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Frozen tears (A Jack Frost x Reader One-shot)
It was Christmas eve, the busiest day in the pole. Yeti's were scurrying round, making sure everything was ready to go so North could leave in order to deliver the presents.
The elves, well they were just being elves.
And you, well you were in the midst of it all, trying to avoid the giant Yeti's from stampeding over you.
And most importantly, trying to avoid Jack.
You and Jack had been friends for a while, after a cold, hard snowball had smacked you right in the face.
It was a harsh meeting. But he was more shocked you could see him than the foul language pouring out of your mouth. You were a teenager; No teenager had believed for centuries.
But you were an exception.
You had grown up with the legends, So it wasn't really that unnatural.
But to the guardians, it was a big thing.
Jack took you to meet them, after North's insistence. He told you that he felt "In his belly" that a teenager, somewhere, believed. Tooth just wanted to check out your teeth, stating they were pearly white, Bu
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