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Celestial Curry by MoRoom Celestial Curry :iconmoroom:MoRoom 52 8 Battle of Hoth IV by tkdrobert Battle of Hoth IV :icontkdrobert:tkdrobert 37 3 Rag Tag Rebels by tkdrobert Rag Tag Rebels :icontkdrobert:tkdrobert 33 3 Battle of Hoth III by tkdrobert Battle of Hoth III :icontkdrobert:tkdrobert 20 1 Things to KEK About by Shy-Steamer Things to KEK About :iconshy-steamer:Shy-Steamer 18 31 Giants by ghost-nerdy Giants :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 21 8 Time To Hunt REDUX by ghost-nerdy Time To Hunt REDUX :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 19 4 Rancor Hunt by tkdrobert Rancor Hunt :icontkdrobert:tkdrobert 14 0 Drawlloween-Day 30-Cthulhu by siborg626 Drawlloween-Day 30-Cthulhu :iconsiborg626:siborg626 10 0 Heroic Chaos Chp2 P2 by ghost-nerdy Heroic Chaos Chp2 P2 :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 6 8 Heroic Chaos Chp2 Cover by ghost-nerdy Heroic Chaos Chp2 Cover :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 7 6 Space School Page 274 by DarkChibiShadow Space School Page 274 :icondarkchibishadow:DarkChibiShadow 4 0 Despite Everything, I'm Still Human by Chilled-Space Despite Everything, I'm Still Human :iconchilled-space:Chilled-Space 5 0 Heroic Chaos Chp2 P1 by ghost-nerdy Heroic Chaos Chp2 P1 :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 6 11 Business card 1 Holden by Athalai-Haust Business card 1 Holden :iconathalai-haust:Athalai-Haust 6 0 Heroic Chaos Chp2 Pg4 by ghost-nerdy Heroic Chaos Chp2 Pg4 :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 4 7
Gems-In-Between Ep.2 Pt 2
Back in the interrogation room.
A buzzing sound then goes off getting the attention of Fist.
“I’ll be back in a minute.” Stated Fist as she got up from the stool she is sitting on.
“Take your time.” Said Quartz as she stretched out and laid her legs out on the table.
“Not like we're going anywhere.” Said Tish as she leaned forward in her chair and rested her head on hands and looked in the other direction.
Fist left the room and her two partners were standing before her, Tigger and the Cognac sapphire
“Alright, what’s the problem, did those three knuckleheads called gems get away?” Asked Fist.
The two gems looked at each other.
“Come on, don’t leave me hanging.”
“Someone bailed Zeb.” Said Tigger
“(Groans.) Daze, did you at least get some semblance of information out of her?” Asked Fist to her small sa
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Surpirse attack by ghost-nerdy Surpirse attack :iconghost-nerdy:ghost-nerdy 4 6 Pg 4 by RaeIsBestDragon Pg 4 :iconraeisbestdragon:RaeIsBestDragon 3 0 GodSquad to the rescue by dangerpuff GodSquad to the rescue :icondangerpuff:dangerpuff 1 0 Project castle by Dootleman Project castle :icondootleman:Dootleman 0 3
PT/H Boanerges Chapter 01
Project T/H – Boanerges
Chapter 01 – Sparks of Life
                A scientist woke up atop a glass desktop. The screen lit up leaving a bright blue glow into the man’s eye, startling him awake. He looked down to see the strand of genetic code he had been modifying through the software on his computer.
    He shook his head a bit and rubbed his eyes. He brushed a strand of gray hair that managed to glue itself onto his face from his breathing on the glass. Some drool had collected on the corner of his lip, which he wiped off using his lab coat sleeve.
    This was William Collin, a scientist in the New Atlantis regime. He had spent much his time researching genetic code and implementing his findings in laboratory experiments. His most recent projects being the Electrically Dynamic Gadget Experiments or EDGE for short.
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Test Luke by tkdrobert Test Luke :icontkdrobert:tkdrobert 2 0