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Prize: Sweet!Devil!America X Reader -My Girl-
-This is the reward for the second place winner for a contest :3 All dat good shtuff will be the description. The second place winner requested a Sweet!Devil!America reader insert that had fluff ^^ I hope this is good enough ^^
*I do NOT own Hetalia, the Characters, or the Reader! I only own the plot and do NOT plan on making profit! The only payment I require is happy readers~ and comments*

You were a pretty normal girl with fairly indifferent life; you were on your way to a steady education and job, you had supportive parents and friends, and there was nothing very unique about you. You went to school like most people, and you were a decent student like most others. Afterschool, you engaged in hobbies and personal activities like most other people.
It was undeniable; you were normal. You even had a boyfriend; however, this boyfriend made you unlike anyone else in the world. And it wasn’t the cliché “He makes me feel like the only woman in the world”
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Warframe Fanart: Valkyr's Nightmare by N4n0-1805 Warframe Fanart: Valkyr's Nightmare :iconn4n0-1805:N4n0-1805 453 13 Second Place by queensarwa Second Place :iconqueensarwa:queensarwa 289 11 I love both Cats and Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love both Cats and Dogs :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 1,357 71 2nd Trophy by H-SWilliams 2nd Trophy :iconh-swilliams:H-SWilliams 99 2 Raffle prize - 2 place by Monogy Raffle prize - 2 place :iconmonogy:Monogy 147 6 CP: Shane by TakkuNoTori CP: Shane :icontakkunotori:TakkuNoTori 97 43 2nd Place Prize:Tatsoja by Esepibe 2nd Place Prize:Tatsoja :iconesepibe:Esepibe 212 29 Contest Prize: Firecracker by frostykat13 Contest Prize: Firecracker :iconfrostykat13:frostykat13 179 70 Wallpaper For Gals by ChibiAngel86 Wallpaper For Gals :iconchibiangel86:ChibiAngel86 49 13
The Phantom Queen
Raven marked, wolf-bit.
She has set Her sights on me.
Ever is She behind me,
lurking in the shadows.
It will not be Her graceful gentility
I shall see,
but Her cold, dark embrace
I shall feel.
The Phantom Queen calls to me.
I am bound to follow Her,
all the way to the Otherworld.
My flat refusals of Her
are to no avail.
The Morrighan believes in me,
and now it is Her I believe in.
She has washed my armor,
with Her own pale hands.
Only this morning
did I happen upon
the mournful scene.
A baleful look,
in Her dark eyes,
fixed me to the spot.
I could not look away,
morbidly seeing every detail,
removing all doubt that
the armor was my own.
As we take the field,
I can hear Her voice,
above the winds,
I can feel the feathers
of Her messenger
touch my cheek.
Screams of the dying
cannot drown out
Her singing,
Her keening.
The blood on my face,
does not wash away
the tickle of a raven feather.
Still I charge,
knowing my fate is sealed,
and come out the other side,
wrapped in Her embrace,
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