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Sick!England x Reader - Bath Talk
You were greeted with the gentle, faint aroma of tea and roses once you opened the door to your English friend’s house, his spare key clutched in your hand as you peered inside.
There was nothing out of the ordinary; as usual, Arthur’s house was kept in wonderful condition, with everything clean and not a speck of dust in sight. Closing the door behind you, you quickly locked it and put the key away before sighing.
Arthur had called you earlier, requesting that you come over. He was bedridden at the moment, and he absolutely refused to bring over Alfred to take care of him since last time the American had tried to place a hamburger on his head as a way of curing him.
It was funny, yes, but Arthur had informed you that he’d rather not have ‘that greasy morsel’ – you were quoting his words – on his forehead.
“Arthur?” you called out softly, quietly climbing the stairs so you wouldn’t disturb the ill Englishman.
There was
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Rin Okumura X Reader You'll Never Be Lonely
You took a seat down in the now almost full classroom. Pulling out your books you gave a pleasured sigh as you pulled out a thin blue pen. The name “Okumura” was written on it’s side. This pen had been given to you the day before since you had forgotten to bring you own. However it had formerly belonged to, the one and only, Rin Okumura. The guy you had a crush on ever since you had first enrolled here at True Cross Academy and decided to attend the cram school in hopes of being in exorcist.
  However you weren’t on a very good start. Only a few weeks ago did you find out that Rin Okumura was actually the son of Satan, the father of all demons. The demons that you wanted to rid the world of.
Well Great.
But it wasn’t all that bad. Rin wasn’t anything like the stereotypical “demon”. He was really nice, and although he tended to leap before thinking, he really did care about protecting those he loved. You really loved those things
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Obey Me and Be Mine [1] ~ Yandere!Levi x Reader
They always made fun of me. Calling me a freak just because I didn’t like the exact same things they did. One day, I would fight back, but now I just didn’t have the courage to. I hung my head low. It was always like this. For once, I wished I could be like them and do whatever I wanted to. I felt my eyes water and tears began to stream down my face.
“Hey… Why are you always alone?” A soft voice asked.
I turned in the direction of the voice and saw a girl. She had an unusually pretty face and a kind smile. Her big [e/c]  had a look of innocence and curiosity.
“Well?” She spoke again.
I looked away with a blush dusting my cheeks. Why was this girl talking to me? She giggled and put a hand on my shoulder.
“Was it those boys?” I nodded at her words.
A scowl crossed her face at my actions.
“They always do stuff like this… Picking on the defenseless is something only the truly weak do.”  She spat.
My gray ey
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You Idiot! (Levi x Reader)
    It was another expedition and for this expedition you were paired with Sasha keeping watch on the right as the right wing spotters. It wasn't the safest part of the formation but you weren't about to disobey orders. A certain captain however was not pleased with this and tried to move you somewhere safer but the commander being the commander refused. 
    "(Y/n) I never did have a chance to ask you but what did Captain Shorty want to talk to you about?" Sasha asked as she rode her horse next to yours a smirk on her face. You blushed. Mostly everyone knew your crush on the Captain and teased you on a daily bases.
    "O-Oh nothing. He uh just told me to go to his office after we come back. He said he wants to tell me something." You said remembering the words he had told you before the wall opened.
    "Oi! Cadet (L/n)." Levi called. You turned your head to look at him.
    "Yes Captain?
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Watch over you (Loki x Reader) One-shot
Your heart was throbbing violently in your ears. Every inch of your body hurt and your throat had never been this dry before. You slowly opened your eyes, getting blinded by the sunlight coming through the windows in your room in Stark Tower.
You had been there several months now as an addition to the team, but mostly to keep an eye on Loki. After everything that had happened on Asgard Loki had been banished. The Asgardians had demanded his death, but his brother, Thor, had offered the God of mischief mercy, sending him back to earth to serve the very people he had so desperately tried to kill when he first arrived on earth.
When you had first learned of the real reason for your promotion you had been furious. Fury knew as well as anyone else what Loki had done to you. You could still hear his voice in your head sometimes, ordering you to kill innocent people. You had been under his spell, just like Clint, and there had been nothing you could do about it. You had been in the wrong plac
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Worth the Pain [LevixReader Oneshot]
Warning: Some foul language
“Sweetie, why don’t we skip the fighting part and just get to the making up?” Jean’s voice flirtatiously called to you.
