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~Say You Love Me~ Russia x Reader

Say You Love Me~

Russia x Reader

     ___ sat on her bed, flicking through a book she enjoyed reading. She was comfortable, in just a t-shirt and her underwear, not expecting to do anything else for the day (as it is late; almost midnight). Although, it was strangely wrong for a Friday evening, ___ could have sworn she had something planned, but it never crossed her mind.
     She yawned, stretched her back against the mattress, getting tired now. ___ closed her eyes, as if to fall asleep (in all honesty, she probably wouldn't sleep for another hour or so). Especially because her phone just started to ring, despite the time of day.
     "Hello?' she called into the phone, 'Do you know what time it is, Ivan?!"
     The was a sigh on the other side, "Not Mr. Ivan, Miss ___,' a voice replied, 'Mr. Ivan is coming over to your house. You forgot
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MMD stage russian classroom math\life safety DL by ElviraMoa MMD stage russian classroom math\life safety DL :iconelviramoa:ElviraMoa 1,093 138 Costumes: North, South, West, East by vinegar Costumes: North, South, West, East :iconvinegar:vinegar 1,212 20 HEX DUO (revolving double barrel shotgun) by LucasHC90 HEX DUO (revolving double barrel shotgun) :iconlucashc90:LucasHC90 472 47 APH_The Slavic Eagles by Noive APH_The Slavic Eagles :iconnoive:Noive 480 107 Russian Droid by EdonGuraziu Russian Droid :iconedonguraziu:EdonGuraziu 343 27 Skulltapus by ShawnCoss Skulltapus :iconshawncoss:ShawnCoss 3,983 197 Commission - Human Resistance by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Human Resistance :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 2,652 219 APH - Russia vs Germany by Boudicca-Keltoi APH - Russia vs Germany :iconboudicca-keltoi:Boudicca-Keltoi 1,981 304
Russia x Reader: With a real man...
The world meeting was, as always, incredibly loud and somewhat annoying. Germany had given up hope in getting some sense to the people. Your (e/c) eyes wandered around the room and you couldn't help but feel slightly amused.
 In what other meeting would there be a man making pasta, one is sleeping, two are fighting for God-knows-what reasons and everyone else were shouting to get their voice heard.
 Though soon you noticed that you weren't the only one amused by this comical scene. Russia, also known as Ivan Braginski, had a small child-like smile on his face. He was completely relaxed, leaning back in his chair, watching as the chaos before him continued to expand.
He must have felt you eyes on him because soon he locked his gaze to you. His small smile widened to something quite creepy looking and you nervously smi
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Tom Clancy's Command Authority - Forest Hunters by BurenErdene Tom Clancy's Command Authority - Forest Hunters :iconburenerdene:BurenErdene 296 5
Russia x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
  "Hey, Ivan!" you called, waving to the large Russian man. He turned to the sound of your voice, and a childish smile tugged at his lips as he gave you a slight wave.
  "Hello, _____," Ivan said cheerfully. "It is a beautiful day, da?"
  "It is a rather beautiful day," you mused. "So, how's it going, Ivan?"
  "Things have been going fine. Things have been going fine for you too, da?" Ivan said. You nodded with a light blush, and Ivan's smile grew a bit wider.
  'Alright, it's now or never, _____!'
  "Hey, Ivan, can I tell you something?"
  "Da, _____?"
  "Umm..." you started to fumble with your hands. 'Dear whoever rules over my fate or destiny or whatever it's called, please please PLEASE let me pronounce this right!' you prayed inside your head.
  You took a deep breath to calm your now racing heart as Ivan's curious purple orbs gazed at you expectantly.
  "Ya lyublyu vashu cherepakhu!"
  'Oh crap, did I say it wrong?!'
  You were surprised when Ivan
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