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CrimsonColt7 Harassment Warning: SUPER IMPORTANT!!
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Scroll past the updates if you want to view the original journal post for context.
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New Account(s): Kuekuatsu7 & ArtsLobo
I was sent news about the KueKuatsu7 account because someone found this other journal about him--> Call Against Kuekuatsu7
I want to say first and foremost that attacking is not and never has been something I approve of. The journal made by this other person is definitely an attack journal, but I'm citing it here just for the sake of showing the screenshots of conversations with him. I am not encourag
:iconalyssafoxah:AlyssaFoxah 761 3,530
[Tutorial ] How to get points everyday ?
Hello Sweeties,
Are you okay ? Hope you're !
To be honest i wanted to do my first tutorial about little chibis for everyone, but... everyday i receive note or comments with:
Donate points !  or  Please take a com from me !   or  I need points please !
With of course, some bad or pitiful reason (or nothing) with this. But i've to say something, that people who really want points have to understand:
Points are like Money ! They were bought or gain ! You have to "work" for it ! 
There is no miracle, but i'll give you all the way i know to get points. To get points EVERYDAYS (i got 10-50/day) and how to try to win great price.
How to Get Points Everyday ?
:star: Dahub & Datrade :star:
:icondahub: & :icondatrade:
There're the place to be if you want points everyday ! Of course they wont come without doing nothing.
You just have to watch, fav, g
:iconcaptainmisuzu:CaptainMisuzu 185 79
Warning for all users, PLEASE READ! [UPDATED!]
NOTE: The entire entry isn't meant to be used for unacceptable purposes, such as "wall of shame" and harassment. This entry is meant to show the information about the user. The same remains for screenshots. We are not responsible for your actions. We recommend you to report the person, spread the information about him and move on. That's least you can do.

NEW UPDATES ADDED! Special thanks to AlyssaFoxah for this.

I sincerely apologize for not notifying you about this case, I didn't know that CrimsonColt7 came back. :dead: remake

Scroll past the updates if you want to view the original journal post for context.
[Screenshot and materials belong to lawful owners.]

7/21/2017 New Account: SpecialSomepony


New Account: IamaN
:iconusername-91:Username-91 46 41
Scamming Artist [Please share this around]
**Update 2017-8-30**
added more people to the "Scammed" list
**Update 2017-8-19 part 2**
Airienne commissioned Fasaerix via paypal, except she managed to do it via Goods & Services. She recently opened a dispute to get her money back, but Fasaerix sent her this email (name blocked out)

The email was sent from, which is the email that Fasaerix had given her.
Another deviant told me that Fasaerix/Tahmuz were known to come up with any excuse to get out of trouble. Whether that is true or not, I'll never know, but with the things that happened I'd say that its pretty accurate.
**Update 2017-8-19**
SerahRose is very generously offering a fantastic deal on their commissions to those who were scammed by Tahmuz/Fasaerix! If your name is on the list of people scammed, then please go check out the benefits you can receive!
If you w
:iconsushimitsukimi:SushimiTsukimi 115 174
Scammer Commission by Overweight-Cat Scammer Commission :iconoverweight-cat:Overweight-Cat 256 22 Alert Emote by mamasaurus Alert Emote :iconmamasaurus:mamasaurus 26 0 {SP} Charm adoptable and a liitle story|CLOSED by MOHNOT {SP} Charm adoptable and a liitle story|CLOSED :iconmohnot:MOHNOT 56 11
IMPORTANT: Avoiding Scammers (Starsweet case)
So in case some of you missed my poll:
What happened was:
There was this Starsweet re-selling journal and being the Starsweet collector I was, I rushed to check it out. Not to mention, I currently have a HUGE reason to get a new Starsweet.
That aside, this person was selling number 10 from (palette batch [all taken]) whom they claimed to own.
I offered 1000 points for it and they asked if I could go any higher but I declined because the sweet didn't have any art at all.
Even so, they accepted my offer and asked me to send the points.
So far so good and they seemed really nice too.
Here's where I saved myself and urge everyone to do the same before buying any characters:
1) Check their Deviantart Time
I do not recommend buying from anyone who has only been on Deviantart for less than a few weeks.
Unless of course that pe
:iconlevira2019:Levira2019 24 23
Ana No Mujina 6: Mujina by AlexanJ Ana No Mujina 6: Mujina :iconalexanj:AlexanJ 35 4 Raven Shocked!! by ReallRavenRavenRaven Raven Shocked!! :iconreallravenravenraven:ReallRavenRavenRaven 28 6 Obama Gotcha by Conservatoons Obama Gotcha :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 94 297 SCAM WARNING STOLEN WIP by chris-anyma SCAM WARNING STOLEN WIP :iconchris-anyma:chris-anyma 33 28 The Best Commission Ever by MSFHWraith The Best Commission Ever :iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 64 191 Obama: Half of the Same by Conservatoons Obama: Half of the Same :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 20 24
Red Flags
I thought it would be a good idea to write this. To help put alil more awareness out to the good members of DA. 
You have to be very careful who you interact with here, scammers are everywhere and they can be hella hard to spot. Even thou you watch out for things listed below it can still happen, so use your gut and don't do something out of pressure.
I admin many art thief groups on Facebook, so I get alot of insight on these things. 
Red Flags:
~ DA user's account is new(0-2 months old)
~ Blank gallery
~ Lines/coloring is LQ but anatomy is amazing(this is almost always 100% traced work)
~ Hidden comments 
~ Look at comments on page/journals. (I've found many comments of commissioners that never got the art they paid for or scammer warnings)
~ See what friends they have or who they talk to alot (bad company= nothing good)
~ Do they credit bases/species? (If no then RUN)
~ Check their favorites for anything off (ex: member is banned from XX species but has an adop
:iconwishful-krissy:Wishful-Krissy 13 7
Beware of thief and scammer | READ!
I'm helping drawing prizes for those who participated in her contest and help with money prizes as much as I can, despite my own financial problems. I'll lower prices for my characters and money will go to help other people (NOT ME!) 
CHARACTERS FOR SALE ARE HERE ! No personal profits 
This time some serious information for you guys. 
Born-stellar, foxhawk, svri, queenevie, 3mk29a, rovx, vi, and many other nicknames, with the last one - SWEETS — This Person
It is all the same person, the thief who deceived and scammed a fair amount of people. It isn't even the first time!!! Some of you may know and remember this. Last year she made off the money and disappeared, some people made journals too and tried to help the ones who were screwed by her. She came back after some time, and of course with a ton of excuses - honestly I didn't believe her but oh we all
:iconvirren:Virren 10 29
-SCAMMER- by Frappuchii -SCAMMER- :iconfrappuchii:Frappuchii 48 44 Natalie by malashki Natalie :iconmalashki:malashki 31 4 Karl, the French Scammer by Tabascofanatikerin Karl, the French Scammer :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 6 3 A Scammers only as Good by BunjiStudios A Scammers only as Good :iconbunjistudios:BunjiStudios 79 69 dear lord,lady by Milk-Addicc dear lord,lady :iconmilk-addicc:Milk-Addicc 34 35 Attention! Fraudster! Greg Tupac! Please READ! by SweetPrank Attention! Fraudster! Greg Tupac! Please READ! :iconsweetprank:SweetPrank 40 44 Scammer Scams Scammer by squeaken1 Scammer Scams Scammer :iconsqueaken1:squeaken1 59 44