“In your dreams horse-face.” You added a little neigh at the end of my statement, and Jean’s smirk turned into a scowl.
“I’m so getting you for that (f/n).”
“Let’s see you try.”
You both put up your hands and got into fighting stances as a group of cadets circled around, as you two were the last pair to practice your hand to hand combat. Jean swung first, hoping to get you with a surprise attack, but you saw through it and grabbed his right fist with your right one. You then kicked the back of his legs and flipped him, still holding his fist.
“You ready to accept your defeat, Sweetie?” Your voice was mockingly sweet, but you really did want Jean to just say he lost in order to clean up a bit before dinner. Just as you was thinking this, Mikasa walked b
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Titan!ErenxReader Massive Affection
                             Tuesday July 12,855 12:45pm
"maybe a little but don't worry ____! everything will be good!"
There stood you and hanji butting heads as eren stands there awkwardly. He scratches the back of his head; laughing nervously. Hanji wanted to experiment to see how long Eren could keep his titan form. You were against it; it would bring to much unwanted attention.
"Don't worry ____!"  Hanji said with a huge grin on her face,placing a palm in your shoulder. "I got approval by the short corporal! so everything will be fine as long as he's a distant away" Hanji pushed you and eren furthe
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Who's Shorter? (Levi X Reader One-Shot)
                                               Who’s Shorter?
                                        (A Levi X Reader One-shot)
You and your friends sat at the table, loudly talking throughout the time allotted for lunch. While you were eating your bread, you heard Jean get a bright idea. “Hey, we should play truth or dare.” He smiled at his idea, like he was some kind of a genius. Eren however, had a different idea, “What’s the point in that Jean?” He question cockily, “We all know that wimps are going to chose truth!” He lowered his voice and mumbled, “Like you…” Jean was offended and stood up, “Watch it Jager! I would have chosen dare and you know it!” Your facial expression twitched as th
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AoT: Sleep talking [Levi x Reader]
Inspired by
You took a seat in your desk and sighed. The sun was setting and everyone was just about to go to eat dinner. As for you, well, you didn't even have the energy to eat. You were just damn tired after a day of training new recruits. Since they were all new to the scouting legion, you had to teach them literally everything from zero to a hundred. They were a bunch of curious kids that asked way too many questions as well.
You decided it was best to take a shower and relieve your aching body, and have some time to relax. You let the warm water sprinkle over yourself and smiled. Just feeling the warm water against your skin made your stress evaporate away like the steam.
After you had finished taking your very long bath, it was almost time to sleep, not for you, but for the cadets. You still had a bunch of paperwork waiting for you, sitting on the side of your table like good children waiting for t
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Hetalia X Reader- Canada's Hug
Hetalia X Reader- Canada’s Hug
    … Matthew Williams, the most nice, shy, and invisible, not to mention syrup and pancake loving, Canadian.
    Quietly opening, closing, and locking the door, you walked down the streets, thinking of places where your quiet Canadian friend was. He could be in the park or at his house. Perhaps even at the market to buy more pancake ingredients and/or Canadian brand maple syrup.
    Shrugging, you decided to check the park, where he enjoys to relax and spend nice days like this one.
❤Time Skip Brought to You by Canada Showering in Maple Syrup While Sexily Dancing❤
    You arrived at the park’s iron gates, welcoming anyone and everyone in. You darted in, now determined to find Matthew.
    After walking around and checking
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Paperwork [LevixReader Oneshot]
Warning: Some foul language involved
“Reiner! Get your ass back here!” You shouted at the blond boy who had just dunked a bucket of water on you, and was currently running away.
“No thanks, (f/n)!” Reiner was still running away, as he knew if he went back you would beat him to a bloody pulp.
Sighing, you started to run after him, slowly catching up to him before Eren appeared in front of you. You tried to stop, but you were running so fast that you bowled over Eren and landed on top of his chest. You immediately started blushing as your face was only centimeters away from Eren’s.
“S-sorry, Eren.” You mumbled quietly, looking down and making sure your hair covered your bright, red face.
“A-ah, it’s okay (f/n). But, uh, would you mind getting off of me?”
