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self harm by Brunni87 self harm :iconbrunni87:Brunni87 566 119
Lay down your right to be human.
Put on a dazzling smile so that no one can see your pain.
You hide it all so well, but underneath your shirt you can still feel the scars.
No one knows what it is like to be you.
Your smile is but one in a billion,
A mask that you wear to ward off the questions.
Your scars are your war paint,
But this is a losing battle.
You are sent to face the demons all alone, though they will never leave your side.
So keep that pretty smile steady,
And don't let one tear drop from those stormy eyes.
Put on your war paint and go out into the world, where your smile makes you just like them.
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Whiskey boy, ruby boy.
1. It has been twenty seven days since I last let the
    hawk-eyed man into my head, ninety four hours
    since I last drank myself to sleep, and thirty two
    minutes since I last kept my mother from the truth.
    Tonight, she still thinks I have hope, but it may be
    the last time she believes I'm still whole.
i. Last night, I dreamt of the boy next door, the gun
    in his drawer, the whiskey under his bed, the hate
    in his eyes when he drags me out of bed to tell me
    I've ruined another story, I've fanned another flame.
    This boy does not know my mother, but I suspect
    they would get along quite well.
2. The last time my father crossed the ocean, I explained
    to my mother that the cogs ground too hard, that the
    words cut
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Masochist by Laura-Ferreira Masochist :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 154 28 Injury by ArcticPheonix Injury :iconarcticpheonix:ArcticPheonix 253 97 Mutilation by Seadraz Mutilation :iconseadraz:Seadraz 194 20
The Truth About Self-Injury
Table of Contents
How Many People Self-Injure?
What are the Problems a Self-Injurer faces?
Why Would Someone Self-Injure?
If Someone Tells You They Self-Injure
If the Self-Injurer Wants Treatment
What Not To Do
Self-Injury Awareness
Other Resources
This report will discuss three main questions: How many people self-injure, what are the problems a self-injurer faces, and why would someone self-injure. It will focus on self-injury in North America, as most of the statistics are American or Canadian. Self-injury is commonly split into three categories: psychotic, organic, and typical. The majority of self-injurers are in the typical category, so the report will focus on it. The following list gives a brief description for each category.
Psychotic: Self-injury that usually occurs during an extreme psychosis caused
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Self Mutilation is Misunderstood. by Snuf-Stamps Self Mutilation is Misunderstood. :iconsnuf-stamps:Snuf-Stamps 151 119