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Grand Theft Auto V by PatrickBrown Grand Theft Auto V :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 5,693 302 Breaking Bad by PatrickBrown Breaking Bad :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 5,160 207 The curse of the Zap Apples by Niban-Destikim The curse of the Zap Apples :iconniban-destikim:Niban-Destikim 2,982 771 Clockwork II by lucid-light Clockwork II :iconlucid-light:lucid-light 1,080 194 Applibot Illustration by alexnegrea Applibot Illustration :iconalexnegrea:alexnegrea 4,782 84
Pinkie Pie in 'Present Prank' :iconflamingorich:FlamingoRich 1,734 461
Commission: Big-Bad-Rocket (''Chin Up, Boss.'') by Temiree Commission: Big-Bad-Rocket (''Chin Up, Boss.'') :icontemiree:Temiree 346 56 Out to Find Our Calling by Harseik Out to Find Our Calling :iconharseik:Harseik 515 28 Corn Dolly Jewel by Velvet--Glove Corn Dolly Jewel :iconvelvet--glove:Velvet--Glove 1,579 213 chair stock by faestock chair stock :iconfaestock:faestock 578 145 Moleskine 4 sketch by Sabinerich Moleskine 4 sketch :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 1,423 75
Loki x Reader: The Feeling of Not Belonging
        Over a certain period of time the feeling of not belonging had crawled it's way into your heart as well as your mind and it hasn't departed. The only thing it has served to do is create doubt and insecurity in addition to the incredible amount of sadness that you have been expertly hiding for months now. The problem, per se, is rooted to the fact that you are dating the infamous Loki Laufeyson. It isn't that you don't love him; that isn't true at all. The love that both of you share is uncommonly special to the point where either of you would do absolutely anything for each other. The problem was that Loki was the adoptive son of Odin and Frigga, two of the most wealthy people on Earth.
Now is probably the time when most people start to wonder why this is such a problem? It would be amazing to be dating someone who would inherit billions of dollars, wouldn't it? Perhaps it would be if you were also of the same social class. To put things in perspec
:iconfollowingthecreed:FollowingTheCreed 246 107
little sketchdump by Phobs0 little sketchdump :iconphobs0:Phobs0 1,660 118 The Love In The Legend Of Everfree by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan The Love In The Legend Of Everfree :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 351 214 Commission: Piercing The Sky by Devinian Commission: Piercing The Sky :icondevinian:Devinian 3,182 195 darlings by burdge darlings :iconburdge:burdge 3,440 143 Choose your Life ! by Victor-Lam-art Choose your Life ! :iconvictor-lam-art:Victor-Lam-art 1,093 45 Ariel by Sabinerich Ariel :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 1,108 127 Jewel of Atlantis by Velvet--Glove Jewel of Atlantis :iconvelvet--glove:Velvet--Glove 714 224 Lady Mechanika by Sabinerich Lady Mechanika :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 941 72 deadpool: get rich or die tryin' by m7781 deadpool: get rich or die tryin' :iconm7781:m7781 876 214 Diamond Tiara B by SubjectNumber2394 Diamond Tiara B :iconsubjectnumber2394:SubjectNumber2394 2,188 514 Gilded by Dropdeadcoheed Gilded :icondropdeadcoheed:Dropdeadcoheed 598 22 Polymer Clay jewelry boxes by AHHA Polymer Clay jewelry boxes :iconahha:AHHA 431 71 Princess Odette by CamusAltamirano Princess Odette :iconcamusaltamirano:CamusAltamirano 721 35 Renaissance dandelion by LadFree Renaissance dandelion :iconladfree:LadFree 537 71 Rolling Stones by Hestefotograf Rolling Stones :iconhestefotograf:Hestefotograf 709 126 Elements - Earth by CassiopeiaArt Elements - Earth :iconcassiopeiaart:CassiopeiaArt 1,502 178 The Twelve Pains of Christmas by unoservix The Twelve Pains of Christmas :iconunoservix:unoservix 879 217 Elsa Watercolor by Sabinerich Elsa Watercolor :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 1,422 110 Applibot Illustration by alexnegrea Applibot Illustration :iconalexnegrea:alexnegrea 1,846 47 Rain Dance by gothic-icecream Rain Dance :icongothic-icecream:gothic-icecream 1,431 46 Robin Hood by JessiBeans Robin Hood :iconjessibeans:JessiBeans 3,332 169
I'll Rent You for a Night. - England x Reader.
"So he basically wants you to have a girlfriend," the American spoke, sitting in front of his closest - a Brit with thousands of troubled running across his faded mind. "before giving you that ton of money."
The British man didn't speak a sound, but the American knew exactly the situation and the solution. "Well, I do have an idea on what you can do." Green eyes trailed up in interest. "Rent a girl."
"Rent?" The blue eyed boy nodded. "Are you kidding you bloody git!?" The Englishman grabbed his collar.
"Get off me, dude! So not cool!"
Arthur, the Englishman released his collar tie. "I'm serious, dude. Just rent a girl and rehearsal a script. It's not that hard. Then once you get the money, you pay her and that's that."
Arthur rethought. It wasn't a bad idea. Not bad at all. "Where do you find these t-things, wanker?"
"Anywhere. But first! You have to interview them, and do background checks. You won't want some serial killer in your house, right?"
"Alfred, I cannot believe yo
:iconhillsofsilence:HillsOfSilence 461 100
moleskine 11 by Sabinerich moleskine 11 :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 550 40 Coveted Gold by FrostAlexis Coveted Gold :iconfrostalexis:FrostAlexis 154 113 Poster Commission - YunLai by chichapie Poster Commission - YunLai :iconchichapie:chichapie 1,778 137 Victorian vampire by anndr Victorian vampire :iconanndr:anndr 1,241 24 QI makes you kinda gay by humon QI makes you kinda gay :iconhumon:humon 5,188 930 Fashion by DPluss Fashion :icondpluss:DPluss 383 22 Girl in Leaves by Sabinerich Girl in Leaves :iconsabinerich:Sabinerich 2,767 167 Rich Danbo by Lady-Tori Rich Danbo :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 1,007 41 Mercedes-Benz LC by emrEHusmen Mercedes-Benz LC :iconemrehusmen:emrEHusmen 662 309 Drake by charro-art Drake :iconcharro-art:charro-art 198 1 Royal Air Ship XVII by IllOO Royal Air Ship XVII :iconilloo:IllOO 284 21 The Basilisk Ball by Wildweasel339 The Basilisk Ball :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 895 55
Rich!France x Poor!Reader .:Promises:. Part 1
You clutched the empty wine glass in your hand as once again the obnoxious laughter of rich snobs rang through the enormous room.
As you were pretty much broke, you had to crawl to France for a job as a servant, no matter how hard you didn't want to. Your pride was pretty much the only thing you had.
You walked over to the table where the trays and appetizers were for the servers to, well, serve, the people. France's infamous perverted laugh echoed through the room and you let out a sigh as you loaded more food onto the silver platter.
This place never made you feel at home, but tonight, with all the people in here, you felt a hundred times worse.
Glancing over to where your 'master' was, you saw crowds of women surrounding him. You gaze grew angry as you noticed half of them were wearing skimpy dresses and push-ups, obviously trying to get the Frenchman's attention.
You couldn't believe that those woman would just throw themselves at France like that. You know you never would.
With a
:iconfalifer:Falifer 259 87