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Fading by clockworktheatre Fading :iconclockworktheatre:clockworktheatre 34 0 exemption V2 by J-A-Y-E exemption V2 :iconj-a-y-e:J-A-Y-E 1 0 Six Seperation of SEO by Jameszaptas Six Seperation of SEO :iconjameszaptas:Jameszaptas 0 0 Seperations NO:1 by Shikagaru Seperations NO:1 :iconshikagaru:Shikagaru 0 0 Foxes In The Snow by kurisutarisu Foxes In The Snow :iconkurisutarisu:kurisutarisu 2 6 Rihanna by LaLinasArt Rihanna :iconlalinasart:LaLinasArt 0 0 friend by Renarche friend :iconrenarche:Renarche 0 2 knife print final by lcky13 knife print final :iconlcky13:lcky13 7 3
divided family
A family divided, separate entities coexisting with one another but living separately, throwing daggers from the eyes.  Conform to the ways of the house.  Denied the right to be an individual, oppressed by a ruling hand that crushes dreams and drains emotions.  Hugs and kisses are just a memory, arms are only used to enunciate a point.  Forced to retreat to a  room that has become a haven but is owned by another, escape the penetrating stares that cut holes into the back leaving scars that are hidden beneath dirty t-shirts.  Drowning into the pages of a battered book that holds secrets and death threats on the cover, screaming obscenities to the wandering eyes.  Escape into lyrics that answer the hearts mournful call.  An organ meant to fit in the palm of the hand has been diminished into an object barely visible to the naked eye. The sound of heavy drums and bass lines penetrating the walls into the eardru
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Wide Open by Ihze Wide Open :iconihze:Ihze 0 2 Two Hearts With But One Beat by vivalapunk17 Two Hearts With But One Beat :iconvivalapunk17:vivalapunk17 1 3 Knife print process by lcky13 Knife print process :iconlcky13:lcky13 2 3 seperations by StuwyNess seperations :iconstuwyness:StuwyNess 0 0 The Alley by Elixir188 The Alley :iconelixir188:Elixir188 0 5 Seperations NO:2 by Shikagaru Seperations NO:2 :iconshikagaru:Shikagaru 3 0
Vagary's Walls
One enclosure
To hold the world
And the air we breathe
runs out
divided constraints
and we are sheltered
to live alone
to die na´ve
such a vast expanse
and it is treated like a vault
to force us together
and keep us apart
no walls cause many problems
but they are as we perceive
behaving as a presence we create
and when they are gone
we still see them
they are a phenomenon
a conception of substance
externalizing mentally
what we cannot create
the walls large enough
to separate us
from what we choose not to face
and hold us together
so that nothing new
can penetrate
these are the walls we build
stone by stone
thought by thought
and although we see them
they were never really there
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