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Animation | Rubbing Vena's Belly by Venatari Animation | Rubbing Vena's Belly :iconvenatari:Venatari 888 126 You're having my baby by makeo226 You're having my baby :iconmakeo226:makeo226 226 9 The glimmers of Aurora by AquaSixio The glimmers of Aurora :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 2,714 122 BBC Sherlock MPreg Meme by wasitelves BBC Sherlock MPreg Meme :iconwasitelves:wasitelves 1,120 132 Frankenmom by Maternal-reads Frankenmom :iconmaternal-reads:Maternal-reads 546 7 Congratulations... by DavidMishra Congratulations... :icondavidmishra:DavidMishra 1,262 233 Good Night My Little Warriors by ThePhoebster Good Night My Little Warriors :iconthephoebster:ThePhoebster 492 82 Welcome by AquaSixio Welcome :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 1,259 101 Overjoyed by Auctus177 Overjoyed :iconauctus177:Auctus177 1,029 50 Paperhat Parasyte!AU fanart - Mommy Flug is tired by CatsDontDraw Paperhat Parasyte!AU fanart - Mommy Flug is tired :iconcatsdontdraw:CatsDontDraw 191 27 Callie The She-Kraken by ilikapie Callie The She-Kraken :iconilikapie:ilikapie 441 10
Pregnant! Reader X 2P! FACE~ Hehe!!
Pregnant! Reader X 2P! FACE
Hehe-Didn’t See That Coming!
Slight Cuss! Somewhat. :) GO 2P!!!!!
 A small screech filled the air before going silent, the streets empty of anyone. Except for the few bodies that littered the alley, no one was about. Everyone knew to stay indoors and be still in the nightly hours. Only because of them.
 The group traipsed with leisurely peace, a few snide comments shared as they headed home. It had been a rather successful raid and with weapons brandishing a layer of crimson, they had matching smiles on their faces. (Hehe..)
Going through the door with a bang, France instantly went for the wine bottle chilling in ice for him, dropping his sledgehammer without a care. As he popped the cork and took a gulp, you came up beside him, gently leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.
“How did it go?” You asked, smiling at Matt and Al as they pushed each other around in a…bromantical way. Oliver started to berate them on t
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Emerging Secret (Mpreg) Chapter 1 Part 1
               Jim sat at his desk quietly. He felt the baby move down under the edge of the desk; she was getting so big. He was getting so big. He was 8 and a half months along, but she had dropped a few weeks prior. It had been hard hiding such a noticeable secret, especially a secret that gets bigger as time goes by. Jim wriggled around at his desk subtly, trying to maneuver himself at the desk so his bulge wouldn’t be pressing against the edge of the wood. It didn’t help.
               He dazed off through the window as his history teacher droned on about the political views of Hawaii in the early 1900’s. Jim couldn’t keep focus on such nonsense; he didn’t care what the political views of Hawaii once were.  He was only a few weeks delivering a secret he had been hiding so well, his mind could only ever drift off to the thought of what was yet to come. Jim’s daze was broken was he was welcomed back to reality when he felt her shift a bit.      
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Pregnant Mermaid by expansionforever Pregnant Mermaid :iconexpansionforever:expansionforever 168 8