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Argent Dawn toerags by ElliPuukangas Argent Dawn toerags :iconellipuukangas:ElliPuukangas 456 23 Wasteland Warrior by MachineFairy Wasteland Warrior :iconmachinefairy:MachineFairy 1,156 66 Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL by AmenoKitarou Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL :iconamenokitarou:AmenoKitarou 2,926 166 Special templates  +Team Rp03 {MINIPACK} by Bubblegomi Special templates +Team Rp03 {MINIPACK} :iconbubblegomi:Bubblegomi 157 276 Polymer Clay Steampunk Tin by ValerianaSolaris Polymer Clay Steampunk Tin :iconvalerianasolaris:ValerianaSolaris 280 80 .psd template Harry Potter | Roleplay Resources by taxitoheaven .psd template Harry Potter | Roleplay Resources :icontaxitoheaven:taxitoheaven 499 5
Free World Building Software
--- Free Software ---
Due to the ever-changing nature of web links, the links presented here may break from time to time.  Please leave a comment if you notice a broken link and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.  This document may change often.  Feel free to suggest additional world building software too!  Thanks for visiting.
--- World Building Software ---
Wilbur (last update: June 2005) ( )
Wilbur is an old program (which is funny if you consider 5 years old.  [Okay, now that it's well over a decade old now, it's not as funny...aging...]  But it is very simple to use to make planets quickly.  It hasn't been updated in a long time, but I checked the website and the program and it seems to work well enough.
Terragen ( )
Terragen is a terrain maker that creates stunning, photo-realist
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Special templates  +Team Rp {MINIPACK} by Bubblegomi Special templates +Team Rp {MINIPACK} :iconbubblegomi:Bubblegomi 326 74 TEMPLATE / Interpretacion.PSD - 06 by Bubblegomi TEMPLATE / Interpretacion.PSD - 06 :iconbubblegomi:Bubblegomi 103 8
OC Biography sheet
What role does this character play?(Storybased):
What inspired you to create this character?:
What does this character represent to you, if anything?:
What goals do you have for this character?:
Full Name:
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last):
Meaning of their full name:
Why did their parents name them this?:
If not parents, what decided their name?:
Why did you, their creator name them this?:
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:
History behind nickname(s):
Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot:
Gender identity:
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.):
Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
How old they appear:
Mental age:
Orientation/Sexual preference:
Any history behind their sex
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RPD: assault of Brennadam by Yllande RPD: assault of Brennadam :iconyllande:Yllande 1,408 100 NCR Ranger by Emortal982 NCR Ranger :iconemortal982:Emortal982 1,302 38 Cross Symphony - Dragon God by Rowye Cross Symphony - Dragon God :iconrowye:Rowye 215 61 Pathfinder Feiya by Vaejoun Pathfinder Feiya :iconvaejoun:Vaejoun 1,113 46 Theurgy-class Starship Schematics | MVAM View by Auctor-Lucan Theurgy-class Starship Schematics | MVAM View :iconauctor-lucan:Auctor-Lucan 146 16 Template VBlogger, For real by Vinilboulevard Template VBlogger, For real :iconvinilboulevard:Vinilboulevard 222 2 Commando - Exclusive Stock Pack 1 by faestock Commando - Exclusive Stock Pack 1 :iconfaestock:faestock 278 8
Super Character Template
Eye Color:
Level of Expertise:
Wealth Status:
Dwelling Place/Current Home:
Sexual Orientation:
Trinkets/Favored Items:
General Appearance (RSP Description, for example):
Facial appearance(Includes hair):
Skin color and appearance:
General body build/type/figure:
Distinguishing Features:
Characteristic Gestures:
Physical Condition:
Armor/Clothing of choice:
Additional trinkets or items carried:
Family Background/Lineage:
General relationships, past or present:
Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias:
Known family members, and their relation to the character:
Non-family members of note(Includes pets):
Any enemies, villains, or rivals, and how did this come to be:
Friends & Companions:
Type and Number of Close Friends:
Best Friend:
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Anime Sim Date 2.0 by Pacthesis Anime Sim Date 2.0 :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 3,394 3,431 Tianlong by ae-rie Tianlong :iconae-rie:ae-rie 2,730 77 EcoVerse: R'haven Harbor - Town Square by AzKai EcoVerse: R'haven Harbor - Town Square :iconazkai:AzKai 1,094 139 Make Your Own Cat Character V2 by SummersBlossom Make Your Own Cat Character V2 :iconsummersblossom:SummersBlossom 600 387 Fallout New Vegas: Yes Man by Emortal982 Fallout New Vegas: Yes Man :iconemortal982:Emortal982 1,015 45