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Abandoning Preciousness
The most important thing about creating art is to create. If you want to be at ease with creativity, you have to immerse yourself in it, and do a little bit every day. Even if that little bit is only to take five minutes while waiting for the bus to come and do a gesture drawing of a man reading his book across the street from you. Or to take the moment to scribble down a thumbnail rough sketch of a concept that occurs to you. Do a little bit each day. Train your brain to think visually.
It can be difficult at first, accustoming yourself to make this small bit of time, because you’ll think:
“I don’t have enough time for it.”
“Art is hard!”
“I’m not good enough yet for that piece I’ve always wanted to do.”
“I’m stuck. Artist’ block.”
These are all excuses. Yes art IS hard. Yes, you might not be good enough yet to do that masterwork that you’ve been dreaming of, but let me le
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Rorschach is really cool by otherwise Rorschach is really cool :iconotherwise:otherwise 258 69
Mai's Ramblings - Kataang
Mai on... Kataang.
"Take the two most cavity-carving twits in the show, buckle them both in chastity belts, and you have the main 'ship' of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
"Aang is an airbending freak with no hair and a body build like my little brother WHO'S TWO YEARS OLD, but he has a personality that could favorably be compared to an affectionate puppy so he naturally lights up Katara's radar like a firetruck with its siren set to 11. Katara was dark-skinned, exotic, as curved as a lamppost, and uninterested in getting some, so naturally the romance didn't progress much until season 3 when she suddenly discovered America and puberty set in.
"By that point, the two should have looked more like bunnies than humans, but my boyfriend showed up at their house and asked if he could stay 'til he cleared things up with his folks, so all the romance was put on hold until Zuko was no longer shuffling through the house in his Spongebob boxers.
"Once Zuko was safely chained to the throne NO
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Mai's Ramblings - Urzai
Mai on... Urzai!
"Easily the most absolutely dysfunctional ship in the entire Avatar series YES EVEN COUNTING ZUTARA is the tumultuous marriage between Phoenix Fire King Lord Ozai and Bad News Ursa.
"Ozai was the younger son of Fire Lord Azulon who no one knows much about and we can't really judge him by his children because one was a tea-loving clown and the other was psychopath who lit babies on fire for jollies. He really wanted to be in charge because, you know, people who light babies on fire are just like that where that have to be in charge even though they'll just light the babies on fire regardless.
"Ursa was an overly nice lady FROM ZUKO'S PERSPECTIVE ANYWAY who didn't seem to have any goals in life other than spending all her time having fun with Zuko AND I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR. There is some debate about whether or not Ursa loved Azula but since Azula likes to argue both sides of the issue AT THE SAME TIME we'll just move on and pretend everything is b
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Mai's Ramblings - Tokka
Mai on... Tokka!
"Except for a select few who have been handpicked by the Spirits themselves to experience mutual and nonfatal love, most of the relationships in Avatar: The Last Airbender tend to be an excuse for a chorus of whining and sobbing. The exception that proves the rule is the one-sided crush that Toph Bei Fong harbored for Sokka of the Water Tribe.
"Despite being tiny and blind and pale HEY WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT LAST ONE Toph is the greatest Earthbender in the world and the one only person in the history of ever to be able to twist metal around like a threadbare towel with her bare hands. Despite possessing a level of strength that most modestly-sized armies would be jealous of Toph has a real problem dealing with her feelings OH NO I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING and has developed the bad habit of running or hiding from every situation that doesn't make her feel like queen of the world. Rather than just going ahead and saying, "Yo! Let's kiss!" to the boys she likes TRY I
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Philosophical Ramblings 8
     -That's right.  I'm writing a rambling about abortion.  This rambling will discuss the arguments and facts surrounding the evils of abortion and how it all links to pornography and contraception.  However, I'm not going to say ANYTHING religious in this rambling.  Nope!  I want to ensure you that I will say nothing religiously biased by speaking through the lips of science, meditation and personal opinion. References to evidence, like statistics, I provide will be marked with a number in parentheses and a link provided to the source in the author's comments.-
     Abortion has become a topic of much debate ever since it's start from the Roe v. Wade case in 1973.  Defenders of the unborn (Pro-Lifers) and defenders of a woman's right to choose (Po-Choicers) have clashed for years, each making legislative counter attacks against the other.   Arguments
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Mai's Ramblings - Sokkla
Mai on... Sokkla!
"Most popular support for the various Avatar: The Last Airbender pairings is directly based on the attractiveness of the couple in question, so it comes as no surprise that a speculatory romance between Sokka of the Water Tribe and Fire Princess Azula has captured many minds and hearts.
