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Rain n Puddle by aaralia Rain n Puddle :iconaaralia:aaralia 28 4 Rain by Jumezat Rain :iconjumezat:Jumezat 29 18 Pokemon Team Brings the Rain (Rain Flaherty) by Rene-Sanchez Pokemon Team Brings the Rain (Rain Flaherty) :iconrene-sanchez:Rene-Sanchez 22 5
A Boy's Day Off - Chapter 1: Understanding
“Hey, baby, what say we ditch the boring old book and you come with us for some fun!”
Dressed in borrowed red plaid skirt covering black tights and a loose pink and brown long-sleeve sweater, Rudy Strongwell, or in current dress Ruby to his friends, thought he presented as just some unremarkable teenaged girl to anyone else; this despite his soft white skin, expressive blue eyes, youthful stature, and raven black hair grown longer this school year, long enough for certain women in his life to experiment with.  It had never occurred to the avowedly male cross-dresser that he might attract masculine attention just sitting under a tree reading a book.  
Apparently the pale, blonde topped and well chiseled face now menacing over him hadn’t gotten the memo.
He had been so totally engrossed in the volume he’d checked out that morning from the library that he hadn’t noticed the sudden dimming of the late-February afternoon sun, the fleeting precursor be
:icondryurimom:dryurimom 12 5
PARASOL LADY Rain wants to battle by RaphCal PARASOL LADY Rain wants to battle :iconraphcal:RaphCal 22 10 RAIN Volume 1 and 2 by randomenemy321 RAIN Volume 1 and 2 :iconrandomenemy321:randomenemy321 14 9
A Boy's Day Off - Chapter 3: Confession
Rudy ran.
Muscles already insulted by the flight from his abuse stung as he again demanded they carry him away from the site of his humiliation.  Startled and concerned looks from pedestrians and drivers alike followed what they could only imagine to be a terribly distraught girl running along neighborhood streets as Rudy made his way toward where his former girlfriend lived.
His day had started so pleasantly, with a bus depositing him outside Rain’s apartment.  Once he’d been ‘dolled up’ and bid his best friend adieu for the day, he’d went straight to the nearest library and from there to the park where he’d planned to spend the day consuming a book the internet had suggested was a must-read for those trying to understand transgender people.  This whole day was supposed to be dedicated to that pursuit.
Little had he known what it might mean to understand.
Rudy wasn’t sure why he had come back to this place.  The last person
:icondryurimom:dryurimom 9 7
Colette by animationsmeargle Colette :iconanimationsmeargle:animationsmeargle 9 1 MLAABHS Intermission: My Life as a Highschool Girl by epic-agent-63 MLAABHS Intermission: My Life as a Highschool Girl :iconepic-agent-63:epic-agent-63 6 20 Pokemon Trainer Rain Flaherty by Rene-Sanchez Pokemon Trainer Rain Flaherty :iconrene-sanchez:Rene-Sanchez 4 6 Rain by animationsmeargle Rain :iconanimationsmeargle:animationsmeargle 3 4
A Boy's Day Off - Chapter 2: Waterloo
“Don’t let them win.”
Nicki’s counsel sounded like something Rudy would have said an hour ago.  Unlike his sister, Maria, Rudy was out and proud about his homosexuality.  This despite parents who abhorred the idea, had sent him to Catholic school to discourage it, and rumbled about reparative therapy camp next summer, for both him and his beloved older sibling, if things “got any worse.”  Despite all those efforts, punitive or otherwise, by his parents, teachers, and church, he’d steadfastly refused to compromise who he was.  
Only because of his recent attraction to a certain unique and very special girl had he appeared to some for a while to be ‘cured.’  The whole idea of curing gay was ridiculous, of course, but the reasons for his interest in Rain were such that he’d just accepted everyone’s misunderstanding in stride rather than dispute the error.  Rain and Rudy’s core group of fr
:icondryurimom:dryurimom 7 1
Ana Doodle by animationsmeargle Ana Doodle :iconanimationsmeargle:animationsmeargle 1 0 Day 11 Enjoying Dessert by MidnightTarot Day 11 Enjoying Dessert :iconmidnighttarot:MidnightTarot 1 0 Rainily and Babies by CaelyCat9595 Rainily and Babies :iconcaelycat9595:CaelyCat9595 1 2 {RainLGBT FANART]Bit of a Rainy Day by lN50MNlA {RainLGBT FANART]Bit of a Rainy Day :iconln50mnla:lN50MNlA 8 7 Rain Flaherty by WaterPixelArt Rain Flaherty :iconwaterpixelart:WaterPixelArt 5 0