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Ladient - AIMP 3.6 skin by Scope10 Ladient - AIMP 3.6 skin :iconscope10:Scope10 198 62 Ladient 2 - AIMP 4 skin by Scope10 Ladient 2 - AIMP 4 skin :iconscope10:Scope10 151 91 Language Portrait Cards by Bobsmade Language Portrait Cards :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 373 61 Shattered Emotions by GingerCat-P Shattered Emotions :icongingercat-p:GingerCat-P 40 17 Nice day With Allies sketch by Samtheweirdo Nice day With Allies sketch :iconsamtheweirdo:Samtheweirdo 59 17
Prussia X Reader X Russia ~ Pipes vs. Meters -Lime
You sat on your couch with a cup of tea/cocoa/coffee and watch tv. Also a blanket covered your legs. You weren't that sick, but you just wanted to have peace on your own with your tv...well actually it was Gilbert's tv, but his things were also your things too.
That's just because you lived with him in a house and he always tried to be the best husband ever, but even prussia forgot sometimes this goal, but you could never be mad at him. At the moment, Gilbert was outside, but it was just 10 in the morning.
For you two it was still very early, but Prussia wanted to go to the church and pray, probably for old Fritz. A knock on the door snapped you back into reality. You looked at the door, but you still didn't get up. You heared another knock. You sighed, stood up and opened the door. You looked at a tall man. He also had white/silver hair, but it was not Gilbert.
"I-Ivan?! What are you doing here? It is still so early?", you ranted at him. Also he never visited you, so something must ha
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 76 11
AB: Well I say.... by MooFrog44 AB: Well I say.... :iconmoofrog44:MooFrog44 37 25 oh.. my bad by Baerken oh.. my bad :iconbaerken:Baerken 27 15 AB: CUDDLE WIT ME BBY by MooFrog44 AB: CUDDLE WIT ME BBY :iconmoofrog44:MooFrog44 19 21 Yana Sokolov by TheLivingShadow Yana Sokolov :iconthelivingshadow:TheLivingShadow 14 1 Andrei Sokolov by TheLivingShadow Andrei Sokolov :iconthelivingshadow:TheLivingShadow 12 4 emo question mark by Baerken emo question mark :iconbaerken:Baerken 12 5 AB: Can squeeze em allll night by MooFrog44 AB: Can squeeze em allll night :iconmoofrog44:MooFrog44 34 8 Rodion and Lord Garlington by AlexeiKazansky Rodion and Lord Garlington :iconalexeikazansky:AlexeiKazansky 8 40 church by Piluci church :iconpiluci:Piluci 6 0 Lukas Oliver Grey by Prettybold Lukas Oliver Grey :iconprettybold:Prettybold 5 5 Rube age meme by Jelleebelly Rube age meme :iconjelleebelly:Jelleebelly 4 2 Rube Bust WIP by Jelleebelly Rube Bust WIP :iconjelleebelly:Jelleebelly 4 3 Husky Ref by Silviana13 Husky Ref :iconsilviana13:Silviana13 4 3 What the heck?! by aqlaam What the heck?! :iconaqlaam:aqlaam 3 8
Otpuskayu - Maksim Translit.
Я не могу дышать, мне не видно неба
Ya nye magu dishat', mnye nye veedna nyeba
я не могу понять-был ты или небыл
Ya nye magu ponyat' - bil ti eelee nyebil
Ветром по волосам,солнце в ладони... твоя.....
Vyetrom po bolocam, solntsye vladonee...tvaya
Красные облака,вечер ударил в спину
:icontisnaeko:TisNaeko 3 2
Spiel nicht mit dem Feuer by Piluci Spiel nicht mit dem Feuer :iconpiluci:Piluci 3 0 Hologram Bug by Baerken Hologram Bug :iconbaerken:Baerken 2 0