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SK - Broken Wings drabble
Title: Broken Wings
Fandom: Swat Kats
Pairing: none (but could be considered T-Bone/Razor bromance)
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing and talk of death)
Warnings: eh.. lots of angst. Bring out your Kleenex box. ;)
Word count: ~500

‘It wasn’t supposed to be this way.’
That hopelessly pathetic phrase is playing in my head like a broken record for the past month.
I never liked to talk about death. I know it’s not too far off in our line of work, sure.
It’s always on the edge of your mind when you fly, when you fight.
But, no matter what happened, I always thought we’d die together. I don’t care how unbelievably sappy that may sound. We were doing it together, while trying to pull some gloriously stupid stunt to save Megakat City again. Our names are written down in history, and people talk about us like legends for years. Probably not Feral, though. He still hates our guts.
T-Bone and Razor, going down like true heroes.
Not like this.
Not you lyi
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and i have tried to make it right.
let me tell you a story
using six words.
their names become parts of statistics.
let me tell you a story
using six words.
“suicide is the easy way out.”
let me tell you a story
using six words
that will never be told.
pain is not a fucking

do you still pray,
knowing there will be no answer?
see, i cannot speak for those
who have no voice to give
but, sincerely, these are the six words
i respond with:
i wish i could save you.
we live our lives being told that
there is always a safety net -
that there are people designed to protect us.
i’m going to use six words because,
the saddest stories
take the fewest words to tell.
for them, there was never anyone.
blades can cut wrists but
here are six words:
blades can cut stories short, too.
i have approximately 250,000 words
to choose from
to try and describe to you what suicide is
but i don’t
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wrists that roar
mama says
pull down your sleeves
they'll see, they'll see

but no-one's even looking
i say mama
tigers are proud and strong
and tigers show their stripes
so today i'm a tiger

and who says
i can't be a tiger
when razors made me fierce
and secrets kept me lonely
who says
i can't tiger-roar
when everything unsaid
ripped my throat raw
i made my stripes
with tiger-claws and tiger-teeth
so damned if i'm not a tiger
and damned if i won't roar
mama, i'm a tiger
mama, hear me roar
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A Light in the Dark
“Gibson, what is our current status?” Antauri asked firmly, staring at the screen.
The blue monkey typed at the computer, then scanned the monitor before he replied.
“No bio signatures. And for the moment no undead invasions that I can pick up.” Antauri stood there a moment thinking to himself, “A second wave could come at any moment, has the rest of the team come back yet?”
“No.” replied Gibson, “Not yet. But be assured that the citizens of Shuggazoom are safely concealed underground. If there was a problem one of them would’ve contacted us.”
“That is what worries me…” Antauri said with worry. He looked over to the darkly colored purple monkey staring longingly at the screen. He walked over, putting a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry Ebony, but you know why we can’t keep him with us. He may have an attraction to you, but the rest of us are his enemies. He is too dangerous.”
Ebony looked down and
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