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Cutie tail ~ [Portrait] by MintyBrush Cutie tail ~ [Portrait] :iconmintybrush:MintyBrush 27 0 AR2 - Backfire by SymbianL AR2 - Backfire :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 197 26
Erza's Baby Tales 01
It was rather jarring to say the least for Erza upon waking from her sumber. Having grown used to her usual routine of waking in her room to awaken at such a sight was somewhat confusing. Having woken not to the sight of her usual room but instead to that of bars. Said bars reaching high above her and seemingly keeping her captive. At first she believed to have somehow been imprisoned during her slumber. Yet taking a closer look she could see it was nothing like a prison. Just various bars all around her with an opening up top. Erza looking around a bit as she sat up.
'Where... What is going on?' She thought to herself while sitting. The red head about to speak before noticing another odd thing. Having not taken note before the mage found herself sucking on her thumb. Cheeks turning a light shade of red as she spat it out- looking at it before her eyes grew wide.
"W-wat...?!" Erza mumbled to herself while looking at said hand. The once much larger and slender hand was instead tiny and
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Erza's Baby Tales 02
To say her situation was a strange one would be an understatement for the young Titania. The red head still in the arms of her apparent mother Lucy Heartfilia; the blonde greeting the various people calling to them as they passed by. Erza was in too much of a confused state to react to all the people who either spoke to Lucy or cooed at her. Still trying to process everything.
'Alright... Let's get the facts straight. Woke up inside a crib and with the body of a baby. Lucy seems to believe she is my mother while everyone we've run into seems to believe so as well. If this WAS a prank I cannot see how they got all the townsfolk in on it as well...' Erza reasoned to herself while being carried. Looking down at herself for a moment and blushing at her attire. Trying to ignore the fact that she was wearing a diaper like a normal infant would.
'Can't even push my legs together cause it's so thick...' She thought to herself before sighing. The sound making Lucy look down at her with a raised
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Be Careful What You Wish
(Dragon Ball Z Age Regression)
Bulma never found herself getting tired of seeing Shenron appear. Watching the dragon come to life via the Dragon Balls always gave her a bit of a rush- knowing a wish was about to be granted. She was also aware that this time they had two wishes to use and was hoping to possibly use the second one. However the first wish was already decided early on.
"Alright ladies, we did it!" Bulma exclaimed as she turned to her fellow women. A few feet away stood Chi Chi, Videl and 18. The four women finding themselves quite happy to see their first solo Dragon Ball hunt went perfectly and according to plan. Chi Chi thanking Videl and 18 the most due to them doing all the flying and gathering the balls while the other two helped in other ways.
"Well looks like it's settled then. The first wish is yours." The group of four turned to the reason they gathered the dragon balls. Each looking at the blonde who asked for their assistance, watching her tuck back her l
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Mama vs. Fairy Tail
(Fairy Tail Regression)
Magic was well known to be quite useful for many occasions. For those able to master it they could accomplish many things; from the simple to the amazing. However those who had such magic could also abuse it for their own needs. Some in particular more dangerous than others...
The day itself started out rather simple. The women of Fairy Tail all gathered for what they believed to be a test of sorts for a new clothing store. All of them invited to check it out; each having their own incentive to come to the event. Some a bit more selfish than others.
"Lucy are you sure I should come too? I-I thought this store was for... bigger people..." Wendy mumbled in a somewhat embarrassed tone. The youngest of the group blushing a little as she looked up at the blonde mage. Lucy chuckling softly as she spoke to her friend.
"The owner wouldn't have invited you too if she didn't have something in mind Wendy. Besides, I'm sure we can find something for you~" The blonde
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AR3 - Soon by SymbianL AR3 - Soon :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 171 32
Dont Change MY reality part 4
Kaitlyn woke and for a split second she recognised the fact that she felt more refreshed and relaxed than she had felt in a long time. She vaguely remembered a dream as it swam out from her memory.  It gave her a warm, safe and loving feeling. Then she opened her eyes.