"Of his friends Sokka is most likely ACTUALLY THERE'S NO DOUBT I'M JUST SAYING THAT TO SOUND MORE SOPHISTICATED the biggest skirt-chaser of the bunch but then he actually has a good excuse for it OTHER THAN THE TYPICAL 'BOYS ONLY WANT ONE THING' MY PARENTS TRIED TO GET ME TO BE OPEN TO WITH ZUKO because all of the women he tried to score with either wound up leaving him or dying or both except for Suki at the end of the war but she only made it safely to home base because the spirits in charge of Sokka's bad luck confused her with Ty Lee and sent to the wrong girl to jail. I mean you have the melodramatic Princess Yue who Sokka lost for the first time because she was enga
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Mai's Ramblings - Azutara
Mai on... Azutara!
"The Avatar world has more than its share of strong, proactive women, and naturally quite a few of them developed intense rivalries with each other. One of the more amusing was between the two dominant females on each side of the War, the Waterbender Katara and the Fire Princess Azula.
"Katara and Azula WHO BOTH SEEM UNUSUALLY FOND OF THE LETTER 'A' have such a stunning number of similarities BESIDES THAT 'A' THING that one could be forgiven for wondering if the Spirits' original intention for one of the girls was to be the classic evil opposite for the other and while most would peg Katara as the original and Azula as said sinful clone because Katara is self-righteous and pretty IF YOU GO FOR THAT TYPE OF LOOK AND BY NOW YOU SHOULD KNOW I MOST LIKELY DON'T and Azula was EVEN I'LL ADMIT a horrible person with a talent for physical and personal destruction at least Azula never took the time to torture the supposed love of her life with a 'hard to get' ro
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Mai's Ramblings - Sukka
Mai on... Sukka!
"Sukka- the Avatar ship for people who like their men girly, their women desperate, and their heat level higher than Ozai on Cactus Juice.
"Sokka has the unfortunate luck to combine the sexiest male body on the planet with a personality so girly even Ty Lee got jealous. Early in his adventures he meets a girl named Suki and falls head over heals for her, drawing yet another disturbing comparison to Ty Lee with both his agility and love for people in CLOWN makeup. Suki is the greatest warrior on the planet, and also the hottest girl on the planet IF YOU LIKE THAT SORT OF THING, and wiser than three Avatars in a barrel, so of course she gives in to whatever chemicals are pumping in her brain and gets with Sokka solely for his hot body.
"Sokka isn't so manly than he doesn't have a fear of commitment, so he spends the next season and a half running as far as he can from Suki and getting it on with everything in a skirt short of his sister UNLESS YOU LOOK AT THE SUBT
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A Priceless Future
A Priceless Future.
Pretty soon we'll need to make payments
Just to be able to walk the pavement.
This added to the taxes on our bank statements.
Proves that any sort of personal attainment,
Will be shared with the government agents.
It’s blatant, we‘re a part of a money laundering arrangement.
Of which there is an infinite number of replacements.
Who are praying and waiting for your disengagement.
Longing for the day that you will become complacent.
Because a filled position in this day in age will always be vacant.
I call this, the reincarnation of enslavement.
Kela Lewis-Morin
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 17 6
Mai's Ramblings - Maiko
Mai on... Maiko!!!
"So for some reason out of all the ships on Avatar: The Last Airbender my own romance with Zuko has received a completely undeserving amount of attention, about 86 percent of which is overwhelmingly negative, even though we both really just wanted to snuggle together without being interrupted. So fine, let's by all means go over it and get it out of the collective system of the whole world plus Ty Lee.
"I met Zuko when I was just a little girl with ribbons in my hair OH SO CUTE NO WAIT I'M UGLY and hanging out with his psychopathic sociopathic inhuman THAT MIGHT BE REDUNDANT little sister Azula. Now you have to keep in mind that I was a shy little thing back then and didn't like to talk at all although I've gotten a little better at it but back then my favored method of communication was running and hiding. I would go over to the palace to play games with OR MAYBE JUST GET LIT ON FIRE BY Azula and her other friend Ty Lee and I started seeing Zuko around a litt
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Mai's Ramblings - Katoph
Mai on... Katoph!
"Many epic friendships were forged during the saga of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but the most tumultuous was the snippy relationship between Katara and Toph Bei Fong.
