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Night Clothes- GreecexReader
Heracles breathed in the sweet scent of the washed bed sheets that he was currently lying face down on. His whole body was relaxed, resembling the kitty cats that were scattered about the medium sized bedroom.
The windows were open, allowing a calm, salty sea breeze to gently waft through the rooms. The moon's light was not seen though, as the thin curtains had forbid it. His brown hair was messily spread out over the pillow that he remembered {Name} loved to cuddle.
Drowsily, Heracles attempted to stay awake long enough to bid {Name} a hushed goodnight, albeit sleepily. A small, white with blue stripes Aegean stray kitty cat jumped onto the bed and purred into his hand, asking to be pet. Heracles smiled sleepily, petting the cat with long strokes down its spine. It purred, arching its back in blissfulness, as only a cat could.
Heracles smiled at the cat. Though, he'd rather hear his own {Name} giggle to his patting of her soft hair, rather than just this cute kitty cat. He
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