She was in a car, strapped into a baby's car seat.  It was odd being 18 and in a scaled up version of infant accessories.  She noted that the fabric had Dora the Explorer on it again and she scowled.  What was her mother's obsession with that blasted cartoon?  She didn't like the 5 point harness pulling her diaper up more than she would usually be aware of it and exposing it to anyone who cared to look.  She was still in the night time diaper she had been put in at the daycare and she poked it, relieved that she was still dry, unless of course she had been changed whilst she had been asleep.  
"MOM!  Kaitlyn's awake"
Kaitlyn jumped as her sis
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Dont Change MY reality part 2
The morning came and with it, a scream from Kaitlyn's room. Elizabeth was the first one at the door and she barged in to see Kaitlyn standing in the middle of her room hugging her shoulders. Elizabeth could see that her sister's pull-ups were wet and sighed.
"Seriously sis, there's no reason to get so upset, it takes time to potty tra...."
"What have you guys done to my room?" Kaitlyn stalked the short distance to her sister and pushed her hard causing Elizabeth to stumble backwards.
"HEY! What are you talking about?" Elizabeth's concern quickly changed to anger and she shoved her younger sister back.
"Just because miss pissy pants can't keep her pants dry."
Angry tears were falling down Kaitlyn's face which caused Elizabeth's anger to disappear to be replaced by confusion. She looked around her sister's room. Everything seemed in order. The preschool toys on the shelves, the bright large story books, the large colourful butterflies, flowers and b
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Big Pearls Aftermath by DKTF Big Pearls Aftermath :icondktf:DKTF 19 4
Pacifying Perfection
The first thing Jasmine noticed was her pounding headache. Too many vodkas the night before at that party.  It swam up through her unconscious state rousing her from her dreams, she groaned and tried to raise a hand to massage her head only to find her hand wouldn't move.  Still being partially asleep this didn't bother her for a moment, although a dream induced uneasy feeling began to mingle with the headache.  She tried to roll over in bed only to find she couldn't move and her orientation felt skewed.  Perplexed but still very much half asleep she opened her hazel eyes.
Instantly she was wide awake.  She was in her dorm room in her white night shirt and grey shorts, she even had her pink fluffy slippers on, but she was tied to her desk chair. Thick rope bound her.  Sat on the opposite side of the room was her dorm room buddy Carrie. A short stocky woman with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes.  She wore a p
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Sharing is good
The first thing she heard was a voice. A familiar voice at that.  It was Jade's voice.
"No.  Seriously.  Yes I know but I wanted to wait till she woke up. Yes. Yes.  Oh wait I think she's coming round."
At first Georgina didn't understand why she couldn't comprehend what was being said, when she slowly figured out that she was only hearing one half of the conversation.  She opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling.  The ceiling wasn't a familiar one and she blinked a couple of times  trying to blink away the blurry eyed feeling, only it didn't seem to help her focus. Her hand came into view and she crammed it into her mouth, chewing on her knuckles.  This woke her up quite quickly. She tried to pull her hand from her mouth but it seemed like her body had different ideas and she continued to chew on her fist.
"Looks like Georgie is awake finally"  Jade leant over the bed into Georginas view and
:icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 62 23
GabrielNesyl Commision by DKTF GabrielNesyl Commision :icondktf:DKTF 49 9 Ar4 - Hmmmm by SymbianL Ar4 - Hmmmm :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 97 18 FF7 - Transform Materia: Baby (Part 1/2) by Ar-Kayn FF7 - Transform Materia: Baby (Part 1/2) :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 363 5 Frozen: Elsa's Age Power (Again) by DKTF Frozen: Elsa's Age Power (Again) :icondktf:DKTF 97 21 League of Legends - LeBlanc AR (Part 2) by Ar-Kayn League of Legends - LeBlanc AR (Part 2) :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 247 21 Naruto - Tsunade Age Regression Sequence by Ar-Kayn Naruto - Tsunade Age Regression Sequence :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 319 19 Rejuvenating Picture by BabyChrisFox Rejuvenating Picture :iconbabychrisfox:BabyChrisFox 46 60 2 Players. [Trade] by BabyChrisFox 2 Players. [Trade] :iconbabychrisfox:BabyChrisFox 159 39 Mama vs. Tifa by Soul-of-Platinum Mama vs. Tifa :iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 189 26 League of Legends - LeBlanc AR (Part 3) by Ar-Kayn League of Legends - LeBlanc AR (Part 3) :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 409 24 Chris Fox Reference 2016 by BabyChrisFox Chris Fox Reference 2016 :iconbabychrisfox:BabyChrisFox 75 61
Regressive Kick
Chie was known to many for her tough attitude and skills. The young woman fighting day after day alongside her allies and growing stronger with each battle. Her Persona growing in power with each confrontation; each fight growing easier and easier. Until they easily swept through Shadows as if they were nothing. Hence the present state in which Chie was in.
