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AATC - Bring on the Rain - story
The rain was coming down in buckets outside, or at least that's what his uncle Alvin said. AJ could not exactly see any buckets falling from the sky outside when he looked out over the large yard that afternoon. Thunder purred in the distance while the heavy plops of rain drops fell against the driveway and smacked against the glass of the windows.
The six-year-old sighed and set his head down over his crossed arms. Today was supposed to be a nice day to go to the zoo, Uncle Theodore had said earlier. He had suggested the idea before the clouds had even rolled in. He and Auntie Eleanor planned on taking AJ and his twin cousins out for the day while his Auntie Brittany cleaned the house; Uncle Alvin would be out working at the police department.
But then the rain began to fall around lunch time… and Uncle Alvin came back home early due to having yet another miserable morning at the station—AJ knew that his uncle had difficulty getting along with most policemen and women
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