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RWBYxJNPR by mikkusushi RWBYxJNPR :iconmikkusushi:mikkusushi 1,009 39 RWBY - Spring Maiden by anonamos701 RWBY - Spring Maiden :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 693 28 RWBY - Confrontation by anonamos701 RWBY - Confrontation :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 705 25 'Bro...' by AtsusaKaneytza 'Bro...' :iconatsusakaneytza:AtsusaKaneytza 119 9 RWBY - Nora Valkyrie by anonamos701 RWBY - Nora Valkyrie :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 561 21 RWBY - Hunters by anonamos701 RWBY - Hunters :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 703 18 RWBY: Gaijin 4koma by IMAKINATION RWBY: Gaijin 4koma :iconimakination:IMAKINATION 478 45 RWBY - Heaven's High by anonamos701 RWBY - Heaven's High :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 464 10 RWBY: Start with a BANG! by Kiwa007 RWBY: Start with a BANG! :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 951 32 RWBY:CR - Dragon Fury by ADSouto RWBY:CR - Dragon Fury :iconadsouto:ADSouto 720 32 [RWBY] ReNora - If I Could Be With Anyone... by Thothslibrary [RWBY] ReNora - If I Could Be With Anyone... :iconthothslibrary:Thothslibrary 673 76 Arkos by PricklyAlpaca Arkos :iconpricklyalpaca:PricklyAlpaca 1,576 199 Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad by SSgt-LuLZ Battlefield 4: RWBY Squad :iconssgt-lulz:SSgt-LuLZ 5,102 810 RWBY - Arachnophobia by anonamos701 RWBY - Arachnophobia :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 508 14 RWBY All-Out Attack by mikkusushi RWBY All-Out Attack :iconmikkusushi:mikkusushi 1,578 29 Weiss' Sleeve Saga by IMAKINATION Weiss' Sleeve Saga :iconimakination:IMAKINATION 517 49 Camp Camp - 'I think I might be better than you!' by ABD-illustrates Camp Camp - 'I think I might be better than you!' :iconabd-illustrates:ABD-illustrates 969 19 Sir Billy the Cockatrice by arvalis Sir Billy the Cockatrice :iconarvalis:arvalis 6,077 328 RWBY - Samurai Ryoushi by anonamos701 RWBY - Samurai Ryoushi :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 442 18 Blazing Rose by mikkusushi Blazing Rose :iconmikkusushi:mikkusushi 1,108 47
RWBY OC Bio Template
Introduction: A nice tid-bit to grab readers attention.
Name: FOLLOW. MONTY'S. RULES! Don't make me hunt you down with a freaking blood houd because you didn't get/listen to his memo! I I'll do it. I can't tell you how much this bugs me. For those who haven't read it, you can find it here. Consider these rules as divine orders from your Supreme Commander Oum. OBEY THEM!
Age: Now, what I've seen so far is most OC characters head of to little adventures at Beacon, so their age would be around 17-19, but don't limit yourself! Honestly, I find that sort of setting overdone. There is so much more in the RWBY verse than just Beacon, and you could find hardened criminals or bounty hunters of all ages!
Color: Self explanatory. You'd better freaking obey the rules or I will find you. Seriously, though, no one loves a party pooper. But for
:icona-flyer:a-flyer 950 815
RWBY: I'm on Fire by Kiwa007 RWBY: I'm on Fire :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 1,052 18