The short haired girl was presently within the other world; having come by herself to get some private training in peace. Her Persona as usual was sweeping through Shadows as if they were nothing at all. "Man this has gotten way too easy lately. Wonder why Yu thinks we even need to grind anymore."  Chie reasoned aloud as her Persona crushed one last Shadow.
She smiled at her success before turning to return home. Only for her to hear something approach from behind. The woman turned quickly, Persona set out upon seeing a strange sight. Before her was a new Shadow, however this one was in the shape of a woman. She was well detail
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One Piece - Nami and Robin AR Comic (Part 1) by Ar-Kayn One Piece - Nami and Robin AR Comic (Part 1) :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 241 34 Baby Morrigan Aensland by Ar-Kayn Baby Morrigan Aensland :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 120 19
The Brat and the Babysitter
"So its only for 5 hours?" Jamie asked. "Yep! Dont worry, Amanda's not too difficult to watch." Mrs. Swanson told her before walking out the door. Jamie was a 14 year old girl, thin, slightly short with long black hair. She had just volunteered to watch her neighbors 10 year old daughter Amanda for the rest of the day. Amanda was well known around the neighborhood as being a total brat. As if on cue, Amanda walked down the stairs into the living room. She stopped, locking eyes with Jamie for a moment. "Ugh, I told mom I was old enough to stay home without a babysitter!" She complained. "Well, I guess you're stuck with me now!" Jamie laughed. Her laugh slowly died down as Amanda kept staring. "Why dont you do something useful and go make me lunch?" Amanda said, breaking the silence. "I guess I could do that..." Jamie said unenthusiastically. She walked into the kitchen and flung the fridge open. "Man... babysitting is fun." She said sarcastically to herself as she pulled a box of chicke
:icondktf:DKTF 48 3
A silver sedan pulled into the parking lot of half-price village, the local thrift shop. A shorter woman stepped out of the car, putting out a cigarette as she walked towards the entrance. The woman was Brandi Fisher, one of the managers of the store. She was short, had shoulder length wavy auburn hair, and looked like the type of girl most boys couldnt resist. Brandi sighed as she walked inside, feeling a bit annoyed. Today was her 27th birthday, but she had to spend it working. It was all worth it though. She could tell that she was close to a lucrative promotion, and even though she wished she could be somewhere else today, the thought of a promotion was too much to pass up.
The inside of the store was a mess, clothes all down the aisles, abandoned carts scattered around. "Oh great. This will be fun to clean up. Stupid customers..." Brandi grumbled as she made her way to the break room. She came around the corner and was face to face with the other manager Derek, a much younger mana
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FF7 - Tifa and Marlene Age Swap by Ar-Kayn FF7 - Tifa and Marlene Age Swap :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 218 7 FF7 - Transform Materia: Baby (Part 2/2) by Ar-Kayn FF7 - Transform Materia: Baby (Part 2/2) :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 585 62 Mall Regression by BabyChrisFox Mall Regression :iconbabychrisfox:BabyChrisFox 143 99 To-LOVE-ru - Mikado Ryouko AR by Ar-Kayn To-LOVE-ru - Mikado Ryouko AR :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 247 24 Dark Experimentation 1 by Jonesycat79 Dark Experimentation 1 :iconjonesycat79:Jonesycat79 89 0
The Newest Uzumaki
(Age Regression)
Time is something that comes for everyone in the end. Only a select few have the ability to maneuver time's grasp. However that group was limited and rare. Thus for many the end of their time was either swift or later on. For a former Hokage however the former was soon to occur.
