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100 December Theme Challenge
100 December Theme Challenge:
31 Days: 3 Themes A Day
1. Snow
2. Ribbon
3. Gingerbread
4. Reindeer
5. Present
6. Christmas Tree
7. Candle
8. Blizzard
9. Ornaments
10. Mistletoe
11. Icicle
12. Star
13. Angel
14. Poinsettia
15. Holly
16. Carols
17. Chestnuts
18. Candy Cane
19. Fireplace
20. Train
21. Sledding
22. Festival
23. Cards
24. Lights
25. Dreidel
26. Decoration
27. Story Book
28. Windowsill
29. Tinsel
30. Stockings
31. Cookies
32. Hot Chocolate  
33. Costume
34. Letters
35. Snowmen
36. Ice Skating
37. Mittens
38. Homemade
39. Pond
40. Surprise
41. Feast
42. Slippers
43. Scarf
44. Elves
45. Horse
46. Church
47. Milk
48. Glitter
49. Puppy
50. Pancakes
51. Party
52. Movies
53. Gold
54. Silver
55. Secret Santa
56. Bells
57. Toys
58. Wedding
59. Scrooge
60. Noel
61. Nutcracker
62. Games
63. Laughter
64. Music
65. Sleigh
66. Polar Bear
67. Eggnog
68. Cinnamon
69. Sugar
70. Moon
71. Christmas Eve
72. Merry
73. Kiss
74. Excitement
75. Fruit Cake
76. Wrapping Paper
77. Bridge
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Amuto- No Longer a Stray
Amu rolled over in her bed and placed her feet onto the floor. She yawned and looked over her clock. For once, she wasn’t late. “Good morning Suu, Miki, Ran, Dia,” she greeted them, even though they were still inside their eggs (Dia wasn’t going to out of her egg anytime soon, though).
Amu walked over towards her bathroom. She gasped at awful sight of her hair. It was everywhere. She dragged various combs and brushes through it over and over again, but it just wouldn’t cooperate. “Miki... help,” Amu called out weakly.
“Hmm? Amu, did you say my name?” Miki asked as she floated into the bathroom. Her eyes widened as she took in Amu’s appearance. “What happened to your hair!?”
“Miki, I need help. Can you fix it?” Amu bit her lip nervously. She couldn’t go to school looking like this. Amu looked like she had washed her hair, and then tried to dry it with a cat. Yes, a cat.
“I think I’m going to need
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A New NPC in the LARP - TG
Lee had never been to a LARP, and he was pretty nervous when Kevin, one of the guys at his weekly D&D game, suggested he join a local group. There seemed to be a lot to learn and despite his fondness for tabletop games and roleplaying a character, he wasn't sure he could act out live combat. Besides, his costuming skills were terrible.
Kevin didn't let up though, and so, after a few weeks of cajoling, Lee reluctantly agreed to attend the next major session as an NPC with Kevin's assurance that he'd sort everything out. There was always a shortage of background characters - shopkeepers, city guards, sidequest giving bar patrons - costumes were provided, registration was discounted, and if you weren't particularly suited to combat you wouldn't be expected to take part... or to survive more than a few minutes before being cut down by one of the heroes.
Soon it was time for one of the big meets that happened every few months. The two guys packed a tent, camping supplies for three night
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Orsannah - Blood Kiss
"Hannah!" At the sight of beautiful chocolate-colored hair I call to the human girl. Today she's wearing a pink jacket, pink shirt, and a purple skirt over blue jeans. I bet she would look cuter without the jeans on. Not that she doesn't already look adorable. Hannah turns at the sound of her name and looks completely surprised to see me. Her surprise turns into a smile when I wave.
"Orson!" she greets me, throwing her arms around me when she gets close enough. "What are you doing here?" she asks. Her body is warm and I can smell her sweet blood and hear her heart thundering in her chest.
"I wanted to visit you." I reply, wondering if it was a bad thing I came over to her world. We, well mostly me, are getting weird looks. I suppose that I am taller and paler than most humans. Plus I have red eyes and blue dyed hair. And then there are the fangs. Ok, so it's probably just me that they're looking at strangely. "Is there something wrong with that?"
"What?! No, of course not!"  
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Buttery Punishment
    Ran knew she was in trouble. She was only ever asked to sit here when she was in trouble.
    The shikigami shifted her bulk, the two chairs that supported her double wide ass groaning under her weight. The once thin and voluptuous fox was gone, the blonde beauty transformed in a manner of months to overwhelming obese, her weight ticking closer and closer to the quarter ton mark every day. Moving around was a pain, not because of stress, her inhuman physique more than made up for that. No, it was because the sheer bulk she possessed made it impossible to move about the Yakumo estate without her excessively matronly hips knocking something over. Be it a glass, a bowl, or whatever else, the blobby foxes belly and rump were always brushing against the walls.        
    To be fair, the punishments she received weren't helping.
    Just as Ran was lamenting how her lap filling gut was starting to
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Only You Can Make Me Purr
Ikuto woke up to the sound of bubbly laughter. He was cold and felt stiff after his sleep. He sat up slowly and rubbed his tired eyes. Looking around at his surroundings, he saw he was in a park. He’d fallen asleep on one of the many stone benches surrounding the elaborate water fountain. No wonder I feel like crap, he thought.
Remembering why he woke up in the first place, Ikuto looked around for the source of laughter. He spotted a girl with pink shoulder-length hair wearing a slightly gothic outfit with a hint of a girly vibe. “Amu?” he mumbled, still slightly tired from his nap.
“Oh, uh, morning I-Ikuto,” Amu looked at him with a giddy yet embarrassed and slightly guilty look. She quickly shoved whatever she was looking at that made her laugh so much into her pocket. It shone like pink metal when she put it away.
Curious, he stood up and made his way closer to Amu. He bent down so his face was at the same level as hers. “Amu, what was that?
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F.M.A 9 months ch 1
Fullmetal Alchemist 9 months
Chapter 1: Central Chaos

“AAGGGHH!!! Winry please stop! Please I don’t want to die!!!” screamed the voice of eighteen year old Edward Elric as he roared down the hallway of the hotel in Central. Chasing him was Winry Rockbell wearing nothing but sheets! She was chucking wrenches at him like a Gatling gun, while he tried to pull his pants up and dodge the fiery wrenches at the same time.
To explain what is happening in a nut shell, the previous night Ed and Winry went with Falman, Fuery, Havoc and Breda, Armstrong and Schiezka to a bar for some…refreshments. Ed was back in Central because Fuhrer Roy Mustang had asked for some advice on something’s. Winry was just tagging along. Al at this moment however was traveling through Xing studying new forms of alchemy.
Anyway, Ed and Winry had one too many drinks. The next they know they’re back in their hotel room enjoying each other’s company to the fullest extent. If you k
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