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Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 3 by MichPajamaArtist Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 3 :iconmichpajamaartist:MichPajamaArtist 656 889 One hundred kisses for a proposal by Ziegelzeig One hundred kisses for a proposal :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 451 41 Comic Block: The Proposal by dm29 Comic Block: The Proposal :icondm29:dm29 2,339 374 Sam and Cassey by daekazu Sam and Cassey :icondaekazu:daekazu 404 15 F2U Chibi Valentine Couple Bases by Ethelbutt F2U Chibi Valentine Couple Bases :iconethelbutt:Ethelbutt 1,373 11 Marriage Proposal by Naolito Marriage Proposal :iconnaolito:Naolito 3,308 222
What is marriage....? KankriXReader
TRIGGERWARNINGS! TW#awkward moments TW# honey moon talk TW# cursing (obviously from Karkat) TW# Not tagging triggers TW# my quick version of marriage if attempting to describe it to a troll TW# Romcoms TW# human culture
"Now it is time to watch MY movie!" You said loudly as you wiped the remnants of tears from the corner of your eyes.
Karkat had promised that after watching one of his Romcoms you both would watch one of your, as Karkat put it, "SHITTY EARTH MOVIES".
"FINE BUT HURRY THE FUCK UP" He grumbled as he readjusted himself on the couch.
You quickly opened the CD case and plopped it into the CD player before rushing over to snuggled up beside your half of the couch.
"What are y9u 69th d9ing?" Asked the curious voice of Kankri.
"Karkat, I w9uld appreciate if y9
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Dangerous proposal by Naolito Dangerous proposal :iconnaolito:Naolito 1,743 143 Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 4 by MichPajamaArtist Under-Upper AU: Ch5 Page 4 :iconmichpajamaartist:MichPajamaArtist 586 526 Mario: -FICTION- Desert King by saiiko Mario: -FICTION- Desert King :iconsaiiko:saiiko 1,185 226 The One Ring by TeemuJuhani The One Ring :iconteemujuhani:TeemuJuhani 6,102 617 Is that a yes? by KittehKatBar Is that a yes? :iconkittehkatbar:KittehKatBar 2,892 209 Mirabella by Tsvetka Mirabella :icontsvetka:Tsvetka 1,333 56 Proposal by TamasGaspar Proposal :icontamasgaspar:TamasGaspar 3,416 311 Equivalent Exchange by kathrynlayno Equivalent Exchange :iconkathrynlayno:kathrynlayno 1,964 136
Japan x Reader- BAKA!
Japan x Reader
"I rove you."
You stare at the Japanese man who just professed his love for you. The one who hadn't visited you in years. The one who'd kept you waiting. You blushed as the cold air brushed against your pink nose. "B-b-b.. B-BAKA*!!" You shout, slapping him in the face and walked away from him, leaving his white face stained with a pink shade. "______!!" He yelled, his ink black hair blowing in the wind, chocolate eyes were filled with passion. 'At least he didn't break his promise..' You turned back at him, wondering whether or not you should keep walking away. Tears started sliding down your eyes as you remember the pain you felt when he was gone.
"I-I love you.."
You grumble as you kiss Kiku on the nose. He blushed, but smiled at you. "Wh-what are you smiling at?!" You whisper-shout at him, reminding him about your tsundere-ness. He chuckled. "No, nothing, ______-san."
The crowd noises filled your ears, and the loud rolling sound of luggage bag
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