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7 minutes in heaven ~ Dean
You looked at the boys carefully before grabbing Sam's ring and throwing it at him.
He caught it, "good reflexes," you commented before grabbing Dean by his arm and dragging him over to the closet.
Castiel seemed a little disappointed, but walked over to the t.v. and started watching a game. While Sam walked over to you two.
The closet was small, but enough for you two to fit with your legs spread out without touching each other.
Dean sat down first, then you crawled in after him.
Sam looked at you two wryly, "don't do anything too drastic..."
You laughed, "don't wor-"
Dean interrupted you, "you can't stop love, Sammy."
Sam gave a disgusted look at Dean before looking at you and whispering, "these walls are thin."
Dean gave Sam a look, "and so is my patience, so close the damn door."
Sam glared at Dean, "sexually frustrated much?"
Dean stuck out his tongue before mimicking Sam, "sexually frustrated much?"
You couldn't help but giggle, they really did act like kids when they wanted to.
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