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Midnight Summer Ball (Jack Frost x Reader)
Jack Frost x Reader (oneshot)
(Note: In this story, you are 17 years old. Everything else is your choice. (e/c) = eye color, (f/c) = favorite color, (____) = your name, (f/j) = favorite jewel, (h/c) = hair color, (h/l) = hair length, (s/g) = silver or gold)

(Another note: This story takes place the year Jack became a Guardian.)

June 14th

    Your tired (e/c) eyes menace at the paper resting on your desk as your head slowly falls to the smooth surface. The paper, titled "AP Summer Assignments for Juniors", sits between your (f/c) laptop and a mountain of various textbooks and novels. Outside, the summer sunlight begins to ebb as the time grows older. The sound of the humid wind dancing through the trees makes your eyelids' heaviness build until you surrender to the calm darkness and doze off.
    "(____)!" someone shouts. You suddenly awake to find a tall boy with ruffled white hair and
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Bubble of Love by Allenare Bubble of Love :iconallenare:Allenare 1,049 215 Eater by Sanskarans Eater :iconsanskarans:Sanskarans 886 63
A Guardian's Guardian
  Jack cried out as he was slammed into the trunk of the tree, pain spreading across his back. He fell to the ground but before he could make any movement to get back up, a furry paw pressed down on the center of his back.
  He cried out again as the claws tore though the fabric of his hoodie and dug into his flesh, drawing blood. Tears rushed to his eyes as he grit his teeth, trying to pull away from his attacker. But the paw held him in place.
  The cruel laughter stung in his ears and the paw pressed down harder on his back, feeling as it would break his spine. He dug his fingers into the ground, trying to hold back the sob that rose in his throat.
“Not so cocky now, are you? Serves you right, you little pest.”
  Jack managed to turn his head, glancing at the animal. He was only a bit taller than the boy, but much larger in weight. In fact, he was rather fat. His fur coat was dirty brown, with a middle long tail trailing behind him. His eyes were cold
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My Light: Jack FrostXGuardian Reader Final Chapter
He flew fast in the direction of Jamie’s house and landed on the roof of his house, taking in a few deep breaths.
“Whew. Oh man, I’ve never flown so fast in my life.” He looked down at (y/n), she was really still.
“(y/n)?” he said, carefully laying her down on the roof. He pressed his ear against her chest, the very faint sound of her heart gave him relief, and more relief came to him when she slowly opened her eyes halfway, the golden in them was almost completely gone.
“Ja . . .ck?” she forced out. He took her hand in his and held it close.
“Yes (y/n), I’m here.”
“I feel . . . so . . . weak . . . .”
“Don’t worry (y/n), everything’s gonna be ok, I promise,” Jack mustered up all of his strength to keep himself from crying. (y/n) gave him a weak smile, “Jack . . . . Jamie . . please . . . make sure he . . . doesn’t stop . . . believing . . .”
“Hey, didn’t y
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