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[FFXV] Prompto Argentum by dekiond [FFXV] Prompto Argentum :icondekiond:dekiond 139 11 FFXV - Prompto Argentum - Crownsguard Fatigues by shreis FFXV - Prompto Argentum - Crownsguard Fatigues :iconshreis:shreis 68 42 FFXV - Prompto by yuuike FFXV - Prompto :iconyuuike:yuuike 470 22
Jealousy [Prompto Argentum x Reader]
[i]Hello guys!
It's been a while I wrote something. But I had to, since Prompto is such a cutie pie! Well if you squint there is friendship!Gladio x Reader aswell in here! I'm sorry if the fic is terrible, because it's my very first in this fandom!
But please consider 2 things before reading:
I am in this fandom for 2-3 days and may not know everything perfectly. So if the ChocoBros act OOC, I am terribly sorry! I tried my best to picture them from the view I have at this point.
And the second thing.. English is not my native language, so this has probably many grammar mistakes. I am deeply sorry for that!
Now enjoy :)
Maybe I write more of the boys in the future, I really love all 4 of them..[/i]
Hammerhead. God, you hated that place. Prompto was totally in love with Cidney and the others, excluding you, joked around with him about it sometimes. Prompto acted shy and embarrassed with his head turning to the side in shame whenever Noctis or Gladio made fun about him. Those moments howe
:iconsekata:Sekata 71 13
[MMD] FFXV - Prompto by arisumatio [MMD] FFXV - Prompto :iconarisumatio:arisumatio 43 14 Prompto [fanart] by Nivana-P Prompto [fanart] :iconnivana-p:Nivana-P 103 3 Prompto  Argentum FFXV commission by RerinKin Prompto Argentum FFXV commission :iconrerinkin:RerinKin 96 8 Prompto Argentum by SiriCC Prompto Argentum :iconsiricc:SiriCC 70 16 Smile by UltySo Smile :iconultyso:UltySo 73 8 Chocobros by RissyHorrorx Chocobros :iconrissyhorrorx:RissyHorrorx 53 7 Prompto by KyoyArt Prompto :iconkyoyart:KyoyArt 28 0 Z e r o by FuturisticHedgie Z e r o :iconfuturistichedgie:FuturisticHedgie 53 16 FFXV - Prompto [Semi-Realistic] by Loustica FFXV - Prompto [Semi-Realistic] :iconloustica:Loustica 27 9 Nerds by ShadowStaar Nerds :iconshadowstaar:ShadowStaar 38 1
Shy music - Prompto Argentum x singer!reader
Prompto had a hard time to fall asleep. His arm reached to the other side, just to found it cold and empty. Being on missions with his squad was fun, but he hated the fact that he was apart from you. A tired sigh escaped his lips and he closed his eyes briefly, just to open them again and sulk in frustration. “Man that sucks.”
His friends heard his complaints during the whole time since the mission started and Noctis slowly started going nuts because of this. “All you do is complaining Prompto. It’s not like you won’t see [Y/n] anymore. You can always call her.” he told him, clearly annoyed bis his blonde friends behavior. “But she doesn’t pick up her phone! I guess she is working late again, I guess..” Prompto spoke sadly, because he missed your angelic voice in his ears. “You never told us what she works by the way.” Gladio wondered. “She is a waitress in a noble restaurant.”
At least, that was what you mad
:iconsekata:Sekata 25 3
PROMPTO ARGENTUM (EPISODE PROMPTO) by Freyjas-Khaleesi PROMPTO ARGENTUM (EPISODE PROMPTO) :iconfreyjas-khaleesi:Freyjas-Khaleesi 41 4 [FFXV] No. 05953234 by kaus-quietis [FFXV] No. 05953234 :iconkaus-quietis:kaus-quietis 34 8 Chocobo Nap by xxMiniPandaxx Chocobo Nap :iconxxminipandaxx:xxMiniPandaxx 38 5 Prompto sketch by Foxeevee Prompto sketch :iconfoxeevee:Foxeevee 21 4 Fairy Kei! Prompto by UltySo Fairy Kei! Prompto :iconultyso:UltySo 51 5 Promptis is Too Pure by Acyde-Encoire Promptis is Too Pure :iconacyde-encoire:Acyde-Encoire 30 3 MT PROMPTO ARGENTUM Fanart by FREYJA'S-KHALEESI by Freyjas-Khaleesi MT PROMPTO ARGENTUM Fanart by FREYJA'S-KHALEESI :iconfreyjas-khaleesi:Freyjas-Khaleesi 29 0