"Katara grew up in the South Pole with her parents and a OH SO HOT older brother but early on her mommy died THE INCIDENT CAN BE SUMMED UP WITH THE WORD 'BACON' and she was left as the only one who could take care of her woefully inept male relatives BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE GUYS WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT US thus she developed a habit of mothering anything smaller, dumber, louder, sadder, or dirtier than herself ALTHOUGH SHE MADE AN EXCPETION FOR FELLOW HALF-ORPHANS BECAUSE THAT WAS A TURN-ON FOR HER and ran with it as her own personal identity. This habit was only encouraged when she thawed out the Avatar and was recruited to follow him around picking up after him and cooking for him and bathing him and tucking him under his Bison's tail every night AWW SO CUTE I'M KIDDING I'M GOING TO VOMIT and furt
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Mai's Ramblings - Jetara
Mai on... Jetara!
"The only thing more popular than talking about how unsuitable I am as a lover for Zuko is talking about how great Katara the Waterbender would be for all kinds of romantic prospects if she cared to explore them. One of the few she took an actual interest in, to her detriment, was with the Freedom Fighter Jet.
"Anyone who's talked to Katara FOR FIVE MINUTES OR MORE knows that her favorite conversational topic is the death of her mother and that she considers the incident to be the defining moment of her entire existence ZUKO MIGHT HAVE WOUND UP THE SAME WAY BUT FORTUNATELY HIS DAD CONTINUED TO TRAMATIZE HIM THROUGHOUT HIS LIFE and as a result she developed a very unfair and critical view of the Fire Nation and its overzealous military. She didn't do much with that hate up until she tripped over some Iced Avatar and found herself recruited IS THAT WHAT THEY'RE CALLING IT THESE DAYS in his campaign to restore BALANCE to the world and smack around the Fire Lord GE
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Cookie Run : CR Adventures ver. + My version~!! by Karanma-Maeryl Cookie Run : CR Adventures ver. + My version~!! :iconkaranma-maeryl:Karanma-Maeryl 18 14
Mai's Ramblings - Kyakoda
Mai on... Kyakoda!
"Successful adult relationships are rare enough on Avatar: The Last Airbender but one that somehow managed to generate a minimal amount of suspense was the devastatingly tragic SNIFF SNIFF marriage between Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe and Kya She of that Silly Little Necklace.
"The necklace itself used to be Old Lady Kana's betrothal necklace that she got from Old Geezer Pakku and even though she ran a full 180 degrees of a world away from him she kept it as some kind of morbid family heirloom and it was eventually passed to Kya. I don't know if Kana was Kya's mother or Hakoda's mother but to be honest I have trouble telling Boy Water Tribes from Girl Water Tribes except for Sokka with his fantastic sculpted chest and hot ears and tasty bronze skin and I kind lost track of what I was talking about OH YEAH so the end result was that Kya married her brother Hakoda and took to wearing the necklace as it was the only jewelry in the whole tribe. They bounced
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Mai's Ramblings - Ursoh
Mai on... Ursoh!
"Of all the interesting characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, my boyfriend Zuko is easily the most fascinating and developed, and the two people who wound up having the most influence on him were his mother Ursa and his uncle Iroh.
"Her Royal BY MARRIAGE Highness Ursa began life as a mysterious descendent of Avatar Roku IF YOU GO BY IROH AND KEEP IN MIND HE ISN’T EXACTLY UNINVESTED IN SUCH GOINGS ONS but she somehow snagged herself a marriage to the descendent of Roku's killer and although you'd think such a relationship would be highly awkward they apparently got a little enjoyment out of it I GUESS ARRANGED PAIRINGS AREN'T ALL BAD because soon enough little Zuko and A LITTLE WHILE LATER little Azula were toddling through the royal hallways. At the time Ozai DID I MENTION HE WAS THE DESCENDENT URSA MARRIED BECAUSE HE WAS IN CASE YOU'VE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK was only the younger son of Fire Lord Azulon and so wasn't supposed to inherit the cro
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Mai's Ramblings - Pakkana
Mai on... Pakkana!
"Perhaps the second-most surprising official coupling of Avatar: The Last Airbender BEHIND MY OWN OVERLY COMPLICATED ROMANCE is the geriatric cuddle-fest between Pakku the Waterbending Master and Kana the former FemiNazi.
"Kana was born in the Northern Watertribe where woman are prevented from learning any useful Waterbending aside from the rare and highly valued healing arts, and she was betrothed to Bender Prodigy and Man of the Year, Pakku. Kana never had any bending ability at all and judging from her INBRED SOCIALLY-CHALLENGED GRANDKIDS her family was hardly the sort that anyone would want to willingly marry into, but nevertheless we have to take her word for it that she somehow wound up engaged to Pakku completely against her will.
"Being a grounded, sensible young lady she hopped on the nearest boat and began a world-wide search for a land of permafrost where she could be a baby-factory housewife without worrying about any laws or social conventions for
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Mai's Ramblings - Jetko
Mai on... Jetko!
