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Through the Shattered Glass
This was bad, this was bad! Three human youths pound their feet as the run through a nightmarish landscape that was, perhaps once upon a time, their home of Jasper, Nevada. They weren't sure as to how they got here, something must have caused the ground bridge to become unstable. Suddenly the lone female of the group darts behind some rubble, then grabs and pull the tallest male, who in turn grabs their youngest member. At last, a chance to catch their breathe and clear their lungs of smoke. They cough heavily then breathe through either sleeves or collars.
“W-where are we?” Rafael whimpers in fear.
Miko answers sarcastically, “Jasper, Nevada. Welcome to Hell on Earth! Enjoy your stay.”
“Miko!” Jack snarls at her looking out from their hiding place. This was wrong, this wasn't the Jasper they knew.  Raf's idea of going to a different dimensional seems more logical by the second, more so after crossing what they thought was a
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