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Cosmic MetaDev Orion by DrTimn Cosmic MetaDev Orion :icondrtimn:DrTimn 11 0 Blueberry Frost Ballistic Spear by Sword-of-Akasha Blueberry Frost Ballistic Spear :iconsword-of-akasha:Sword-of-Akasha 0 0
As the Applesauce creature supported him flashes of light circulated, giving Rex the impression that he was lying on the floor of a
disco. Bob stood on the lower steps, “You got to get out of its way!” signaling the others. It didn’t matter for what reason; the words
compelled the dog to act. He leaned his back on the courageous fuzz ball, and supported himself enough to swing on his toes and fall
forward. Snig-the Emissary was carving off both the arms of a Phibian shock trooper. Brows arched and tight lipped, not seeming to be
in much control. Reducing the appendages to pulpy shredded bone brittle, he said, “When this gets going it’s hard to stop!” The rapier
drill burrowed through the protective armor and again through the two others behind the frog. From the right, an unidentified silver
object dashed into the field of battle. Over the sounds of murder and mayhem a voice unlike the Narrators said, “Sorry kid, those are
the breaks!” Th
:iconjeffreyrebowlski:JeffreyRebowlski 0 0
Atomic was draped in a sheet of dust. “Stooop!” it rattled a hollow wail “-Y’got me three time’s already. Get back, just back off-okay?”
darts pinged off of the robot’s guarding arms “I don’want a’touch you!” they swung upwards in the fashion of a mechanical boxer. Two
black shapes hit the floor and were both trampled under stomping feet. Parmesan looked and pointed elsewhere: “Olives need’s a lift.”
The young warrior monk had with him a black satchel; they hoisted him up by the lengthy shoulder strap. An electric scream became
shrill laughter: “No booboo’s knee scrapes slivers or owies! “Die-die-die!”” the robot knocked someone’s head backwards. “I’m stuck.”
Rex found that the chain was around his ankle was attached to the diving board. A stream of armed bullfrogs sprinted around the rim
of the basin. “There’s more coming,” seeing
:iconjeffreyrebowlski:JeffreyRebowlski 0 0