"All the relationship in Avatar: The Last Airbender had their ups and downs, but the one most likely to give you whiplash from the sudden shift was the doomed bond between Prince Zuko and Jet the Freedom Fighter.
"Neither boy had what most would refer to as an easy life but by the time they tripped over each other each was at what they would consider to be their lowest point WARS TEND TO HAVE THAT EFFECT ON PEOPLE OR SO I HEAR and trying to escape from past demons or credit card debts or whatever it is that keep people walking the world when the smarter choice would be to just pick a nice cave and start getting estimates on plumbing installation. Zuko had already been banished from the Fire Nation for his odd and rather revolutionary idea that the best way to win a war is to try to avoid losing as many or more human resources as your enemy OH AND I GUESS TO HAVE TO VALUE LIFE AND HUMANITY OR SOMETHING BUT I NEVER REALLY LISTEN WHEN ZUKO GETS GOING ON IT b
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The Greatest Piece of Art is the One You Finish
I used to speak in code.
When someone deciphered my message,
I got married.
I find myself speaking in code again,
But warning people that I'm doing it.
Sabotaging my subconscious attempts at a connection.
I still write the opening to stories in my head.
They never see paper.
And haunt my sleep.
My words are my only beacon,
But I am so afraid of what others might discover.
I have no intention of using words to paint flowers.
I'm afraid of what I'll do,
Or say,
Or even write.
:iconbirdkiller:Birdkiller 17 12
Mai's Ramblings - Rozin
Mai on... Rozin!
"No one on Avatar is a stranger to romantic woes, but the failed relationship between Fire Lord Sozin and Avatar Roku is probably the one that hurt and disrupted the most number of other people.
"Back about a hundred thousand years ago Roku and Sozin were bestest buddies who hung out together and practiced Firebending together and talked about girls together and celebrated birthdays together and ran around the Capital City together and I THINK WE CAN FIGURE OUT THE PATTERN ALREADY did everything together up to and perhaps including potty breaks EW GROSS. You'd think the Crown Prince would have more than one friend because even the obscenely misanthropic Princess Azula had a couple of friends MORE OR LESS but then when you consider Zuko maybe that isn't so unusual after all. This bliss lasted until both boys were sixteen years old and I'm really still having trouble believing that both of them were born on the same day in the same year in the same city at the sam
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Mai's Ramblings - Azulaang
Mai on... Azulaang!
"No can deny that Fire Princess Azula is not exactly FIRING on all cylinders, but the full scope of her insanity can only be grasped through understanding her self-destructive crush on Avatar Aang, who I hear also happens to be the Last Airbender.
"Princess Azula didn't have what anyone would call a normal childhood thanks to her megalomaniac father's belief that children should be turned into unstoppable sociopathic killing machines and not heard and unlike some people DON'T WORRY ZUKO YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU FOR IT Azula was daddy's little girl and went along with his plan THEY HAD TO GET RID OF HER MOTHER TOO BUT THAT TURNED OUT TO BE DEPRESSINGLY EASY and spent all her younger years learning recipes for human barbeques. Of course even human killing machines have human urges every now and then I MEAN IF EVEN I CAN GET HOT AND BOTHERED EVERYONE MUST HAVE A FRISKY SIDE SOMEWHERE and Azula was no exception but rather than falling for a rugged hero like her kind
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 17 23
Mai's Ramblings - Joo Feng
Mai on... Joo Feng!
"Almost all of the romances found in Avatar: The Last Airbender have their disturbing points, the one that takes the concept to a whole new level is the speculated relationship between Dai Lee head Long Feng and his brainwashed Joo Dee girls.
"We don't know much about Long Feng WELL I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HIM BUT MAYBE IN BA SING SE HE'S A REGULAR FEATURE IN THEIR TABLOIDS BUT HOPEFULLY NOT IN THE SAME KIND OF STORIES ADMIRAL ZHAO IS OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH except that he was apparently some kind of peasant I'M REALLY CURIOUS HOW AZULA COULD TELL THAT JUST BY LOOKING AT HIS EYES MAYBE SHE BOUGHT SOME OF THE TABLOIDS who through hard work and long hours GET IT AW COME ON THAT WAS A GOOD ONE managed to turn himself into the most powerful man in the whole Earth Kingdom and while you'd thank that position would have gone to their King we're talking about a savage little backwater THAT COVERS MOST OF THE PLANET where everything is done backwards just to make
:iconloopy777:Loopy777 12 31
Sk - WD Gaster ramblings 5 by xxdhxx Sk - WD Gaster ramblings 5 :iconxxdhxx:xxdhxx 41 12