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Rem by Koyorin Rem :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 2,424 47 Rem by wolfychu Rem :iconwolfychu:wolfychu 802 64 Pixel Rem and Ram by DAV-19 Pixel Rem and Ram :icondav-19:DAV-19 5,202 225 :: Re:Zero Rem and Ram :: by Sangrde :: Re:Zero Rem and Ram :: :iconsangrde:Sangrde 2,783 46 Rem - Re:Zero by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Rem - Re:Zero :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 749 24 Rem Doodle by chinchongcha Rem Doodle :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 3,195 138 Emilia by chinchongcha Emilia :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 3,211 124 Rem and Ram - Re:Zero by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Rem and Ram - Re:Zero :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 1,109 24 Re:Zero - Ram + Rem by SquChan Re:Zero - Ram + Rem :iconsquchan:SquChan 1,554 30 Re:Zero - Rem by Shumijin Re:Zero - Rem :iconshumijin:Shumijin 1,361 62 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia by KiraHokuten Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia :iconkirahokuten:KiraHokuten 274 7 Emilia by Koyorin Emilia :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 1,633 20 Re:Zero EMT EMT! Emilia! by lucidsky Re:Zero EMT EMT! Emilia! :iconlucidsky:lucidsky 830 24 Emilia - Re:Zero VIRGIN KILLER by onbluesnow Emilia - Re:Zero VIRGIN KILLER :icononbluesnow:onbluesnow 283 15 Rem~ by Kazenokaze Rem~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,401 37
The Halloween Party Of The Century TG (Rem TG)
Voices everywhere in all directions talking about every fad or meme there is out there. It varies from topics like Pokémon Go, which is a dying app, and stuff like Harambe, which still continues to swarm the Internet to the point that the people from the zoo asked for people on the web to stop. Like that will ever happen. You tell the Internet to stop something, and they will come back with even more force.
My name is Jory *******. I have a weird last name. I know. There is no need to say I do. I am just your average looking high school student. I am about five feet and eleven inches tall with a under average build meaning I have muscles, but not as much as others do. I am of average weight and not that athletic, but I move around enough. I got green eyes and ear length red hair. My red hair makes me stand out since it is rare and even my eyelashes are bright red. I am seventeen years old and am in my final year of high school.
Ah. That ring must mean the period is over. What do I
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Re:Zero - Lingerie Emilia by onbluesnow Re:Zero - Lingerie Emilia :icononbluesnow:onbluesnow 251 30 ReZero - Rem by chenousang ReZero - Rem :iconchenousang:chenousang 810 25 Rem - 03 - Re: Zero by YukiRichan Rem - 03 - Re: Zero :iconyukirichan:YukiRichan 153 30 Re:Zero Rem and Ram 08 by RocksyChan Re:Zero Rem and Ram 08 :iconrocksychan:RocksyChan 103 2 REM [Long Hair Version] by YukisakiMAYUI REM [Long Hair Version] :iconyukisakimayui:YukisakiMAYUI 756 41 [4K UHD] Emilia by AssassinWarrior [4K UHD] Emilia :iconassassinwarrior:AssassinWarrior 427 9 Emilia by xong Emilia :iconxong:xong 434 29 Re:Zero - Emilia W. [Speed-Paint] by Ayasal Re:Zero - Emilia W. [Speed-Paint] :iconayasal:Ayasal 666 13