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Sirius X Reader: Just Be Romantic
It was no secret that Sirius Black was a sex God. Every female and student in Hogwarts knew that. Obviously. He could get any girl he ever wanted with some charming words and a wink. After that, he had them brain-washed. You, however, were completely different. Your appearance was taken in account in his eyes, of course. Your (h/l), (h/c) hair looked so silky. Your (e/c) eyes glittered in amusement and happiness nearly every hour of every day. Your (s/c) skin. Your gorgeous face. You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Plus, you were in his year and his house. A double bonus. But, when you were different, it wasn’t just your appearance. Oh no. You were more stubborn and smart. His charming words were just considered as annoying flirting to you. And he did it constantly. You wouldn’t let him in your head or in your pants. He started to think you never would, either. So, he decided to turn up the charm. More than usual, of course.
You were wandering dow
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