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Gorge Wurm by samburley Gorge Wurm :iconsamburley:samburley 820 67 Commission - Jareth!Dean Winchester by DeanGrayson Commission - Jareth!Dean Winchester :icondeangrayson:DeanGrayson 802 125 Change of Destiny by Cataclysm-X Change of Destiny :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 2,688 319 Sam and Dean by Fayeren Sam and Dean :iconfayeren:Fayeren 781 215
Rib Fractures (Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: The reader is injured from a previous hunt and the medicine Sam gives you makes you a little loopy.
The motel bed you were laying on was lumpy and uncomfortable, but you barely noticed because of the pain you were in. You were still pretty banged up from the last hunt and your arms and ribs were covered in aching bruises. Anytime you moved shooting pain could be felt running up your back and sides, which was why you were laying facedown, trying your best not to move an inch.
“Everything hurts and I think I’m dying,” you said, the pillow muffling your words.
“Well that’s what happens when a witch throws you into a wall and down concrete stairs,” Dean said from across the room. “I’d bet good money that you have about three fractured ribs.”
You groaned into the bed, knowing Dean was probably right judging by the pain that was present in your sides. You heard Sam get up and, judging by all the noise, he beg
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TFW - Petting guide by Vivalski TFW - Petting guide :iconvivalski:Vivalski 697 55 Watching out the new Dean by Vivalski Watching out the new Dean :iconvivalski:Vivalski 1,111 60
Father's Day {One Shot}(Avengers x Teen Reader)
~~~~~Stark Tower~~~~~~
“Has anyone seen (y/n)?” Steve asked
“She’s not with you?” Clint responded.
“Well she isn’t with Bruce and I, we just came back up from the labs.” Tony sat on the couch as Bruce joined him.
“I have not seen Lady (y/n), could she be with Lady Pepper and Lady Natasha?” Thor said.
“My brother may be onto something there, (y/n) is quiet attached to those women.” Loki looked up from his book.
“Pepper is in Italy for a conference and Natasha is on mission for Director Coulson, mans it’s still weird calling him that.” Tony shook his head.
“I saw her in the elevator this morning but it looks like she was in a rush to get somewhere. I didn’t ask her anything.” Bucky said.
“I bumped into her right after that as I was walking into the lobby, she was in a big rush. I didn’t even get a ‘hello’ like I normally do.” Sam crossed his arms.
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Total Drama Kids Comic pag 32 by Kikaigaku Total Drama Kids Comic pag 32 :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 715 153 Sammy is confused by Vivalski Sammy is confused :iconvivalski:Vivalski 1,584 114 SPNxYouTUBE by aileenarip SPNxYouTUBE :iconaileenarip:aileenarip 744 108
Just Cry (Dean x Reader)
    You sit on the bed of the Motel, waiting for them to come home.
    You’ve been friends with the Winchesters for just over a year, where they saved your ass from a Vampire. Already being a part of the hunting world, you requested they bring you with them- which they refused. So you followed them. Eventually they accepted you and allowed you to join them on their adventures. Unfortunately, they refused to let you come on the “super dangerous” hunts in fear that you would be unable to take care of yourself. Quite honestly- it pissed you off to no end.
    But you still waited. These boys were almost like family by now. You’ve been with them on their ups and downs. You’ve practically been to hell and back with them, no giving up now. 
    You groan into the pillow that covers your face. They’re late. GOD that’s annoying. 
    Suddenly the door bursts open.
    You jump up, p
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Supernatural anime style by Vivalski Supernatural anime style :iconvivalski:Vivalski 787 122 The Loud House 90s AU Supporting Cast by TheFreshKnight The Loud House 90s AU Supporting Cast :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 418 90 Pop culture savvy 2 by Vivalski Pop culture savvy 2 :iconvivalski:Vivalski 1,056 105 They Have No Idea... by ertacaltinoz They Have No Idea... :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 673 55 It's fine Cas, It's fine by Nile-kun It's fine Cas, It's fine :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,274 121 Total Drama Dress Up: Female by PandaMea Total Drama Dress Up: Female :iconpandamea:PandaMea 163 90 God is totally a Cas-boy by Nimloth87 God is totally a Cas-boy :iconnimloth87:Nimloth87 2,941 685 MMD DL: Chibi Bases by Purple-RageMMD MMD DL: Chibi Bases :iconpurple-ragemmd:Purple-RageMMD 495 116