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Quicksilver Industries: 'Lycaon' PDW by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Lycaon' PDW :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 440 93
A Cure For Insomnia (Pietro MaximoffxReader)
(y/n) always wondered why her floor had to be the farthest away from the main common area, or the “I actually want to be social” floor, as Clint called it.
It made midnight snacking a real risk, especially when you were prone to falling asleep standing up.
The door slid open at the top floor. She didn’t bother with any lights and walked straight into the kitchen. She had been making this trip almost every night for the past month.
The fridge door clicked open illuminating the room for a moment as she removed the carton of milk.
She opened the carton and placed it to her lips, tilting her head back and closing her eyes as the cool liquid hit her tongue.
“Aha!” The light’s flashed on, startling her into a coughing fit when she choked on the milk almost dropping the carton in the process.
“So you’re the one who drinks straight out of the carton.”
(y/n) blinked away tears as she tried to stop coughing. Standing in front of her was the s
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 973 146
Babysitting (Avengers x Child!Reader)
Warning(s): None
Art: FerioWind
Title: Babysitting
Pairing: Avengers x Child!Reader (Family/Friends)
Fandom: Avengers, Marvel
Word Count: 1,470
"You lost her?"
"Yeah, but Nat, she can run like super fast!" Tony said as an angry Natasha Romanoff stood in front of him, her face starting to turning as red as her hair. 
"Yes, but we were left to watch her and make sure she didn't go missing! What happened?! She went missing!" Natasha yelled, her fists clenching by her side. She quickly turned Tony around and gave him a hard push forward, "Go and find her, this instant! I'm going to alert the others and they can help. You better find her!" 
With that, Tony was left alone as Nat
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Quicksilver Industries: 'Markhor' SMG by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Markhor' SMG :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 443 58
Wait What? (Pietro x Reader)
Special Conditions: Reader is a mutant/shapeshifter
Word Count: 1.784
Warnings: none
“You can't do that, woman.”
“I am your sister, I can do to you whatever I want.”
“No, you can't.”
“Yes... I can.”
“I'm 12 minutes older than you.”
“Oh, shut it.”
Pietro and Wanda Maximoff glared at each other with narrowed eyes.
It was only a week after the whole Ultron Incident and yet Pietro wanted to go out of bed and run.
Thanks to his Increased Metabolism, he had survived those terrible bullets.
Still, he was Inhuman and not invincible.
Pietro needed to rest to regain his strength.
However, the “older” twin wouldn't listen to his countless doctors.
Of course.
The other Avengers already tried to convince him to stay in bed, but didn't succeed.
There was only one person on this planet who could control Pietro Maximoff.
His twin.
“Pietro, I sweat to god, if you don't lay down
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 572 77
Brahma-God of Creation by molee Brahma-God of Creation :iconmolee:molee 3,104 334 Indra: King of Gods by molee Indra: King of Gods :iconmolee:molee 3,387 190
You've Gotta Be Kidding Me! (Avengers x Reader)

Let's say that this is post-Age of Ultron where Pietro was still alive, Bruce hadn't wonder off to who knows where, Loki is on Earth to redeem his sins, Laura Barton never exist, and Brutasha never happened.

I own nothing. Not the Avengers, not the characters, and not the pic.