“O-of course!” You bolted straight up as soon as Eren had asked you, and offered your hand to the boy still on the ground. He took it and you two stood there, awkwar
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Please, Just Hold Me (Loki x Reader)
"Loki..." You murmured, hugging the pillow like a surrogate teddy bear. "Please."
The room changed. At least the air did. You could feel him now, his heavy presence permeating the darkness.  A warm hand pressed into your back, soothing your aching body for a moment. You laid still among your bedsheets, waiting for him to crawl in after you. Loki still hovered over your being, looking concerned under a thick mask of arrogance.
"You called?" He tilted his head, rounding the room so he could face your tear filled eyes. "My love, who has hurt you?"
You tried to answer before choking back a sob, dissolving into a deeper sadness. Trying to say it aloud made the pain sharper.
"Tell me his name. Tell me so I can cut his mortal string short. I'll make him feel a pain much worse than yours." Loki spoke through gritted teeth.
"Don't." You whispered with a crack in your voice. "Could you, I, I just need you to hold me."
He finally got into the bed, his armor disappearing out of necessity. He
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France x Reader - Sleepy Affections
If there was one thing Francis Bonnefoy loved more than the world, it definitely had to be you.
And also the fact that you were just too cute when you got drowsy.
“You don’t have to stay awake with me, mon amour,” Francis spoke, his voice so gentle you could’ve sworn it was trying to coax you to sleep. “I’ll be finished with all this paperwork soon. Get some rest before me, oui?”
“But…” A yawn broke through your voice, effectively cutting off your sentence. “…I don’t want you to be lonely…”
His heart swelled at your words, a warm smile touching his lips as he chuckled. “Me? Lonely? With someone like you by my side? _____, just knowing that you love me is enough to chase those lonely feelings away.”
“Then… having me physically at your side must chase even more of those lonely feelings away… right?” you pointed out, your voice slowed fr
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Longing (Bucky x Reader) One shot
Wakanda, 2016 – Several months after putting Bucky back on ice
“Is this going to hurt?” the man before you asked, observing you as you heated up the electrode plates with your breath before sticking them to the sides of his head.
    You smiled, looking into his clear blue eyes that stared at you in anticipation. “Not at all,” you reassured him. “I’m only going to check your brainwaves. See how you respond to some of these words,” you said, showing him a long list of Russian code words you had found and which had been frequently used during the Cold War by Russian spies and soldiers.
    “What if they’re the right words?” he swallowed hard, letting his eyes shift over your face. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
    “Don’t worry, Bucky. That’s what we wa
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[libero] (Nishinoya Yuu x Reader)
"It's decided." Daichi announces after one practice. "Me and Michimiya want a practice match- it'll be this Friday, so rest up! Now- we'll do stretches before we start to pack up."
"Yes!" 11 voices ring and echo around the court.
"Do you know about that new first year?" Tanaka asks as he picks up volleyballs with Noya. "They're calling her the Guardian Angel of Karasuno. Apparently she's a high caliber libero!"
Noya's about to answer when Daichi adds in his own words. "Yeah." The volleyball captain says thoughtfully. "Michimiya was going on and on about an extremely talented first year. Apparently she saved lots of balls during the Inter-High preliminaries."
"Ah, really?!" Tanaka asks Daichi enthusiastically. "That's cool! Noya, looks like you have competiti-"
"How tall is she?" Noya asks quietly, looking his captain straight in the eye.
"Her height?" Daichi looks taken aback by his unorthodox question. "Michimiya said something about her being abnormally short. She's only 158 cm tall.
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Norway x Reader - Hair Habits
“Why do you never touch my hair?”
The question came out of the blue as you looked up from your book to see Lukas on the couch, his eyes slightly narrowed as he unconsciously pursed his lips at you.
“What do you mean?” you asked, your confusion evident in both your voice and arched eyebrows.
“My hair.” He lifted a finger to point at his hair before holding a lock of it between his fingers. “It’s just…” Lukas muttered slowly, “You never seem to play with it, nor touch it for that matter.”
“But don’t you dislike it when people touch your hair?” Returning to the book in your lap, you couldn’t help the chuckle that squeezed its way past your lips. “Honestly, Lukas, how do you even notice things like the lack of me touching your hair?”
“It’s hard not to notice when you touch everyone else’s hair but mine.”
You could detect the hint of envy that ac
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Hair~ Nishinoya x Reader - Haikyuu!!
