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Romano x Reader: More Than Anything...Part 1
You sighed as you stared off into space out your bedroom window. There was something on your mind. It was just eating away at every inch of your brain like a parasite and the stress of it all was spreading through you like an infection.
You hated feeling this way…you had never felt so achy in your chest in your life. It was for a good reason though….
In three days there was going to be a big party where all the countries would be. Each person was supposed to bring a partner along and almost everyone had a partner at this point….except for you.
You couldn't exactly complain about the whole "being asked" thing. You had been asked out by Lithuania, Poland, France, China, and Russia….and you had rejected them all. Why? It was simple. You wanted to be asked by a specific person…the one you had feelings for…the one you had been friends with since before you could even remember…
"Such a pretty day…" you said in your
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Cheater!America X Reader Want you gone
strong language,watch yourself kids.
You hold on to your cellphone as you waited for Alfred to arrive.Alfred is your boyfriend,and was about to an ex boyfriend.Why? Thrice,this is the third time you caught him with (girl/n),your best friend,you confronted about it the first time,and he promised to change.When the second time comes in,you decided to give him one more chance and now he destroyed it.Today,now,you are sick and tired of feeling like an idiot and forgive him for everything he did,he crossed the line this time.
Well here we are again,
It’s always such a pleasure,
Remember when you tried to kill me twice?

As you were engrossed in your cellphone listening to music and reading stories,you heard the loud voice called out for you "_____! Babe~" You frowned.You slowly removed your ear buds and chuck them into your bag together with your phone.Suddenly,the american glomped on to you and started to rub his cheeks against yours.Your mind was boiling wit
:iconfanfictionofyou:Fanfictionofyou 376 216
Creepypasta readers by EqualsXzero Creepypasta readers :iconequalsxzero:EqualsXzero 784 118
*Soviet Reprisal* 2P!Russia X Reader 1
-This is another request from ~Chiyoyo. ^^ I'm actually pretty excited to write this one :3 A darker version of 2P!Russia is what we decided on~  Only, it's gonna be longer than a oneshot xD
WARNINGS: Violence, slight gore, language, slight mention of Nazism, and war. ALSO: Most translations are with Google because it has English letters xD
*Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, the Characters, or You; I only own the plot
Russia's ruby red eyes locked with the lifeless eyes of his boss, a slightly shocked look adorning his face; his eyes widened more than usual and his lips slightly parted in a breathless gasp.
"You heard me loud and clear, Ivan," his boss spoke sternly, his eyes holding nothing by the emptiness of something dark.
Russia wanted to say something back in return, but he couldn't exactly way he wasn't willing to go with his boss's demands. After everything Germany had done to Russia and other countries nearby, it wasn't uncommon for some of the
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*Soviet Reprisal* 2P!Russia X Reader FINAL
-Final Chapter ^^ This is the 5th part to my Soviet Reprisal, and the final, and I whipped it out in no time flat! I feel weird ending in 5 chapters, but I feel more accomplished about it this way xD And to think it's a request ^^ You better like this ending, Chiyoyo xD Gah! Fluffeh ending is fluffeh!! DX
WARNINGS: Violence, slight gore, language, sad situations, slight mention of Nazism, and war (Don't say I didn't warn you)
*-Nazi reference FTW 8D
*Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, the Characters, or You; I only own the plot
Ivan had come back to his room to retrieve you after lunch, which occurred downstairs not an hour after he had stormed out of the room in a fit of rage. When he returned, his expression was softer, almost apologetic, and he was more patient with you when you needed to use the restroom before you left.
Now you walked down the long corridor behind the man who has changed your life, on your way to finally solve the case of what happened t
:iconsy62697:sy62697 325 121
New Boyfriend (Stalker!2P!Canada x Reader)
It was the first day back from summer vacation. Matthew arrived at school first. He actually couldn’t wait to see __________ again. He hadn’t seen her since June. Her father put her into some camp because her grandmother was visiting and he wasn’t going to have his daughter exposed to shit. He didn’t mind. They wrote and talked through letters and her laptop, which she smuggled in. He missed her. He was going to walk her to school but he had other things he on his mind. He spent the summer with Allistor, Francis, and Gaul. He was just tired. He was looking forward to seeing a feminine face that wasn’t a prostitute.
“Hi Mattie!” he looked up and stared. Puberty was fuckin’ good to ___________. She filled out in all of the right places. Her chest came in, her legs were longer, her hair was done nice, she was actually wearing something nice, versus the shit her mother had her wear in middle school, and she was just…cute.
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Gratitudes by SnaiLords Gratitudes :iconsnailords:SnaiLords 497 112
What a Cute Card (Reader X Sollux)
You need to hurry and open your locker. You managed to open it in your tired stupor and to your surprise you noticed something fly down and out of it to the floor. You looked down to see what it was.
It seemed to be a birthday card. It was pretty cute, you smiled going down to get a closer look at it.
It was a cute bumble bee. It was cartoon styled and simply cute. You picked it up chuckling at the cute card. You had a small idea on who could have given you the card, but right now your main priority is your locker and getting all the crap you need.
