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Water Works [Levi|F!Reader] Modern AU

Levi could feel his body tensing with each drop of water, hunched over his desk with his eyebrows furrowed, tired eyes scanning what had to be one of the dumbest legal cases he had ever seen in the history of time. He pushed his reading glasses up so he could pinch the bridge of his nose with his fingertips, the incessant plink of water falling into the tub reverberated in his eardrums. If he did not escape the obnoxious water flowing from his bathtub he was going to murder somebody.
Shooting up from his chair in a fit of wrath he stalked over to his bathroom and kicked the bathtub faucet with the heel of his boot twice. The metal shook with each tap, vibrating down the walls and through the floor but then the dripping ceased. Levi glared at the source of his hell for the past week with a triumphant smile and spun towards his living room. Despite his victory over the leaky faucet from the seventh circle of hell, Levi still felt stress creeping into his bones, his
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Aomine Daiki x Reader {Sarcasm}
'Annnnd lock the front door.'
(Y/n) sighed as she walked down the street towards a certain someone's house.
"I don't get why I have to wake him up every morning... I mean what's Momoi doing..."
She scowled as she muttered to herself and took out a carton of milk which she started to drink slowly.
Basking in the sun, (Y/n) almost wished she could just stay outside all day long and not go to school.
Arriving at her destination, she rang the doorbell twice before realizing the door was already unlocked.
"Aomine-kun? Aomine-kun? Wake up, we have to go to school."
The girl yelled, hearing her voice echo through the house.
'That's strange. He usually responds...'
Going upstairs, (Y/n) tentatively opened the boy's bedroom door, only to find it empty.
'He really left without me for once in his life? This is either a dream, or a miracle.'
Thoroughly confused, she exited the house, making sure to lock his door for him as well.
'Oh well. Less trouble for me.'
Still sip
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