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Structure of TLK Governments: Template and Guide
Leadership Structures
Monarchy: The leaders are chosen by birthright. Usually the eldest child (sometimes more specifically, the eldest son) of the current monarch(s) is chosen to take the throne after his/her parent(s). In most monarchies some other relative is appointed to take the throne if the current monarch(s) leave(s) the throne with no other heir. Depending on the laws of the individual pride, the heir may assume the throne at the death of the current monarch(s), when they reach old age, or when the monarch(s) decide(s) to resign for some reason.
Democratic Republic: The leaders are chosen via the votes of specified pride members. In all republic prides, there are restrictions on who can vote, which can include age, sex, rank, etc. In some prides, the votes of individuals are weighted based on these factors. Such republics though should not be confused with universal, free-input systems, since only a small group may wield all say in government; while in so
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