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No Wrong Way to love a Chocobo! by Bev-Nap No Wrong Way to love a Chocobo! :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 566 30 Chocobo Sculpt by ArtKreed Chocobo Sculpt :iconartkreed:ArtKreed 133 25 FFXV Prompto by Shei99 FFXV Prompto :iconshei99:Shei99 364 38 Prompto by Merwild Prompto :iconmerwild:Merwild 488 10 FFXV: Angel with a shotgun by Edo--sama FFXV: Angel with a shotgun :iconedo--sama:Edo--sama 183 21 FFXV Prompto by Saimain FFXV Prompto :iconsaimain:Saimain 300 4 FFXV - Prompto by yuuike FFXV - Prompto :iconyuuike:yuuike 484 22 Tseng and Prompto - COM - by Marie-Angele Tseng and Prompto - COM - :iconmarie-angele:Marie-Angele 190 6 FFXV Prompto -Page 2 by Saimain FFXV Prompto -Page 2 :iconsaimain:Saimain 357 7 Cindy and Prompto I by RizzyCosArt Cindy and Prompto I :iconrizzycosart:RizzyCosArt 145 30 The Boys of Summer by Versiris The Boys of Summer :iconversiris:Versiris 303 8 Prompto Argentum by Namwhan-K Prompto Argentum :iconnamwhan-k:Namwhan-K 255 25 [FFXV] Baby Chocobros by viiviiviis [FFXV] Baby Chocobros :iconviiviiviis:viiviiviis 133 4 FFXV Sketches - Prompto by yuuike FFXV Sketches - Prompto :iconyuuike:yuuike 341 30 Prompto by twinfools Prompto :icontwinfools:twinfools 189 7
Jealousy [Prompto Argentum x Reader]
[i]Hello guys!
It's been a while I wrote something. But I had to, since Prompto is such a cutie pie! Well if you squint there is friendship!Gladio x Reader aswell in here! I'm sorry if the fic is terrible, because it's my very first in this fandom!
But please consider 2 things before reading:
I am in this fandom for 2-3 days and may not know everything perfectly. So if the ChocoBros act OOC, I am terribly sorry! I tried my best to picture them from the view I have at this point.
And the second thing.. English is not my native language, so this has probably many grammar mistakes. I am deeply sorry for that!
Now enjoy :)
Maybe I write more of the boys in the future, I really love all 4 of them..[/i]
Hammerhead. God, you hated that place. Prompto was totally in love with Cidney and the others, excluding you, joked around with him about it sometimes. Prompto acted shy and embarrassed with his head turning to the side in shame whenever Noctis or Gladio made fun about him. Those moments howe
:iconsekata:Sekata 83 13
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