"Done?" A voice echoed through the empty hallway. The {HairColor} headed girl gave a sweet smile and nodded her hair, her damp hair bouncing with her soft movements.
Nishinoya grinned at his girlfriend. "Good! Let get going." She followed the libero threw the now dark building. He had invited her to stay with them while they did there little trailing camp with the rest of the team.
They walked together, {Name} looking threw the windows that exposed the black night to them while Nishinoya attempted to towel dry his hair out even more.  As they walked voices became clear. {Name} clung close to her boyfriend, raising a brow in suspicion.
"Hm? Is that Hinata-Kun and Tanaka-senpai?" She asked. Getting closer, the pair whipped around and screamed bloody murder. {Name} jumped in shock, Nishinoya however didn't look fazed by the encounter at all.
"O-Oh. See, Hinata. It was just Nishinoya and {Name}." Tanaka chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. Hinata gulped but nodded none the less. "I
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Yes, Sir (Drunk!Levi x Reader)
A night in New York City. Supposedly the proud parent of romantic encounters around the numerous landmarks, gigantic blow out parties in the hottest night clubs, and the ritziest people found on every high end block.
Now, if someone could explain how that translated to you dragging a drunken Mr. Ackerman home, that would be just lovely.
Beginnings are the best place to start things, so let's roll back a few hours. The annual company bash was in full swing, the windows of the office's lobby reverberating with the noise. You weren't sure if a single coworker was sober outside yourself. Even the sullen Mikasa had a pink tint to her cheeks, and the company's President, Erwin, looked a bit tipsy.
The law-firm of Rose, Sina, and Maria were celebrating their fifth year of being an economic empire. The money couldn't be stopped from rolling in, and said circumstances meant bonuses. Everyone had a reason to celebrate the extra change in their pockets. You had planned for the event for an extens
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Romano x Reader - Jealous Confession
“Feli, don’t these tomatoes belong to Romano? I don’t think we sh–”
“Nonsense, _____! I’m sure fratello won’t mind if we use his tomatoes in the pasta sauce, ve~”
“Are you sure? I mean, Romano really likes tomatoes…”
“I’m more than sure! Now c’mon, we need to go look for a pot to boil our pasta noodles in. I forgot where I left it… I think it’s in the basement, ve…”
“The basement?”
Si! Pasta can be cooked anywhere, _____! Now come with me, our basement is dark and I don’t want to go alone. It’s really scary, ve~”
“Don’t worry Feli, I’ll be right behind you.”
If looks could kill, Antonio was fairly sure that the venomous glare Romano was sending both _____ and
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Male!Cinderella x Reader

(A/N: If you guys want a name then i suggest to go with Cendrillon, it's the French name for Cinderella and i prefer it to other names.)
*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
My father the king himself was hosting a ball to find me a groom and my brother Prince Charming as everyone calls him, a wife. Of course i had no interest in the matter what-so-ever i had to agree, if anything ever happened to my brother i might need to step up as heir and i'd need support of not just my people to do so.
I sighed as i sat on my smaller throne next to my brother's as guests piled in, what caught my attention was an old man and who i assumed too be his sons. They were winking and waving flirtilly in my direction.
So as not to be disrespectful i smiled and nodded to them causing them to fanboy, i could tell i wouldn't be very fond of those three. My brother nudged me with his elbow "sorry sis you're going to have to go socialize" i groaned but stood and began
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Secret [Draco Malfoy x Reader]
As the war had ended every student was sent home to their family's while Hogwarts was being repaired. Of course, you were happy, being back with your father and not needing to worry about Voldemort ever returning. Yet, even with the Dark Lord dead, you couldn't help but have worry creeping in the back of your mind. You weren't worried over the Dark Lord or the Death Eaters, after all, they deserved what they got after killing your brother Cedric. No, you were worried of one person, and one person only.
Draco Malfoy.
No matter what people thought about him, it was all because of the act he had put on. He wasn't really evil, nor did he really want to bully other students. Yes, he did believe in blood purity strongly, but it was all cue to his fathers raising methods. But even so, all his Slytherin friends were with him only for his status. Draco himself knew that too, but figured it was better like that than being alone.
And then there was you, (F/n) Diggory. A nobody Hufflepuff that no
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