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A Letter To My Body
Dear my body,
Here I bestow an official apology for all the things I put you through.
The spirits, substances and so-called foods that you are forced to consume and digest against your will.
For every last hormone-changing pill.
For every time I slide a razor across your tender skin to cut back hair again and again.
For every time I deprive you of sleep when you are already so deprived of energy. And then the days when I refuse to get out of bed and so you miss the sunlight.
I apologise for wanting to hurt you when I'm in need of emotional rehabilitation.
For biting the skin on your fingers when I'm nervous.
For previously feeding you the carcasses of once living beings even when deep down I felt it was wrong to do so.
I'm sorry for putting you in such danger of hearing damage - through all the times I listen to my iPod with the music blaring loudly through my earphones, and the times I spend at the front rows of concerts, the speakers so powerful I can feel the vibrations running thro
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Self-image by tamaraR Self-image :icontamarar:tamaraR 284 229 tear.yourself.apart by JeanFan tear.yourself.apart :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 588 31 The Grass Will Be Green Without You by Edge-of-Elana The Grass Will Be Green Without You :iconedge-of-elana:Edge-of-Elana 162 6
We’d make a beautiful constellation,
You and I –
shivering galaxies that may implode
but who keep expanding,
still hiding in gravitational lenses
of sheer splendor -
a thousand and one stars;
we could wish for personals
or company
or maskless parades
without crippling facades-
not nameless but known.
You and I,
we could be brighter
than the sun.
:iconnullibicity:Nullibicity 51 32
Self Image by DivineSpiral Self Image :icondivinespiral:DivineSpiral 131 70
leftover human.
she is the girl with the sand-swept face
and a seashell mouth that
only echoes.
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