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Cute Baby Sonic 4 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 4 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 423 94 Cute Baby Sonic 16 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 16 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 480 101 (Art Request)MikotoWolfskin by Nekolyn (Art Request)MikotoWolfskin :iconnekolyn:Nekolyn 38 16 Regression To One Last Light by oO-Rein-Oo Regression To One Last Light :iconoo-rein-oo:oO-Rein-Oo 2,518 135 Cute Baby Sonic 14 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 14 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 346 77 Cute Baby Sonic 10 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 10 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 380 100 [Art Request - MikotoWolfskin] Age Regression by Shykumori [Art Request - MikotoWolfskin] Age Regression :iconshykumori:Shykumori 18 10 Cute Baby Sonic 15 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 15 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 480 90 Discord's Revenge 6 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 6 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 550 75 The Wrong Train by jflaxman The Wrong Train :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 333 33 Sonic Babies by ViralJP Sonic Babies :iconviraljp:ViralJP 633 167 Cute Baby Sonic 12 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 12 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 467 193 Cute Baby Sonic 18 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 18 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 406 95 Cute Baby Sonic 17 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 17 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 612 109 Lil' Sly 4 by ViralJP Lil' Sly 4 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 315 50 Age Regression | Stamp by PuniPlush Age Regression | Stamp :iconpuniplush:PuniPlush 133 27 Cute Baby Sonic 11 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 11 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 380 78 Damn it Jasper! No more scary stories. by ButterflyBlossoms Damn it Jasper! No more scary stories. :iconbutterflyblossoms:ButterflyBlossoms 183 75 Homelike by Wnison Homelike :iconwnison:Wnison 1,236 78 Cute Baby Sonic 7 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 7 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 325 101
Birthday Baby Part 2
At once the girl flew to investigate herself, turning her head to get a view of her underwear along with her brother. She was only able to see the white object around her for a moment before her he lowered the skirt back, but as soon as he did she flew to look at the front - sure enough, what she had on underneath her skirt was unmistakably a disposable diaper in far bigger a size than those her brother used to wear.
"Wh..." The girl broke off mid-word there, shuddering a bit and finding herself having trouble even summoning up the proper way to object to this. After a moment, though, she settled on, "I-I need to lie down..."
"Karen?" Dillion's voice was full of concern as he took his sister's arm. With a surprising amount of strength, he carefully guided the girl onto the grass, "Do you want me to get Mom?"
"Wha... N-No, I..." The shock of this was making Karen dizzy. She could feel her diaper under her bottom, crinkling between her butt and the ground. Half-dreading it, the girl rose
:iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 85 31
Cute Baby Sonic 5 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 5 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 359 104 Regression to Dreams by Wnison Regression to Dreams :iconwnison:Wnison 538 53 Lil' Sly 3 by ViralJP Lil' Sly 3 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 457 85 2015 Movie Folder Icon Pack 2 by sonerbyzt 2015 Movie Folder Icon Pack 2 :iconsonerbyzt:sonerbyzt 27 24 Orihime - Bleach - Regression Request by akane3196 Orihime - Bleach - Regression Request :iconakane3196:akane3196 66 12 Discord's Revenge 10 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 10 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 539 52 Extroverted by Wnison Extroverted :iconwnison:Wnison 857 107 Mikoto wolfskin age regression 'Fan Art' xD by mporci Mikoto wolfskin age regression 'Fan Art' xD :iconmporci:mporci 17 1 Cute Baby Sonic 19 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 19 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 427 145 Discord's Revenge 5 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 5 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 728 57 Cute Baby Sonic 9 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 9 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 357 74 Elation by Wnison Elation :iconwnison:Wnison 2,631 236 Discord's Revenge 7 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 7 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 501 45
The Deal chapter 1
My name is Jonathan, and I have a story that you wouldn’t believe!  You know how some girls can get a little out of hand sometimes?  Well, you don’t know the half of it!  What began as a simple deal for me turned into a crazy incident that I would prefer not to repeat.  It goes a little like this…
Jonathan was walking up to his new college campus, not knowing what to expect from his Freshman year.  He was walking up to the main door to see his friend from High School waiting for him.  They were both surprised to see each other and ran up to meet again.
“Mike, I didn’t know you were going here!”
“I could say the same for you, Jonathan!”
“Well how’s it going!?  What’s new?”
“Eh, nothing much.  Just the fact that we’re going to a new school now.”
“Yeah.  I hope it’s as good as our high school years were.
:iconjm-ar-patd:JM-AR-PATD 50 3
Nagase Iori Age Regression by HVS-rie Nagase Iori Age Regression :iconhvs-rie:HVS-rie 29 4 Found page 39 by toddlergirl Found page 39 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 88 30 Through The Ages by SelenaEde Through The Ages :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 333 68 Found page 42 by toddlergirl Found page 42 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 69 23 Stay Close by Wnison Stay Close :iconwnison:Wnison 3,301 304 AR2 - Backfire by SymbianL AR2 - Backfire :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 197 26 Lil' Sly 2 by ViralJP Lil' Sly 2 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 398 86
The Revenge Bracelet Part 3
There may have been some side effects of the bracelet that Nick did not foresee. When you change one's existence, you change their past and future along with their present. Asami was born eight years earlier than Dave and Hanoko was born eight years later than Corey. From the distant past to the more recent, everything changed. Some changes could not be easily predicted.
One day earlier...
Nick had just walked his girlfriend Asami home. Wasn't too hard considering they live right across the street from each other. Nonetheless, Asami gave her boyfriend a big kiss and went into her house. Tomorrow was her and Nick's anniversary and she still didn't know what to get him. It was then by chance that she saw a commercial for a new local shop called Heavenly Gifts that claimed to have items of magical properties. Deciding it was at least worth a look, she drove there to look for a gift. When she got there, she was met by a strange middle-aged woman.
"You are looking for a gift for someone you
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Cute Baby Sonic 8 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 8 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 548 110 Cute Baby Sonic 6 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 6 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 310 50 Found page 11 by toddlergirl Found page 11 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 87 23 Places by Wnison Places :iconwnison:Wnison 265 29