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Why Socialism?WHY THE F___ NOT
Why Socialism?
There's a lot of crap fed to the public about socialism by both the media and govt. Not really surprising since both are either owned or run by the rich, who sure as hell don't benefit from everyone being cared for or a fair system. So why don't I support the currently popular form of "Boom & Bust" Capitalism. (I say current because it's still based on unproven theories (read: lies) that "markets will adjust themselves fairly" and "everyone has something to sell". Apparently even if that something includes your body or your children)
Capitalism doesn't work. It's simple really. The greediest people gain the most money, therefore the most power, so capitalism is based on the assumption that the greediest people in a system will do the best possible thing for society for the worst reasons of all, i.e. their own profit. In the current "democratic system" (which isn't really democratic) the richest people (companies) hijack elections, make "contributions" to parties and basi
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Three cheers by mizukageyoshi Three cheers :iconmizukageyoshi:mizukageyoshi 13 15 DU - Otherworld: Homefront characters - Part 1 by Stegoceras DU - Otherworld: Homefront characters - Part 1 :iconstegoceras:Stegoceras 16 8 Raibow ID by mizukageyoshi Raibow ID :iconmizukageyoshi:mizukageyoshi 11 3 Lineart Wolf - FREE by mizukageyoshi Lineart Wolf - FREE :iconmizukageyoshi:mizukageyoshi 10 0 Anarcho-Socialist Stencil by scart Anarcho-Socialist Stencil :iconscart:scart 11 18 Icon Mikey Way by mizukageyoshi Icon Mikey Way :iconmizukageyoshi:mizukageyoshi 18 3 Scrat tattoo ice age by jerrrroen Scrat tattoo ice age :iconjerrrroen:jerrrroen 49 16