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Beauty and the Wolf
It was just another day at Beacon. The weekend was here and pretty much every student was out and about, trying to get away from anything that has to do with school.
Well, except a certain Faunus named Blake. She was instead scouring the bookshelves in the library, looking for a new read. Scanning the novels, none of them really seemed to stand out to her. Although, when she looked up, she saw a title that she knew would interest her: Ninjas of Love Vol. 2.
“Yes, it’s here!” she said to herself.
Getting onto her tiptoes, she tried to reach for it, but she was just about a few inches.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”
She tried a little harder, to no avail. That was until a hand easily snagged the book. Startled, she turned around. It was (y/n). He looked at the book, then back at her.
“You like this stuff?” he asked. Blake blushed from embarrassment.
“Hey, it’s a really good book, don’t judge!”
“I wasn’
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Aelin and Rowan by Charlie-Bowater Aelin and Rowan :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 2,655 48 Nuzlocke Diamond: 1-10 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 1-10 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,005 310 rowan by margarita-morrigan rowan :iconmargarita-morrigan:margarita-morrigan 330 43 Nuzlocke Diamond: 11-20 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 11-20 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 748 238 Skyfire by Nambroth Skyfire :iconnambroth:Nambroth 3,800 103 Penetration by Jubilations Penetration :iconjubilations:Jubilations 1,842 219 Commission: Telanthe Cross by mazjojo Commission: Telanthe Cross :iconmazjojo:mazjojo 2,271 180 Funny Situations Meme by Isriana Funny Situations Meme :iconisriana:Isriana 414 185 2014-HEX-SirGilesRowan by Vandrell 2014-HEX-SirGilesRowan :iconvandrell:Vandrell 346 17 Rowan girl by Daywish Rowan girl :icondaywish:Daywish 1,301 340 +Sparrows+ by larienne +Sparrows+ :iconlarienne:larienne 967 127 the bullfinch by mart-art the bullfinch :iconmart-art:mart-art 1,718 116
Dragon Story Chapter 1
Dragon Novel Thingy
Chapter 1 - Friends
I looked out to my left, the glowing full moon was speeding through the trees as if it were chasing me.  I smiled at it, I adored the moon's warm glow, and I loved the way it painted the landscape in values of navy blues and silvers.  The colours of daylight were far too bright and varying.  At night everything was like a painting – the kind I'd seen my father do in the stables, I loved to watch him skillfully sculpt an image out of the blankness of the canvas with his brushes.  The colours didn't seem so real in the darkness; they appeared as if they were placed there with by brushes like my father's. The night is where I felt I belonged.
"Come on Elizabeth!  You must be the slowest person alive!" Called Rowan from ahead of me, "You're such a weak little girl!" His voice was challenging.
"You're the weak little girl!" I called back, picking up my pace.
"Did you just call me a girl?" Cried Ro
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Red berries by Anisis Red berries :iconanisis:Anisis 652 47 Frozen by WolfRoad Frozen :iconwolfroad:WolfRoad 680 44 Nuzlocke Diamond: 31-40 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 31-40 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 548 148 Commission - Rowan by ribkaDory Commission - Rowan :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 853 27 Haunted by Autumn by Daywish Haunted by Autumn :icondaywish:Daywish 347 109 Miscellaneous 3 by Jubilations Miscellaneous 3 :iconjubilations:Jubilations 1,763 574 Miscellaneous 4 by Jubilations Miscellaneous 4 :iconjubilations:Jubilations 2,092 434 Raven Talisman of Protection by bonegoddess Raven Talisman of Protection :iconbonegoddess:bonegoddess 393 9 Nuzlocke Diamond: 21-30 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 21-30 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 541 133 Nuzlocke Diamond: 61-70 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 61-70 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 524 155 Nuzlocke Diamond: 41-50 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 41-50 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 538 147 Nuzlocke Diamond: 121-130 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 121-130 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 701 331 The Lost Girl by tbdoll The Lost Girl :icontbdoll:tbdoll 1,497 99 Miscellaneous 10 by Jubilations Miscellaneous 10 :iconjubilations:Jubilations 695 34 Rowan dragon by IsisMasshiro Rowan dragon :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 606 47 Nuzlocke Diamond: 91-100 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 91-100 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 549 197 My Hearts in a Whirlllllll by Jubilations My Hearts in a Whirlllllll :iconjubilations:Jubilations 978 154 Hurts So Good by Jubilations Hurts So Good :iconjubilations:Jubilations 1,495 206 Nuzlocke Diamond: 51-60 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 51-60 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 545 199 Commission: Taren14 (Rowan Flamebark) by Temiree Commission: Taren14 (Rowan Flamebark) :icontemiree:Temiree 264 26 OPPA GANGNAM STYLE by kitfox-crimson OPPA GANGNAM STYLE :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 528 457 Mr. Bean by juarezricci Mr. Bean :iconjuarezricci:juarezricci 1,151 140 rowan by Katari-Katarina rowan :iconkatari-katarina:Katari-Katarina 1,079 43 Gisa by Culpeo-Fox Gisa :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 970 34 Nuzlocke Diamond: 101-110 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 101-110 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 512 144 Nuzlocke Diamond: 71-80 by ky-nim Nuzlocke Diamond: 71-80 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 543 290 This Is Halloween by tbdoll This Is Halloween :icontbdoll:tbdoll 471 48 And You're On The List Baby by Jubilations And You're On The List Baby :iconjubilations:Jubilations 1,482 414 Rowan Ogham Set by Lolair Rowan Ogham Set :iconlolair:Lolair 191 45 Miscellaneous 7 by Jubilations Miscellaneous 7 :iconjubilations:Jubilations 1,176 91 Heartland: Rowan by ageofloss Heartland: Rowan :iconageofloss:ageofloss 819 209 Bondage Project by Kidetic Bondage Project :iconkidetic:Kidetic 757 43
New Home
New Home
It was a nice sunny day, a blue dragoness woke to the sounds of birds chirping, the waterfall near her cave. Her name was Mia. She lived in a cave on a mountain side right beside a waterfall whose steam ran down to a small human village. The humans didn`t know that a dragon lived close to them, but the dragon did and she never disturbed them or came anywhere near the village even though she was fond of human children and she know she should never go to the village cause she might scare them. Mia was about 35ft long from head to tail, was about 27ft tall with two nice horns and beautiful green eyes, her wingspan could stretch about to 20ft and her wings were actually feathers ( like Saphira`s from Eragon). She yawned slightly and came out her cave and stretch her muscles. " what am I in the mood for?, deer, rabbit, duck or wild boar?" she thought to herself. She sniffed the air and smelt some deer and boar but there was another smell, it was ...... smoke and it came from the di
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Pokemon Life Lessons by Isuzu-san Pokemon Life Lessons :iconisuzu-san:Isuzu-san 681 158 Rowan by Jubilations Rowan :iconjubilations:Jubilations 1,424 173