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Saturday Morning- Waycest
"Who wants the last bit of coffee? Oh, I do!" Mikey shouted through the house on Saturday morning, chuckling to himself as he tipped the contents of the coffee pot into his mug. Just as it drained completely a familiar slam echoed from the basement, and Mikey smirked eagerly in anticipation.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" A dervish of black and white whirled into the room, plowing into Mikey and snatching the mug away.
"Gerard!" Mikey scolded, grabbing an errant sleeve and pulling the spinning mass to a stop.
A tall, pale boy with messy onyx hair appeared out of the mass, grinning sheepishly and clutching the coffee high above his head.
"Give it back, Gee," Mikey pleaded, jumping up and trying to take his mug.
"No can do, bro," Gerard chuckled, backing away to the counter, which he sat upon. He took a huge sip of the coffee, causing Mikey to whimper.
"Nooo, Gerry, that's mine," Mikey whined, stomping loudly and flailing his arms as his own version of a temper tantrum.
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