The Fifth Hokage had herself checked out by various medical ninjas. All of them coming to the same conclusion. She would soon pass on from mortal life- her death but a few months away. Having ironically caught an incurable disease that not even she could undo. Thus she had no choice but to accept that she was not long for this world. In her old age she figured it was only natural to accept such a thing... But there were a few who did not...
It was a month after hearing her results that the blonde found herself within the current Hokage's home. Tsunade was rather relaxed as she sipped on the tea Hinata lovingly made her. The former Hokage enjoying the warmth it filled her with with each s
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Frozen: Elsa's Age Power by DKTF Frozen: Elsa's Age Power :icondktf:DKTF 68 8
Mama Kart
(Princesses Age Regression)
It was a rather sunny day as a trio of racers made their way across the track. Three princesses driving their vehicles at full speed while also activating various items to try and gain the advantage against each other. Rosalina herself currently in third place right behind Daisy and Peach. The latter being in first place.
'Hard to believe this race has been so extreme...' Rosalina thought to herself as she tried to keep up. Remembering how the races they were part of were rather insane. The first three having been exhausting and dangerous. However this last one was rather odd. The entire design of it being around a nursery like location- with various baby like items. Even some of the items they grabbed were baby like. 
For a moment Rosalina had to swerve, dodging a pink shell thrown at her by Daisy from in front. The luma mother looking a bit annoyed as she grabbed another item. Also thinking back to the invite they got to this race. The cup being calle
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Wonder Tot and Mary Dahl Comic by Ar-Kayn Wonder Tot and Mary Dahl Comic :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 545 145 Rejuvenating Spa by DKTF Rejuvenating Spa :icondktf:DKTF 55 20
The Lil' Conqueror
(OC Age Regression)
There is always someone stronger than you. That is simply the nature of existence. Some are fortunate enough to avoid such individuals. Some run into them by chance. And some simply do so by thinking they can do anything. Only to realize how wrong they were.
Thus was the case for a certain blonde haired Russian named Destinii. The woman known for gathering a large number of women to join her forces. Using her strange abilities to control their minds and make them her soldiers. Over time she had gathered many to her cause. Yet one mistake on her part derailed her plans quite a bit. By several years in fact.
She had been out shopping in the evening when a new woman caught her eye. A rather well curved woman who was sporting what appeared to be a maid's attire. Noticing as well the woman was buying what appeared to be a package of diapers. Likely for her job or something along those lines.
With a smirk Destinii decided to ambush the woman in the parking lot on h
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They're pull-ups! Not diapers! by Ar-Kayn They're pull-ups! Not diapers! :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 572 35 Office Mom Regressed by Ar-Kayn Office Mom Regressed :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 298 13 AR1 - Prank by SymbianL AR1 - Prank :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 195 19
Dont Change MY reality part 1
Kaitlyn sat in the restaurant, the bags of shopping surrounded her feet as she slowly drank her half-fat cappuccino.  She appreciated every mouthful, it was good to be off of her feet after such a high intense morning of shopping.  The remnants of her Caesar salad lay on the plate before her. Her 18th birthday was going pretty well so far, she had found multiple bargains at several high street stores and she was feeling rather pleased with herself.  She brushed some of her long silky ebony hair out of her dark green eyes as she looked at her watch.  Her sister was due to be picking her up soon.  Elizabeth had promised to come collect her so that Kaitlyn wouldn't need to worry about getting home.
She leaned back in the chair feeling relaxed.  It was amazing how a good shopping trip could improve her mood.  School was due to be over in a week or two. Then it would be onto college.  Kaitlyns heart skipped a be
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Wonder Tot and Crybaby by Ar-Kayn Wonder Tot and Crybaby :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 209 10 Age Chart Sketch by DKTF Age Chart Sketch :icondktf:DKTF 19 6 TMNT - Baby April O'Neil by Ar-Kayn TMNT - Baby April O'Neil :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 300 31 Practice Sketch Car Regression by DKTF Practice Sketch Car Regression :icondktf:DKTF 22 5