When you opened your eyes, you instantly regretted it.
You shielded your eyes from the burning light. When your eyes finally adapted to the lightings, you took in your surroundings. You were in a familiar room. But you didn't think you've been there before. It just that you thought you knew this room. It was quiet, but not dead quiet. You kept looking around you in silence, until a voice startled you.
"Good morning, miss."
"Who's there?!" You immediately jumped out of the bed you'd be
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Quicksilver Industries: 'Bullshark' Sniper Rifle by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Bullshark' Sniper Rifle :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 276 44 Quicksilver Industries: 'Stingray' Multi-Cal Rifle by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Stingray' Multi-Cal Rifle :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 349 65 [ BNHA ] Chihiro Morikawa by WishingStarInAJar [ BNHA ] Chihiro Morikawa :iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 474 117 Smash Bros as the Avengers by xeternalflamebryx Smash Bros as the Avengers :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 705 308
Mission: Protecting You (Pietro x Reader)
Summary : (y/n) is an Avenger, a spy and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent like Black Widow to be exactly. In her past she joined a mission involving a Russian mafia.
She has outsmarted them and now several years later they want revenge. The other Avengers worry about her so they decide to give her a protector.
Pietro is chosen. And the fun begins...
Word count: 2.858
Warnings: cursing, fighting
- At the conference room of the new Avengers Base -
Tony closed the door and took a seat beside his allies. “Good, everyone's here now. I've summoned you all because of a special task.”
All of our Earth's Mightiest Heroes sat assembled around a table, looking at each other curiously.
Well, everyone except one particular member.
“Wait, where's (y/n)?” Steve asked and gazed at Tony suspiciously.
“If you're planning on doing some prank to her, count me out.” Natasha huffed and got up, quickly followed by Wanda.
Tony held his hands up. “No, wait. I'm serious
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 347 30
Bedtime (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
Bedtime (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)
Word Count: 1036
Your eyes felt tired after all the straining and typing on the computer screen for hours. A little bit more, you thought and soon you would be finished with this story.
A couple of minutes passed by and you felt your eyes drooping. You gave yourself a little shake and smiled, pressing a mug between your lips. You smelled caffeine in the air, feeling the warm liquid running down your throat. It didn’t help with the slumber cooking in your very body.
I probably need more coffee.
You pushed the mug beside your computer on the table and set your fingers once more on the keyboard. You pushed your glasses back on the bridge of your nose as you read each word. The clock ticked beside you, singing a lullaby.
“I think you should go to bed,” Pietro said, coming in a speed of silver, stopping beside your chair. He gave your shoulders a squeeze and gently tugged on your arm.
“ Come on, let’s go to b
:iconirishphoenix1:irishphoenix1 247 12
Big Brother (Quicksilver x Reader)
Big Brother (Quicksilver x Reader)
You groaned, slowly lowering your aching body down onto the couch. You grunted as pain shot through your lower stomach, and tried to get as comfortable as possible. Truthfully, there was no comfortable position where cramps were concerned.
You groaned at the whoosh and rush of air that accompanied the voice. The sexy, Russian accented voice.
"Go away Pietro." You groaned, rolled over and wincing at the pain.
"Everyone is leaving for the mission." The Sokovian stood in front of you, staring in concern. "Why aren't you in your uniform?"
You sighed. "I'm off today. Stomach ache. Not going on the mission."
"Does the captain know?" Pietro asked.
"He does. So does Fury." The microwave beeped from the kitchen, and you sat up slowly, trying to ignore the shooting pain above your bladder.
Pietro disappeared and reappeared so quickly you almost didn't realize that he had gone anywhere, except for the hearing pad in his hand.
"Thanks speedy." You sighe
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 592 117
Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)
Take It Slow (Quicksilver x Reader)
"Can I help you?" You held your pen up, ready to take the young man's order.
He jumped, looking up. Electric blue eyes looked up at you from under a head of blonde hair, dark roots showing.
"Can I take your order?" You asked again.
"Oh yes, I'm sorry." Sweet Jesus that accent was glorious. You tried not to stare as the man ran a hand through his hair, smiling up at you. "Could I have a decaf coffee and some pie please?"
Oh shit, you were so screwed.
"What kind would you like?"
"What would you recommend?" He asked, still with that incredible smile on his face.
"Um," it took you a second to remember what it was you were supposed to be doing. "The- the apple turnovers are amazing. They aren't technically pies, but they're worth it."
"Alright." His smile grew. "I'll have one of those please."
"Yeah," you stammered. "I'll be right back with that."
"Thank you beautiful."
You felt your face burst into flames and you hurried into the kitchen, praying he didn
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Quicksilver by ribkaDory Quicksilver :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,293 42 Age of Ultron sketches 2 by pencilHead7 Age of Ultron sketches 2 :iconpencilhead7:pencilHead7 585 29
Swapping Clothes (Pietro x Reader)
"So if Steve wins, you and Pietro swap superhero outfits for two hours, and if Thor wins, I will let you have Stark Tower for the night to hold any parties you want." Tony agreed, holding his hand out.
You shook his hand firmly, "Deal".
You and Pietro had made a bet with Tony. You had introduced the xBox to Steve and Thor that afternoon. They wanted to play against each other, so you decided to bet on who you thought would win. The game was Fifa and you were positive Thor would win.
"Hey, (f/n), can't wait to have an awesome party here!" Pietro smirked. You laughed, raising your eyebrows at Tony.
"Game on, losers", Tony scoffed.
The game began slowly as Thor and Steve tried to figure out the controls. Steve began to giggle as the virtual ball went past Thor's defence, and soon the ball landed in the net.
"GOAL!" Steve and Tony shouted triumphantly in unison, high fiving.
You and Pietro slumped in your seats. You rested your head on his shoulder, sighing.
"I was looking forward to that
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Quicksilver Industries: 'Thrasher' SMG by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Thrasher' SMG :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 207 35 Quicksilver Industries: 'Caiman' DMR by Shockwave9001 Quicksilver Industries: 'Caiman' DMR :iconshockwave9001:Shockwave9001 239 59 Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver by jasric Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver :iconjasric:jasric 1,387 42