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Gaara x Reader
Here I am... wandering around the world. No, I'm not a world traveler, I'm homeless. Why? Because my father is an abusive alcoholic cross-dresser, and my mother is an abusive prostitute. You could say I don't like my home life, but that would only be a sliver of the pie. I am a ninja and a very good one at that. I made Chunin level when I was 7, skipped Jounin and made it to the Anbu when I was 10. So yeah. My parents always yelled at me for being a ninja. They told me it was a waste of time. The reason I wanted to be a ninja was because of a village near the one I lived in was attacked by a group of rogue ninja and the poor village had no ninja to defend it's people. I left when I was 14. Not even two weeks after I left my parents sent ninja after me. I guess they wanted their punching bag back. I'll be damned if I'm going back there. That's why I can't stay in one place for too long. Anyways, I made it to the land of wind and I am walking through the dessert towards Sunagakure, the V
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Teasing [Sabaku no Gaara Drabble]
[Name] sighed as she reached up to wipe the sweat from her brow, glancing around her. Why was it always so hot here? She often found herself wishing that she lived in a desert that at least had cool nights. Even the nights here were humid and made her sweat.
“What are you doing?” came a voice from behind her, causing [Name] to turn around, smiling when she saw who addressed her.
“Gaara... I'm just moving these pots for my mom,” she stated, motioning towards the giant clay pots on the ground. Her mother liked to make and sell pottery, so [Name] helped her out when she didn't have anything else to do.
“Let me help,” Gaara stated, the sand below the pots beginning to move as he continued to stare at the [color] haired girl in front of him. He could tell that [Name] was feeling hot and he smiled at her, deciding to tease her. No doubt his village would go crazy if they found out their Kazekage was dating anybody.
While [Name] was distracted watching him
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Sasori Sensei
If love is a lie, a and life is too short, that doesn't say much for
                                  man kind, does  it?

As the demon of sand, what did love mean to Gaara? A hopeless effort?  A wasted attempt?
Or was it just  never meant to be? It had always just seemed like a mix of all three. But recent events were starting to trouble him.
It had all been the fault of his brother to begin with. With his stupid puppets, and insistency that the Kazekage learn a side skill.
"Sasori-sama would be the best to teach you, otouto."
Gaara in turn scowled. “I’m not going to learn from some S-rank criminal.”
“Ex-criminal, Gaara. The Akatsuki thinks he is dead, remember...”
Lee seemingly popped up from nowhere and placed a hand on his friends shoulder; he was all fo
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SasuNaru- Trapped Part 1
SasuNaru one-shot part 1
A blonde head snapped to his side where the voice had come from, but all he was met with was darkness. He panicked, not knowing what was going on, when he heard the voice call his name again. "Hello?!" He called out into the nothingness around him. He wasn't even sure if he was standing on anything, really, until he felt himself starting to fall, wind rushing past him at high velocities, making his topaz hair wisp every which way.
"NARUTO!!!!!' The voice called again, and even though Naruto could hear it, he couldn't see the person, or thing, that was calling him. He was trapped, paralyzed, stuck in that one spot. Even if it felt like he was moving, he wasn't. Everything was just an illusion....until he was smacked across the face. HARD.
"WHAT THE HELL?!" Naruto shot up, eyes wide, beads of sweat forming at the peak of his hair. He was looking into a pair of black-encircled teal eyes, and his own narrowed aggravatedly. "What, Gaara?" He aske
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Drunken Cookies
“Sorry! Oh my GOD, I’m sorry…”
Lee’s face turned a startling shade of red at the interruption.
“It’s not what you think Naruto…”
He quickly pushed the redhead off of him…who was giving an extremely sulky expression to the other two boys. Lee abruptly handed over the bag of sweets to his kazekage friend.
The older leaf sighed heavily as his friend snatched at the bag happily before munching away on a cookie. The brown gaze turned to the blonde.
“I was teasing him..and he tackled me for the cookies…”
An  icy glare abruptly focused on the blonde, and the older boy.
“You should know better. Haven’t you learned by now? Fool.”
Lee laughed slightly at Gaara’s reply and turned to Naruto.  “See? Nothing to worry about, and certainly nothing inappropriate going on. The sound of cookies being eaten halted as Gaara swallowed hurriedly and stared at the two questioningly.
“What do you
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