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Run Through the Rays by Nightrizer Run Through the Rays :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,573 36
Black Friday- Franticshipping
The first thing she noticed was his warm breath on her neck. Then came the yelling.
“HUNHZZAT?!” Sapphire lashed out as she jerked out of sleep, rolling onto her toes and ready to attack.
“Ouch! You didn’t have to hit me.”
Sapphire slowly blinked, sliding onto her knees as the burst of adrenaline left her. “…Ruby?” She tried to scowl, but was too tired to manage. Instead she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands, pulling the blanket up over her shoulders. “…what time’s it? And what’n the heck are ya doing in my room?”
The boy readjusted his glasses, his cheek still red from her slap. “It’s 4:00.”
Sapphire peered into the gloom outside her window, her jaw dropping. “In the morning?!”
Ruby ignored her question, yanking the blanket away. “Come on. Get dressed.”
She yanked the blanket back, tossing it over her head as she plopped back down on her pillow. “It
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RusaMakut And Khalida Commish by WildSpiritWolf RusaMakut And Khalida Commish :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 1,433 293 Rofling Coaster by darioart Rofling Coaster :icondarioart:darioart 1,583 479 Emyra and Toji by Nadiezda Emyra and Toji :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 852 35 The Sniper by RUIZBURGOS The Sniper :iconruizburgos:RUIZBURGOS 359 20
Special, Oldrivals, Frantic Fighting.
"Oh, that is a lie!" a blonde woman, in her early twenties giggled, trying to frown at her boyfriend.
Her taller boyfriend only chuckled at her. "It is not! I swear, I loved you more then you have loved me~"
Yellow only scoffed at him, swinging a picnic basket in her hands, her hair was in a low ponytail and she wore a normal summer dress, as for head, cargo pants rolled up, and a normal shirt with a lose shirt jacket, opened. He had a bottle in his hands, the two of them were now just coming back to their home. "Sure~ whatever you say, Champion~"
Her angelic giggling always brought a smile to his face. "You don't believe me do you?"
The blonde gasp and looked mock ling surprise. "Oh no! what gave me away~?" her smile made her words sarcastic which earn her a fake glare, making her laugh and keep walking ahead of him. Soon the two of them were passing a lake.
"Kay then, tell me when you first realize you liked me~"
From the water's view, Yellow was humming, thinking abou
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contest-hoennshipping by Silvyellow contest-hoennshipping :iconsilvyellow:Silvyellow 499 76 FranticShipping - Contest by Jeshika-Haruno FranticShipping - Contest :iconjeshika-haruno:Jeshika-Haruno 216 58 She's mine by retropiink She's mine :iconretropiink:retropiink 271 52
CE- Childhood Memory
"A girl? Does she like battling!?"
"Well she's a girl so no.
"Don't go teaching our son sexist things."
The black haired man sweat dropped and rub his shoulder were his lovely wife had hit him just now, a young boy about the age of five was sitting down patiently and eating his snack before he was sent out to play with one of his Father's daughter. Ruby for one just wanted to train and get stronger so that he can complete his goal and be win all eight badges before the age of eleven.
He childishly and messily ate his snack which was a small cake. Aisuru, his mother fixed his hat he loved to wear, as Norman, his father started to talk on the phone. "Ruby, they said the girl is at the forest by a ri-"
Without a second thought, Ruby had jumped out of his chair and ran outside barking at Coco, Nana, and Ruru to follow him. Aisuru face palm as his rash behavior and secretly wished she had a girl. Norman smirked knowing what she was thinking and hug
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Puppy Eyes by Dalgeor Puppy Eyes :icondalgeor:Dalgeor 522 39 We Want Summer by sunshineikimaru We Want Summer :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 469 177
Frantic- Static, Lollipops, and Clocks.
"Pika! Take down!"
As normal, the two rivals were having a Pokemon battle. A sigh came from the young male in red and black. He looked at the battle and then sighed with grief looking back at his camera he was cleaning. "Jeez, when will be the day those two learn battling is pointless."
"When will you learn that it's fun!" Ruby looked over his shoulders to see the wild brunette sitting on the sidelines giving a slight glare to him as he stood facing the other way taking pictures of his pokemon.
Ruby only scoffed. "Around the same time you will learn what indecent means." with his eyes close and cheeks puffed he wipe some lent from his camera lens. Sapphire scrunched her nose Turning her head away from the boy, eyebrows knitted together and eyes closed in dismay. "Hm..?" curiously she open her eyes to see Pika readying a thunderbolt.
"Now then, Zuzu ready!?" Ruby smiled at his pokemons enthusiastically, and turn on the camera.
As the electronic in h
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She needs a Calendar
"A calendar" said a voice "Yup, that's my birthday gift to her, a calendar" and annoyed irritated boy walked through the forest avoiding the dirt and mud as he walked. He was pissed and annoyed looking for something.
"Forget the dress, a calendar. Its not like she'll wear the dress anyways, jezz why did he sent me? She's got other friends, sure they have tails and paws but at least they won't get lost!" Ruby continued to complain about his situtatin.
"Me?" Ruby said with confusion.
"Yes! She'll listen to you." Birch said with a smile.
"That's highly doubtful, she hates me." Ruby reasoned
"hate you? As far as I know she looks up to you, she talks about you a lot and she gets all fluster while trying on the clothes you make." Birch said totally unaware these things are stuff that his daughter keeps a secret of.

