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puberty hasn't hit me hard enough by CNeko-chan puberty hasn't hit me hard enough :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 451 270 MANGA to REALISTIC: PART SEVEN by FOERVRAENGD MANGA to REALISTIC: PART SEVEN :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 5,244 205 Leave Her Alone by GlancoJusticar Leave Her Alone :iconglancojusticar:GlancoJusticar 6,720 803 Ash Ketchum (Gender Bender) by TheMaskofaFox Ash Ketchum (Gender Bender) :iconthemaskofafox:TheMaskofaFox 900 71 K I M by SpringBelleBunnie K I M :iconspringbellebunnie:SpringBelleBunnie 246 15
The media doesn’t support a positive body image
because it’s not good for business.
They want us anxious and afraid
of seeing the numbers on a scale go up.
We’re not worth our weight in gold.
It’s what we don’t weigh
that matters.
My first boyfriend, who panicked when I touched him
would say “I’m fat”
the way somebody says “I should have never been born.”
They want us spending our money
on designer jeans, instead of groceries,
on concealer and diet plans, instead of an education.
Please don’t starve yourself.
Believe me, I’ve tried
and your body will start to eat itself from the inside out and
if you let it
it’ll get to some valuable stuff.
they’ll only appreciate your body when it’s a corpse.
They won’t notice you
until there’s nothing to be noticed
they’ll mourn and wish for something
that is no longer
In the second grade, I learned that
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A nasty case of alicorn puberty by DarkFlame75 A nasty case of alicorn puberty :icondarkflame75:DarkFlame75 1,796 113 The door by MichaelBrack The door :iconmichaelbrack:MichaelBrack 346 29 TG pills part 2 by Shadowlord123456 TG pills part 2 :iconshadowlord123456:Shadowlord123456 198 22 Forbidden love! by ChibiSasori1827 Forbidden love! :iconchibisasori1827:ChibiSasori1827 767 119
When I was nine and my brother was seven, our dad and his girlfriend took us to the fairground. I had only met dad’s girlfriend a few times before. Her name was Ursula, and I wished she did look like Ursula the sea witch. Really, she looked as though she had stepped right out of a magazine.
When Ursula saw us, her red lips stretched really wide to show her perfect white teeth, but her eyes didn’t smile. My brother didn’t seem to notice. He chatted away to both of them about his favourite rides, but I didn't want to look up at her face after that. When my dad went to get change from a machine, I sat next to Ursula on the bench, looking at her pointy tanned knees. Mine looked almost see-through and were soft in comparison, sprinkled with freckles like the chocolate flecked foam on one of dad’s cappuccinos.The fairground music was tinny and loud. It reminded me of the Pink Elephants on Parade scene in Dumbo.
When dad returned, I tugged at my brother’s arm poi
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Crazy Through The Years by shinga Crazy Through The Years :iconshinga:shinga 1,152 301 dumb shapeshifter by SilverMender dumb shapeshifter :iconsilvermender:SilverMender 295 13 Puberty by CaptBexx Puberty :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 506 41
I just see it as you trying to control me,
Trying to turn me into something I’m not.
It’s like you want me to be sad, depressed and lonely
And that is why you break and regulate everything I've got.
    Can’t you see I am doing this for your own good?
    That I am trying to protect from all what is bad out there.
    If I didn't do it, I can guarantee you that nobody else would.
    It was never my intention to turn your life into a living nightmare.
You’re not protecting me, you’re preventing me,
Stopping me from taking and making my own decisions.
Even before I say or do anything wrong, you’re correcting me
And that is why I go to all these places without your permission.
    As long as you are under my roof, you will abide by my rules.
    You cannot see it now but in the future you will thank me.
    That means I want you to go to and come straight home from school.
    Recently your attitude stinks, so think before you speak and get an
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 49 11
Puberty, you're doing it right. by h-Robun Puberty, you're doing it right. :iconh-robun:h-Robun 1,132 61
Feminism Stole My Virginity
Feminism Stole My Virginity: Drowning in the 3rd Wave
           It's no surprise that feminism found me. As the last of his three daughters, my dad claimed me early. While Kristn was a distant being somewhere in the realm of college, and Claire had given up on athletics, my dad saw to it that I rode a bike, went hiking, and played sports, and I would damn sure love it. I kept my hair cut short. I mean, my name is Alex—it's not Alexa or Alexandra or Alexandria. My folks named me Alex, with Ann thrown in the middle in homage to the middle name shared with just about every woman on my mom's side. My dad even said once that I was the son he'd never had.
            None of this makes me bitter. I was a weird kid, as everyone was a weird kid, and a tomboy. Of course I loved the Spice Girls and wore glitter eye shadow in the 5th grade but my knees were constantly scraped from s
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SUDDENLY TROLL PUBERTY by mementomoryo SUDDENLY TROLL PUBERTY :iconmementomoryo:mementomoryo 359 18 Fantasies by sscindyss Fantasies :iconsscindyss:sscindyss 458 23 L4MS Hunter Puberty by DragonRider13025 L4MS Hunter Puberty :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 730 172 Differences - Elfpen by artydesk Differences - Elfpen :iconartydesk:artydesk 246 24 Unmasked by ChibiSasori1827 Unmasked :iconchibisasori1827:ChibiSasori1827 508 52 Justin Bieber by paxtofettel Justin Bieber :iconpaxtofettel:paxtofettel 456 370 The Facts of Life by Dunnstar The Facts of Life :icondunnstar:Dunnstar 756 124 A Major Setback by Kamden A Major Setback :iconkamden:Kamden 486 113 Goth Turned Bunny by Dynamoob Goth Turned Bunny :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 687 18 Violeta Parr - Big Bust by alcasar-reich Violeta Parr - Big Bust :iconalcasar-reich:alcasar-reich 750 57 Bimbo Batgirl by Dynamoob Bimbo Batgirl :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 332 16
Fear of Heights 2
Saturday March 21, 5’0”, 90 pounds…
Doctors had given Bridgett a clean bill of health, and life had continued on. No one had been able to explain the enormous growth spurt that had struck her just a couple of months before. She had grown a foot in a twenty-four hour period, most of that had happened inside of ten minutes at her birthday party.
