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~Vodka~ *Drunk!Finland X Reader*
*Drunk!Finland X Reader*
"Um,why is Norge carrying Fin on his shoulders around the house?" the (h/c) asked,surprised at the sight.
Closing the door in hope she had taken the wrong path and mistaken the wooden door with the five scandinavian flags - which was almost impossible,mind you - the female scrunched her petite nose realising she didn't do as guessed. Sighing,she opened once again the door,the sight of a wasted Lukas shouting profanities in Norwegian - or that's what she thought - while carrying a very excited Tino welcoming her - sort of.
"What the actual ...?" (Name) gasped in surprise,pinching her cheeks in order to assure herself she wasn't dreaming - aaaaand she wasn't.
"Ya know,they get like this once a month!" a feminine voice explained,startling the (h/c).
"It's like they are werewolves or such,becoming... Fabulous over night! But they just get drunk!" the Scandinavian girl laughed,muttering a small 'Look' before taking Lukas' bottle of alcohool.
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