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MMD- .::TEAM RWBY+DOWNLOAD::. by whimsicottsh MMD- .::TEAM RWBY+DOWNLOAD::. :iconwhimsicottsh:whimsicottsh 2,552 384 Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad by SSgt-LuLZ Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 4,693 783 RWBY Blake Signature by Raykorn RWBY Blake Signature :iconraykorn:Raykorn 4,071 211 RWBY Cosplay Prop Build Kit (Updated) by Tatsutetsu RWBY Cosplay Prop Build Kit (Updated) :icontatsutetsu:Tatsutetsu 1,194 152 Battlefield 4: Fireteam JNPR by SSgt-LuLZ Battlefield 4: Fireteam JNPR :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 2,797 459 RWBY: Emblems || Insignias by hjpenndragon RWBY: Emblems || Insignias :iconhjpenndragon:hjpenndragon 1,759 112 RWBY by DivYes RWBY :icondivyes:DivYes 2,425 60
RWBY OC Blank Bio Sheet / Profile
Introduction of Character
Name: (First/Last)
Nickname:  (If none, leave blank)
Race: (Human, Faunus, Other)
Symbol: (This is the characters Emblem, for example, Weiss is a snowflake glyph, Ruby's is a rose, etc. Tell us what the symbol is for your character, and define it's meaning and connection to your character)
Affiliation(s): (Signal Academy, Beacon Academy, White Fang, Other)

The Character’s Appearance
Eye Colour:
Hair: (Colour and Length)

About The Character
Status: (Active, Retired, Dead)
Occupation: (Hunter/Huntress, Student, Teacher)
Outfit Colours:
Physical Characteristics: (What do they look like?)
Accessories: (Key Items the character possesses)
:iconsolozerker:SoloZerker 411 229
Ruby by Koyorin Ruby :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 3,904 91
Beauty and the Wolf
It was just another day at Beacon. The weekend was here and pretty much every student was out and about, trying to get away from anything that has to do with school.
Well, except a certain Faunus named Blake. She was instead scouring the bookshelves in the library, looking for a new read. Scanning the novels, none of them really seemed to stand out to her. Although, when she looked up, she saw a title that she knew would interest her: Ninjas of Love Vol. 2.
“Yes, it’s here!” she said to herself.
Getting onto her tiptoes, she tried to reach for it, but she was just about a few inches.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”
She tried a little harder, to no avail. That was until a hand easily snagged the book. Startled, she turned around. It was (y/n). He looked at the book, then back at her.
“You like this stuff?” he asked. Blake blushed from embarrassment.
“Hey, it’s a really good book, don’t judge!”
“I wasn’
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 373 79
[ MMD ] RWBY Beacon outfit (slightly altered) +DL by wishuponacrane [ MMD ] RWBY Beacon outfit (slightly altered) +DL :iconwishuponacrane:wishuponacrane 1,288 88
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
It seemed like a normal day for (y/n). Instead of going to the normal training  dome provided for the students, he chose to go into the nearby forest to fight with the Grimm that lurked there instead. Not only did he not really enjoy all those incriminating stares he would get from all the other students that went there to train, but he was able to go all out, really test his limits without any restrictions.
Today was no different, he packed up his sword, changed into comfortable clothing, and was off to the forest. Little did he know of the black and red blur that followed close behind.
(y/n) searched and searched until he finally found a group of about ten Ursas in a large clearing.
“Perfect,” he quietly said to himself. As he moves to pull his sword out, his ears then picked up the faint sound of breathing in a bush behind him.
“Huh?” he turned around to faintly see red hidden in the green of the shrub. Deeply sighing, he walked over to the bush and
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 342 120
RWBY- Vale by hakuku RWBY- Vale :iconhakuku:hakuku 1,886 36 Character Unlock: RWBY(?)Kitten by CNeko-chan Character Unlock: RWBY(?)Kitten :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 419 124 RWBY Gambol Shroud by Tatsutetsu RWBY Gambol Shroud :icontatsutetsu:Tatsutetsu 1,161 80 RWBY: Garnet by reveriesky RWBY: Garnet :iconreveriesky:reveriesky 4,614 388 RWBY by Koyorin RWBY :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 4,125 90 Special Unlock: RWBY Artist-chan by CNeko-chan Special Unlock: RWBY Artist-chan :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 397 133 Penny concept by einlee Penny concept :iconeinlee:einlee 4,219 146 RWBY : Omake 1 by Rouzille RWBY : Omake 1 :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,927 290 Blake Belladonna - V4 by einlee Blake Belladonna - V4 :iconeinlee:einlee 4,324 72 RWBY : World police by dishwasher1910 RWBY : World police :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 1,979 127 Rassilon001's Commission Team FNKI by Liansa Rassilon001's Commission Team FNKI :iconliansa:Liansa 361 54 JNPR by Quirkilicious JNPR :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 3,825 82 Blake- RWBY 2 by kazeplay Blake- RWBY 2 :iconkazeplay:kazeplay 1,272 54
Snow White and the Wolf
(y/n) groggily opened his eyes as the light shone through the window of his shared room.
