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Good Evening Twilight Sparkle by Jowybean Good Evening Twilight Sparkle :iconjowybean:Jowybean 788 49 Family readings by APetruk Family readings :iconapetruk:APetruk 255 26 WITCHY ART CHALLENGE - Day 16 - Divination Witch by Vicky-Pandora WITCHY ART CHALLENGE - Day 16 - Divination Witch :iconvicky-pandora:Vicky-Pandora 207 11
Greece x Reader: Coffee Readings Are Rarely False
You were slowly walking around the streets of a Grecian village, looking at the relaxed scenery with your close friend Heracles. The thing is, you've liked the sleepy greek for so long, but you were too afraid to ask him out, by fear of rejection. Luckily you were good at hiding your feelings, only blushing if he ever got intimate with you, which, considering he mostly slept the day or was doing some excavations was never. Plus, the times you would hang out with him never showed a good opportunity for you to confess, since he was either sleeping or some cats came by because he somehow had pheromones that attracted felines. Because of all those obstacles, you were pretty sure that it meant that the two of you were meant to only be friends.
As you slowly broke out from your thoughts, you continued to once again gawk at the greek scenery. The village pretty much defined calmness with its beautiful grecian architectural houses, that were all painted white or were at the very least a color
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FOLK TALES by Medusa-Dollmaker FOLK TALES :iconmedusa-dollmaker:Medusa-Dollmaker 110 0 FOLK TALES PURPLE by Medusa-Dollmaker FOLK TALES PURPLE :iconmedusa-dollmaker:Medusa-Dollmaker 138 6 Experiment Sheet Background by ScelestaNix Experiment Sheet Background :iconscelestanix:ScelestaNix 26 1 tarot card readings by princerini tarot card readings :iconprincerini:princerini 30 0 Touchdown by BurntheDragon Touchdown :iconburnthedragon:BurntheDragon 22 25 UTRL - The Back by Katoons88 UTRL - The Back :iconkatoons88:Katoons88 11 0 unusual readings... by dangerousllama unusual readings... :icondangerousllama:dangerousllama 15 11 Looking Through the Mirror by VikingWidunder Looking Through the Mirror :iconvikingwidunder:VikingWidunder 32 51 the beginning part 6 by little-pancakes the beginning part 6 :iconlittle-pancakes:little-pancakes 21 18 Strange Readings by SarahMiele Strange Readings :iconsarahmiele:SarahMiele 13 1 the beginning part 3 by little-pancakes the beginning part 3 :iconlittle-pancakes:little-pancakes 14 1 the beginning part 1 by little-pancakes the beginning part 1 :iconlittle-pancakes:little-pancakes 14 0
Past: Strength
Out in the fog a long time ago, there was a Kabutops. She was listening out for any food. Eventually, she came across a lake. She looked into the pond, on the lookout for a meal… There’s one! A nice, juicy, Goldeen. She laid down on the floor, next to an Umbreon staring at her. She ignored the Umbreon though, and simply focused on her soon to be meal… Almost… STRIKE!
"Woah, what are you doing?!"
She leaped into the water, aiming for the Goldeen with great speed.
She managed to hook onto the Goldeen's tail with her sickle, then returned to the surface with it.. Out of the water, the Goldeen won't last long… Now to-
No, no, no! Not too far away from her was a crying baby Kangaskhan! It wasn't safe; she needed to flee, now! She abandoned her would be meal, already beginning her desperate escape.
Too late, the mother Kangaskhan’s heard! Run, run, run...
There, a cave! She could hide in there, in t
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the beginning part 5 by little-pancakes the beginning part 5 :iconlittle-pancakes:little-pancakes 15 1 the beginning part 4 by little-pancakes the beginning part 4 :iconlittle-pancakes:little-pancakes 14 0 Art Deco-style Handbag by Kitten-of-Woe Art Deco-style Handbag :iconkitten-of-woe:Kitten-of-Woe 11 22 UTRL - The Owls by Katoons88 UTRL - The Owls :iconkatoons88:Katoons88 21 13