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Textures 091 // Invasion Of Privacy by BEAPANDA Textures 091 // Invasion Of Privacy :iconbeapanda:BEAPANDA 140 16 Respect the privacy of YouTubers. (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Respect the privacy of YouTubers. (Stamp) :iconelllott:ELLlOTT 592 0 ME2: EDI by hanaraad ME2: EDI :iconhanaraad:hanaraad 427 157 Door Latch PNG by AbsurdWordPreferred Door Latch PNG :iconabsurdwordpreferred:AbsurdWordPreferred 203 15
GDPR and Privacy Policy Update
DeviantArt is committed to providing all deviants with a safe and fun environment to create and grow — and this commitment includes maintaining your privacy and security.  
You’ve likely already received many emails and notifications about privacy updates from websites and apps where you have accounts. This is because the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places new responsibilities on organizations that collect data from European Union residents and is designed to grant people more control over such data.
In accordance with GDPR, DeviantArt is building a tool that allows European Union deviants to:
Access Their Data: On request, deviants can see what data we have on file, what we’re using the data for, and with whom we are sharing the data.
Permanently Delete Their Data: Deviants may review and permanently delete certain data. A log of deletion requests will be kept for security purposes.
These changes will be in effect starti
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Privacy (Mihawk x Reader)
You stood at the door of the spacious dining hall, leaning casually against the frame. With your arms crossed and a slight smirk on your face, you watched the mysterious swordsman as he sat occupying the large, throne-like chair at the head of the long table.
He had discarded his usual embroidered coat and feathered hat in favour of a light, airy shirt that left his powerful chest exposed, and a pair of tight fitting black pants. A book lay open before him, his liquid gold gaze skimming across the pages, and a glass of red wine was held delicately between the long, pallid fingers of his right hand. He showed no signs that he had noticed your presence, but you knew that nothing got past the infamous Dracule ‘Hawk-Eyes’ Mihawk.
You sauntered over to him, perching yourself on the arm of the chair and leaned over his shoulder. You noticed his eyebrow twitch in annoyance. He did not look up from his book, but his pupils had stopped moving and you coul
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 654 126
No Privacy in the TARDIS 9 by sparklingblue No Privacy in the TARDIS 9 :iconsparklingblue:sparklingblue 228 64 Dib's Gone too Far this Time by Invader-Sam-93 Dib's Gone too Far this Time :iconinvader-sam-93:Invader-Sam-93 286 440 ME2: Privacy by hanaraad ME2: Privacy :iconhanaraad:hanaraad 359 114 The NSA Camera Man by abcartattack The NSA Camera Man :iconabcartattack:abcartattack 775 103 Privacy is a Right (Stamp) by MadKingFroggy Privacy is a Right (Stamp) :iconmadkingfroggy:MadKingFroggy 173 52 Anti-ACTA Bill Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Anti-ACTA Bill Stamp :iconhunter-arkaman:Hunter-Arkaman 95 167 Free avant icons by Vlademareous Free avant icons :iconvlademareous:Vlademareous 97 13 betrayed :: by bailey--elizabeth betrayed :: :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 243 22 Humans Come First by SulfStamps Humans Come First :iconsulfstamps:SulfStamps 331 314 Kingdom of Isolation by Yohiri Kingdom of Isolation :iconyohiri:Yohiri 304 34 Privacy by wingwingwingwing Privacy :iconwingwingwingwing:wingwingwingwing 277 16 American Anxiety by jslattum American Anxiety :iconjslattum:jslattum 402 91 Intrinsic Privacy by EmilyHeatherly Intrinsic Privacy :iconemilyheatherly:EmilyHeatherly 214 57 Privacy by iSaBeL-MR Privacy :iconisabel-mr:iSaBeL-MR 281 86 Bolin Zipper by Hofftits Bolin Zipper :iconhofftits:Hofftits 210 11