You debated shortly with yourself on taking your wireless mouse and laptop with you for study hall. You decided hell fucking yes. Sure it took up plenty of space in your bag making you leave a few books in order to carry it but you don’t care. You’re a technology person so old paper books aren’t one of your favorite things to use. You liked using your laptop and mouse for whatever you could so you never left it behind.
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EnglandxReader- Confessions Part 1
You were sitting under the tree in the school courtyard, reading you favourite book, (insert book name here). You were awaiting the presence of your best friend, Arthur Kirkland, who always met up with you afterschool. He was a caring one; very sweet and gentle. You liked his company, because he always found a way to cheer you up during your worst moments. You waited under the tree for awhile, sitting in hopes that your best friend would show up, but to no avail did he come. You let out a sigh, finally deciding you waited long enough.
Swinging your back pack over one shoulder, you quietly stood up to leave, but soon heard your name being called in the distance.
"(Name)! (Name), over here!"
You look around in desperation, but couldn't find the source of the sound. You yelled back to the oblivion. "Where are you?" You questioned, confused. You hoped it was Arthur, but sadly couldn't recognize the voice.
"Over here! Look this way! THIS WAY!" It called back.
"Well, you're not helping! Whic
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Nobody Loves My Character!
On making characters lovable, in your story and online
Brought to you by Super Editor
Disclaimer: This is a troubleshooting guide, and it doesn't necessarily cover every possible solution. It's based on my own experience, and not every idea may fit every character or work. Please use your common sense and personal taste when applying this information. Thanks for reading!

It's every writer's nightmare: your characters, after all the things you've put them through and all the months or years they've inhabited your head, have been eagerly displayed to the public and received an unenthusiastic response. Your audience has not been enchanted. They do not drool, fall hopelessly in love, or draw fan art in droves. They don't even pick favorite characters or whine for more information! You've failed. Nobody understands your characters. Nobody understands you.
...Wait a second. Try again?
Deviants who regularly post OC stories and art are lucky: their relationship with their audien
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Better Living Reader's Cut by PenStrokePony Better Living Reader's Cut :iconpenstrokepony:PenStrokePony 95 47
Still think You're not my type?
Kingdom Hearts: RikuxReader
"Bah!" ___________ finally said, throwing her hands up in the air, "Its no use Kairi, I don't think we're finding him," Kairi pouted slightly as she flopped onto the sand,
"Its not fair though, I was really looking forward to asking him..." ___________ glanced at her friend before shrugging,
"I don't know, I really don't feel like dealing with trying to teach him how to decorate cupcakes," ___________ pulled her loose hair together, tying it together with her broken hair band, hoping it would stay together for a little longer before she and Kairi headed back to her house.
"But it would be so much better if we had help!" Kairi insisted, "I don't want to make five hundred cupcakes alone..." ___________ made a face at her whining friend, but before she could retort someone grabbed her chin from behind her and tipped her head back. Surprised ___________ blinked up at Riku, who was grinning.
"Ah, that's no fun ___________," He said, "You sho
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S. Italy X Reader: Light Brown Card
- Light Brown. – You said like you were wondering. It wasn't your favorite color but you couldn't fight to choose it.
- What (name)? Say it out loud! – Alfred demanding much more excited than you.
- LIGHT BROWN! – You almost screamed for the whole party and when you saw what have you done you wish for an underground place to hide for a millennium.
- That most like it now. – He gave a small pat on your shoulder and grinned. – Hey, Spanish dude! Get the "light brown" guy over here!
Antonio gave an unfriendly look at the American. Coming closer to you he gave you a small kiss on your cheek and said something in Spanish you didn't understood and rushed to a corner.
Alfred didn't wasted time and grabbed your hand leading you to his closet and closing the door behind you. You sat with your back supported by a wall and with your legs crossed, sitting comfortable on the wooden floor.
Every second that passed you got more and more nervous and insecure. Placing your arms
:iconkatherinehunt17:KatherineHunt17 250 79
Meteor Shower
You chose the Nordics. 
"This is the life..." You said with relief. 
It was your eighteenth birthday. Yes, it's been ten years since you were adopted by the Nordics. 
They've raised you well and loved you very much. Especially your Papa Tino and Mama Berwald. You know that they were both guys but they've acted like your parents.  Your uncles were always there to tease and bust your door whenever they feel like it for dragging you into something. Good thing Mama Berwald  was good at fixing and making furnitures. Many of your friends would be skeptical with your family but you just shrugged and though it was normal. Even when you are surrounded by mostly men, sometimes they have a feminine side. You know things that no one knows about your family. 
Your Uncle Matthias bakes delicious pastries. 
Your Uncle Lukas has a feminine singing voice. Like an angel who just slapped you but still you felt like in heaven.  
Your Uncle E
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Christmas Competition Entrant (TomxEdd)
Christmas Lights
"Tom, I just wanted to put some lights up!" Edd yelled, as Tom tore down the bright red, green and gold lights, his angry face visible under the flickering lights.