"And thus, I'm here looking for that barbaric female because she's too wild to have a planner or a calendar to know that today is her birthday!" Ruby was still pissed march
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THE LAST SPLASHES OF TODAY'S SUN by Badusev THE LAST SPLASHES OF TODAY'S SUN :iconbadusev:Badusev 135 37 RuSa - I'm yours by retropiink RuSa - I'm yours :iconretropiink:retropiink 159 26 Shipka Russian Church by rhocaballero Shipka Russian Church :iconrhocaballero:rhocaballero 110 17 Le Magicien d'Oz by retropiink Le Magicien d'Oz :iconretropiink:retropiink 162 34 FranticShipping by NanamiSonezaki FranticShipping :iconnanamisonezaki:NanamiSonezaki 176 17 TREES AT SUNSET by Badusev TREES AT SUNSET :iconbadusev:Badusev 97 32 PSComic-Coach Said I Could Try by Umbra-Flower PSComic-Coach Said I Could Try :iconumbra-flower:Umbra-Flower 108 28 Chibi Nastia Luzhina by Zivichi Chibi Nastia Luzhina :iconzivichi:Zivichi 92 50 La riviere de notre enfance... by retropiink La riviere de notre enfance... :iconretropiink:retropiink 156 46 Neko Neko by AimaiLeafy Neko Neko :iconaimaileafy:AimaiLeafy 139 26 Gypsy girls by dg2001 Gypsy girls :icondg2001:dg2001 197 14 Russian Gypsy Girl 20 by dg2001 Russian Gypsy Girl 20 :icondg2001:dg2001 124 7 Rusa and Obsidiana (Collab) by Dalgeor Rusa and Obsidiana (Collab) :icondalgeor:Dalgeor 108 29 My NEW favorite pic EVER by Joyfulldreams My NEW favorite pic EVER :iconjoyfulldreams:Joyfulldreams 338 307
Alfred's Love For Russia.
Hetalia – Alfred's love of Russia
By - Alfred F Jones.
Hetalia World Academy.  A school for the best and brightest minds in the whole world.  A school where you go from third grade until you get your masters degree.  A place where money means nothing, where you are free to act in ways it never thought possible in other schools.  Location?  Um, well if I told you that then I'd have to kill you. Hahahaha, its okay you won't die reading this.  
The grounds are split up though.  Girl's dorms and boy's dorms.  Though there are not a lot of students here so the schools are only broken up by grades.  One goes from third till eighth.  Another is for your four years of high school.  The last one is the college.
All the students speak English as well as other languages.  Most write in English as well.  Lets see our professors are all past world leaders. 
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31.08.2014 by Badusev 31.08.2014 :iconbadusev:Badusev 63 23 Rusa by miyamiyah Rusa :iconmiyamiyah:miyamiyah 100 52 DGM:Bunny Christmas by nekodoru DGM:Bunny Christmas :iconnekodoru:nekodoru 354 119 Ships, Ships everywhere by RitsuBel Ships, Ships everywhere :iconritsubel:RitsuBel 92 13 SIMFEROPOL. KARL LIEBKNECHT STREET by Badusev SIMFEROPOL. KARL LIEBKNECHT STREET :iconbadusev:Badusev 52 11 Garden of Eden by Amosha Garden of Eden :iconamosha:Amosha 45 43 I'll Protect You by AeyraV I'll Protect You :iconaeyrav:AeyraV 102 101 Big Boy by Zoba22 Big Boy :iconzoba22:Zoba22 56 35 New Style by cookiecreation New Style :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 110 3 Pkmn - Merry Chrismas by hermyon Pkmn - Merry Chrismas :iconhermyon:hermyon 480 32 Ignite Nostalgia by Fecu Ignite Nostalgia :iconfecu:Fecu 119 26 Anastasia by elentasa Anastasia :iconelentasa:elentasa 101 11 Fire and Ice by cookiecreation Fire and Ice :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 149 40 No.7 Rusa as Dualrival by AkirasArtWorld No.7 Rusa as Dualrival :iconakirasartworld:AkirasArtWorld 62 55
Sakura collected her legs and hugged them tight against her chest. The sight was unbearable, and all she could do is press her back against this cold, solid fissure, and try her hardest to see through this blinding darkness. But if there was one thing she could see clearly, it was the corpse before her. Her chin rested against her knees as the green eyes of hers took in the scene, swallowing back a residue rising in her throat.
Two strong arms slipped around her body, and a voice whispered close against her ear, “It’s okay. You can relax.” The disturbing prospect came like a flash in her full view as she soaked this in. A body sprawled right in front of her, the scent of fresh blood in the air, still warm, but the body was completely cold. His charcoal eyes stared right through her in nothingness, dulled by the Will of Fire burnt out permanently. His hand was stretched out towards her, his spread fingers inches from her foot. His heart stopped beating,
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What Happened? by cookiecreation What Happened? :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 81 24 - r e s t - by FishHeadThe3rdAndCo - r e s t - :iconfishheadthe3rdandco:FishHeadThe3rdAndCo 112 14 Franticshipping by Joyfulldreams Franticshipping :iconjoyfulldreams:Joyfulldreams 415 78