“Ugh,” he turned over, pulled the covers over his head, and tried to get back to sleep.
“Oi, get your furry butt up! We’ve got class soon!”
That was until one of his teammates, the leader to be exact, tried to get him out of bed. He let out a growl and said, “Leave me alone.”
Even though he was placed in a team that had pure Faunuses, he really wasn’t showing any signs that he wanted to be friends with them. The leader tugged at (y/n)’s blanket, trying to get the unwilling Faunus up and ready for the first class of the day.
“Come on! We’re gonna be late because of you!”
“Ugh, fine!” (y/n) gave up, got out of bed, and put on his school uniform.
“Geez, this looks ridiculous,” he mumbled, pulling his fluffy wolf tail through the hole that was specially made into his pants. It’s been about two weeks si
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 385 94
RWBY Maidens: The Four Seasons by Madgamer2k7 RWBY Maidens: The Four Seasons :iconmadgamer2k7:Madgamer2k7 1,956 90 RWBY Ember Celica by Tatsutetsu RWBY Ember Celica :icontatsutetsu:Tatsutetsu 1,050 105
RWBY OC Bio Template
Introduction: A nice tid-bit to grab readers attention.
Name: FOLLOW. MONTY'S. RULES! Don't make me hunt you down with a freaking blood houd because you didn't get/listen to his memo! I I'll do it. I can't tell you how much this bugs me. For those who haven't read it, you can find it here. Consider these rules as divine orders from your Supreme Commander Oum. OBEY THEM!
Age: Now, what I've seen so far is most OC characters head of to little adventures at Beacon, so their age would be around 17-19, but don't limit yourself! Honestly, I find that sort of setting overdone. There is so much more in the RWBY verse than just Beacon, and you could find hardened criminals or bounty hunters of all ages!
Color: Self explanatory. You'd better freaking obey the rules or I will find you. Seriously, though, no one loves a party pooper. But for
:icona-flyer:a-flyer 811 774
Yang Xiao Long - V4 by einlee Yang Xiao Long - V4 :iconeinlee:einlee 4,841 127 RWBY portraits by einlee RWBY portraits :iconeinlee:einlee 13,291 427
Goldilocks and the Wolf
(y/n) didn’t know it, but a pair of lilac eyes had been watching him throughout his first weeks of attending Beacon. She watched as he ate his meals, during class, and while he sparred with his teammates. Yang just couldn’t help but to be enamored with him, it was understandable for a girl her age to be attracted to (y/n), who really was easy on the eyes. But there was one thing she saw as a flaw, and that was (y/n)’s uptight personality. He never really interacted with anyone except with his teammates, and even that was scarce. She had tried to get a “hello” out of him, all he did was respond with a grunt and keep moving on.
It was on a weekend when she finally managed to stop him and get him to speak with her . . . . . . . by grabbing onto his tail when he tried to walk away after giving his brief response to her greeting. He let out a pained yelp.
“Hellloooo!!” she greeted cheerfully again.
“You already said that! N
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 290 135
Calm Time by Yamio Calm Time :iconyamio:Yamio 2,920 144 Rwby by kageuri Rwby :iconkageuri:kageuri 6,062 121 Weiss Schnee - V4 by einlee Weiss Schnee - V4 :iconeinlee:einlee 5,676 82 RWBY - Ruby Rose by SSgt-LuLZ RWBY - Ruby Rose :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 3,680 205 Blake by Koyorin Blake :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 3,718 70 RWBY Crescent Rose by Tatsutetsu RWBY Crescent Rose :icontatsutetsu:Tatsutetsu 1,420 172 RWBY chibi by Rouzille RWBY chibi :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,893 98 Jet Angle - Aero Hyacintho by JollyJoseph Jet Angle - Aero Hyacintho :iconjollyjoseph:JollyJoseph 210 7 RWBY Future AU by xenon54165 RWBY Future AU :iconxenon54165:xenon54165 2,065 341 Weiss Schnee - RWBY by Calssara Weiss Schnee - RWBY :iconcalssara:Calssara 1,401 167 RWBY: Eis by reveriesky RWBY: Eis :iconreveriesky:reveriesky 2,860 134 Ruby by Koyorin Ruby :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 5,756 161 Yang by Koyorin Yang :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 3,335 63 RWBY Pokemon Trainers by depression76 RWBY Pokemon Trainers :icondepression76:depression76 2,490 228 RWBY : Are you my friend ? by Rouzille RWBY : Are you my friend ? :iconrouzille:Rouzille 2,849 247 (Onepunchman x RWBY) : How to get Stronger by Rouzille (Onepunchman x RWBY) : How to get Stronger :iconrouzille:Rouzille 1,781 182