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Day 0 on Mount Grimmrock
I stared blankly ahead, feeling the strong wind gently stroking my face. Looking at the cloud i envy them really.... open and free to roam on all the space they wish! with no worry... no one judging them or punished for doing the things they desire the most.
That thought was quickly erased from my mind as a dirty gauntlet hit the back of my head. "wake up witch!" said the guard as he had a smirk on his face. looking down upon me with the simplicity of a wretched title, admiring the view of my bosom with the small cloth they had provided me.
i shivered slightly, not due to the fact of his staring but from the wind against the simple cloth. as we were quite high over the lands. aboard an airship we were but none were too thrilled. Mostly when this trip was made with steel handcuffs.
Mount Grimmrock was our destination, a tale yet so true that none really spoke of. Only fools or idiots would seek the knowledge. a damned mountain said to be the nest of the worst prisoners... and that none
:iconripcityxx1:RipCityXX1 2 0