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I Am
I am, broken,
On the inside where you can't see
With every day, that I live,
I exist so painfully
I am, bitter,
At what this world has done to me
Sometimes I wonder, why it's so hard,
For me to just live happily
I am, frustrated,
At all the things I see
I don't understand, why people don't change,
Why people just don't believe
I am, angry,
At myself for the things I've done
And I know that I'll spend, the rest of my life
Trying to pay back everyone
I am, afraid,
There is so much I don't understand
No matter how hard, that I look,
Sometimes I fail to see the plan
I am, pain,
In mind, body, and soul
That pain has defined, who I am,
And I refuse to let it go
I am, confused,
It's hard to know what to choose
But I know I have to make a choice,
Because there is too much I stand to lose
I am, not the answers,
That inside I know you seek
And though I'm not the answer, at least I know,
That I'm not part of the disease
I am, compassion,
I really know just how you feel
I know that the, monsters i
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