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Homestuck Titles: broken down -EoA6I1-
EDIT: Hey everyone. Warning that this is really out of date.
This is getting a whole lot of attention though. So I am
considering doing full expeditions on each class. It would take
a long time, as I would do a drawing with each. And there are 144
not including master classes (which I am also considering covering)
But I would do all of them, with explanations of their quest, roles
and powers.
If this is something you would find interesting.
Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!
There seem to be lots of interesting abilities and roles that the titles give, and I thought I would try my hand at disambogulating all of them.
And yes, that is a word now.....Shoosh you!
The full titles are a combo of what I will call Role and Attribute. And follow the pattern "The Role of Att
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