"I told you I didn't want these up in my room! They're stupid and Christmas is stupid! Get that through your thick head!" Tom shouted, still intent on tearing down the lights. They tumbled to the floor in heaps of festive colours, and Tom took no care to avoid them as he tore down the rest. That only severed to fuel Edd's anger, igniting a fuse to a firework that would not take long to explode.
"Tom! Don't you dare tear them all down!" Edd shouted, but it was too late. Tom pulled out the plug, and stood triumphantly, before Edd saw red. The fuse had run down.
"Those that took ages to hang them up! Why do have to be so idiotic! I just wanted to make your room more festive! Why don't you just leave if you hate Christmas so much!" Edd's eyes narrowed in anger as he shouted at Tom, prodding him with every senten
:iconcookielivcat:CookieLivcat 65 38
Child TamakiXChild Reader- Prince and the Princess
Child Tamaki x Child Reader- Prince and the Princess
   The world rose and plummeted around you as the swing tossed you back and forth. The air pushed back your (hair color) hair and drew out laughs of excitement. It seemed like you were getting higher and higher, as if the line between the tips of your bare toes and the bright blue sky would blur to create a surreal mingle of a girl and the heavens.
   Kids were swarming the play structure a few yards from the swingset. That always seemed to be the popular spot. No one ever liked to swing like you did. The feeling of flying made your heart accelerate, as if you were a bird, ready to fly far away to sing high in the trees. This was the way you spent your recess almost every day.
A blurry image smeared out of the corner of your eye, disappearing with every upward swing. You allowed your feet to skid on the ground below, steadily slowing you down until you were at a full halt. You turned to whoever it was and acknowle
:iconrythmicrays:RythmicRays 284 145
How do I get people to look at my work?
This is a question that pops up every now and again, so I decided to accumulate pointers and tips in a journal for easy reference. You'll notice that this unabridged how-to focuses on literature, but visual artists need not worry: some if not most of these notions deserve your attention, as well.
The advice below is on a take it or leave it basis, and obviously you follow as much of it as you want. Just don't let me catch you complaining about low exposure afterwards, or I'll have another thing to tell you.
Now then, let us move right on to business, shall we?
Fail [ OTL ] 1. Keep improving
First things first: there's no reason why you shouldn't keep honing your skills and aim to improve, so you might as well. And if it turns out your audience was just waiting for you to get a little better at what you're doing, then hey - bonus!
... Neither do you need to wait for feedback to get better. (Don't wait for someone answeri
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Hurt (Father!Kylo Ren x Mother!Reader)
 One shot which reader encounters Kylo having one of his tantrums...
 Star Wars (c) LucasFilm
 You (c) yourself
 (c/n)-child's name
 (y/n)-your name
 Saber (c) me
 NOTE: If case any of you get confused, (c/n)/Saber are the same. Saber is just the nickname.
You yawned as you flipped another page of a book. You were getting tired after a long day of playing with your daughter (c/n) as she pleaded for you to play her favorite game of Trooper n Rebel. You, of course, played the Rebel while she pretended to be the Stormtrooper, laughing as your daughter tried to "capture" you and interrogate about the plans. You prepared to rest for the day by dozing off into a book you've found interesting.
 You put the book down on the table, sleepily stumbling to the bed when the doors opened up. You looked up to catch a glimpse of your husband standing by the door.
 You gulped as you felt a sudden dark aura emitting from him. Most of the time wit
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News and Ninjitsu (SherlockXReader)
“I can’t wait to tell Sherlock!”
You skipped your way back to 221B Baker Street from the hospital. Everything was turning your way for once in two years. Sherlock came back “from the dead,” you received a bonus and a promotion at work, and now this! Things were looking great for you. Granted that you nearly choked Sherlock back to his grave after John had the pleasure to brutally beat him up before you got to.
You arrived to the green door of 221B and bursted through it.
“SHERLOCK! I’M HOME!” you announced in a sing-song voice, but all you heard back was a series of grunting sounds. “Sherlock?”
Curious, you made your way up the stairs and opened the second door to find Sherlock in his blue robe fighting...a ninja?
“What the-”
“(y/n)! Stay back!” Sherlock yelled at you.
The mysterious shinobi saw you at the door and threw a star at lightning speed only to be blocked less than a foot away from your face b
:iconmc-jang:MC-Jang 228 90
The Ultimate Guide for Readers
Look in the artists comments below for the list of stories.
Lets say you like to read but only like historical fiction, and you want it to be a romance, but it can not be a fanfic or have any sexual scenes, alright? Well you go to the da search bar, type in historical fiction, click the right categories, and whats this? About 34535256236236 stories to go through and none are the type you want? Well that is where this comes in. This directory is to make it easier for readers to find what they are looking for, and avoid what they are not. It will also help writers from having their stories lost in that big pile of 34535256236236 other stories.
How to Choose a Genre:
I have separated the genres mostly by where they are based first, because someone who likes a fantasy medieval based, might not like it modern(and so on...). Here are your choices:
This is all fantasy based in a world that is not our own, like lord of the rings.
--Modern Fantasy:
This is all fa
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WAITT: Slope Is Rise Over Run by e1n WAITT: Slope Is Rise Over Run :icone1n:e1n 235 223