Not having an explanation nagged at most of the people in her life. It did not nag or bother Bridgett in the least. She was happy, healthy and for the first time in her life she was perfectly normal. She was no longer undersized. She was still the shortest person in her class, and was far from the tallest but that didn’t matter. She was more popular than before as people no longer treated her like a little baby. She was at least close to the same height as most of those around her.
As far as life was concerned for Bridgett it would be hard to imagine it being any better. She had a crush who Debbie said that Elizabeth said,
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 76 10
the girl
leans against a hickory tree, waiting for luna moths with their eyespots like embroidery. her brain is wallowing in leaf-litter and her fluttering fingers— makeshift wings— are ligaments and bone, not tissue-light not tissue-soft. she feels inadequate.
eclosion is her favorite verb; she looks down at her ill-fitting skin and thinks of moulting and shed cocoons as synonyms of comfort.
:iconsliverofciel:sliverofciel 23 10
I age a bit by AJM-FairyTail I age a bit :iconajm-fairytail:AJM-FairyTail 303 21
Rise A Fortiori
When I was hatched, my parents took me from my cradle of broken eggshell, wrapped my tiny, fragile body in a satyr-hair blanket, and let my scraggy red wings dangle weakly. When I was three, I could reach the top of the kitchen table without use of a chair, and could walk from one side of the city to the other with my dad without feeling tired. My legs had grown stronger, but overhead all the others flew, and I longed to join them. My scales grew shinier with age and health. I was six when I took my first flight, diving with great courage from our roof and soaring over the neighboring two gardens, early for my age. Out next-door neighbors two teenage sons were working out with weights on the patio, and I can remember both scowling at me as I distracted them from their concentration and curls. I felt very mature, very pleased with myself – and then flew into a tree.
By the time I was nine, all the other dragons in my class had mastered their wings, and the air-hockey teams had been form
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Puberty strikes on Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III by ThisOneOfMarvels Puberty strikes on Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III :iconthisoneofmarvels:ThisOneOfMarvels 233 84 Last of snow by ChibiSasori1827 Last of snow :iconchibisasori1827:ChibiSasori1827 435 70 The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl, Page 1 by 3pyon The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl, Page 1 :icon3pyon:3pyon 130 9
They Say French Women Don't Get Fat
They say French women don’t get fat.
She isn’t fat, not really – just a little chunky or chubby or maybe pleasantly plump.
Not fat, but she has a beautiful little tummy, the result of so much delicious bread and the hormonal ravages of puberty which will always play wonderfully fun tricks on the bodies of young people.  She has just turned 22, so puberty is behind her as are the days when she had a flat stomach.  No more of that.  At least not without dieting and exercise.
And she had grown a bit too lazy for exercise.  And dieting meant she could not indulge her appetites for delicious foods.
The sand slips through the hourglass, and ahead of her, who knew what wonders await!  Perhaps even more of a tummy from love, from comfort, from loss of love, from marriage, from pregnancy, from grief, from aging, from the gluttony of life itself.
Her alluring figure is like an hourglass where the middle bulges out just a bit too much.  Her
:icongrowinluvhandles:growinluvhandles 46 5
NOT AGAIN - AT spoilers by iastudio NOT AGAIN - AT spoilers :iconiastudio:iastudio 363 131 Birth of The Time Paradox by Kaptin-Kudzu Birth of The Time Paradox :iconkaptin-kudzu:Kaptin-Kudzu 57 67 The world of FanFiction by Voxsound The world of FanFiction :iconvoxsound:Voxsound 97 61 Rebellious/puberty Loki by CaptBexx Rebellious/puberty Loki :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 476 26
Changing with Age - TG
Nell sniffed, yanking her finger away from the groin. The underwear felt damp, from what she hoped was sweat; panties, that her mother had given her. She could still remember when they wouldn't have fit, instead of being necessary. She touched her groin again, yanking the finger back as soon as it met the crevice's outline. Nothing else there.
The sound of footsteps made her jerk around, brown strands of hair stinging her eyes as she spun, another string of tears falling down her cheek. The figure pressed a cloth against her face before she could speak, delicate silk whipping away the tears before they had a chance to drip. It stayed there when she cried harder, soaking them up as her chest heave; the bra hurt. She hated it. She hated having it squash against her breasts, hated the constant reminder that she had breasts, hated the even greater reminder she got when they swung because she wasn't wearing a bra at all. She was wearing a blouse and skirt because her clothes wouldn't stay o
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Puberty Under the Sea by SilverBuller Puberty Under the Sea :iconsilverbuller:SilverBuller 179 37 The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl, Page 2 by 3pyon The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl, Page 2 :icon3pyon:3pyon 83 2 'So, who's on top now?' by ChibiSasori1827 'So, who's on top now?' :iconchibisasori1827:ChibiSasori1827 422 74 I Love Neville by emofreakmcr I Love Neville :iconemofreakmcr:emofreakmcr 112 9 You've grown... by ChibiSasori1827 You've grown... :iconchibisasori1827:ChibiSasori1827 391 60 Tails Prower Motivational by GJTProductions Tails Prower Motivational :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 97 56 The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl by 3pyon The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl :icon3pyon:3pyon 120 0