trinkets, feeling a plethora of textures and shapes.  You let your hand hang in the hat for a couple of moments, trying to delay pulling out an item as Splendorman looked at you expectantly.  You chose an item at random, yanking it out of the hat and holding it with a trembling hand out in front of you.  The rose seemed to faintly shimmer in the light, it's rich (f/c) color captivating.  It was pristine quality; you couldn't find any flaw in its petals.  A subtle, sweet scent reached your nose, ensnaring your senses in it's perfect form.  While you were mesmerized by the unusually beautiful rose, however, Splendorman watched you in horror. 
You couldn't have picked out a worse item.
"(Name), dear, please pick again-" he said, insisten
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Pro Teratophilia Stamp by ArrhythmiaNyx Pro Teratophilia Stamp :iconarrhythmianyx:ArrhythmiaNyx 145 60
*Soviet Reprisal* 2P!Russia X Reader 1
-This is another request from ~Chiyoyo. ^^ I'm actually pretty excited to write this one :3 A darker version of 2P!Russia is what we decided on~  Only, it's gonna be longer than a oneshot xD
WARNINGS: Violence, slight gore, language, slight mention of Nazism, and war. ALSO: Most translations are with Google because it has English letters xD
*Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, the Characters, or You; I only own the plot
Russia's ruby red eyes locked with the lifeless eyes of his boss, a slightly shocked look adorning his face; his eyes widened more than usual and his lips slightly parted in a breathless gasp.
"You heard me loud and clear, Ivan," his boss spoke sternly, his eyes holding nothing by the emptiness of something dark.
Russia wanted to say something back in return, but he couldn't exactly way he wasn't willing to go with his boss's demands. After everything Germany had done to Russia and other countries nearby, it wasn't uncommon for some of the
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A Hundred Percent SSM by YAMsgarden A Hundred Percent SSM :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 480 93 Sexual Offenderman comic- drunk and tired by arcanineryu Sexual Offenderman comic- drunk and tired :iconarcanineryu:arcanineryu 568 129 Who lost First Commission for JuPMod by Annalizz Who lost First Commission for JuPMod :iconannalizz:Annalizz 473 37
Strange Cafe. - Lion

A strange Café. - Lion
Waiter!Hetalia x reader
By the dyslexic Author
A mark of the mighty lion catch my eyes, it looks quiet comic like though, without hesitation I point to it.
Gaining a little gasp from a girl across the room, "The lion Alfred Jones of Gakuen Café" the man from before screams excited into the microphone.
The mahogany doors opens and a tall broad shouldered, well toned man steps out.
His lion ears peaking on top of his head the color matching his ash blonde hair.
His sky blue eyes light up behind his framed glasses, but nothing lights up more than his broad smile, a pair of fangs making their home there, probably for his costume as a lion, down my eyes wonder, to the collar around his neck that has a red ribbon his differently waved but as my eyes wander down I spot the v-line and his well formed hips are only covered by a black apron that goes around his body, hiding his vital region though it wa
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Love is a RIGHT by VikingMera Love is a RIGHT :iconvikingmera:VikingMera 1,232 398